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Once Jabbar Khan, the Afgan Governor , continuing the Islamic-proselytism and hegemony,  banned the Kashmiri-Pandits from celebrating “Shiv-ratri” on the usual day(normally feb-March). KP’s believed that Rain and Snow will definitely accompany “Hearath” .To break their faith in the myth accompanying “Hearath”, He ordered that  Shivratri should be celebrated instead in June-july. Distressly, KP’s were […]

Kashmiri Pandits: VICTIMS of TERROR ‘n HATE CRIME

CRIME against HUMANITY: For the attention of pretended world bodies, contaminated human rights organisations, pseudo-secularists, self-styled leaders, so-called policy makers, tainted political parties and slack bureaucracy…..! Kashmir can claim the distinction of being the only region of India which possesses an uninterrupted series of written records of its history. The earlier known kings of the […]

The Thirty Six Elements(Kashmir Shaivism)and 24 elements of Advaith vedanta

There are 36 elements according to Kashmir Shaivism unlike the 24 elements which the vedantis acknowledge. 1.Panch Maahaabutaas-five Gross elements 1.Prithvi(Earth) 2.Jaala(water) 3.Tejas/agni(fire) 4.Vaayu(air) 5.Akasha(ether) 2.Panch Tanmatras-Five Subtle elements 1.Gandha(smell) 2.Rasa(taste) 3.Roop(form) 4.sparsha(touch) 5.Shabda(sound) 3.Panch Karmendriyas-(five organs of action) 1.upastha(creation/reproduction) 2.paayu(excretion) 3.paada(foot) 4.pani(hand) 5.vaak(speech) 4.Panch jnanendriyas-(five organs of cognition) 1.Ghraana-(nose, organ of smelling) 2.Rasaana-(Tongue, organ […]

Anugraha(Grace)/Shaktipata-Kashmir Shaivism

According to Kashmir Shaivism Anugraha(grace and Shaktipata takes place in nine ways: 1.tivrativra Shaktipata(Super Supreme Grace) One attains the true self, real and true nature completely. The Grace is too strong for the body to resist; one has to give up one’s body(Death).He becomes a Master and elevates the hearts of the deserving disciples invisibly. […]

Shivoham..shivoham…(advaith philosophy)

Here is an English translation of one of the most famous Hymns composed by Adi Shankarachariyaji….{in our Janthries(Koshur Calender) you will find this hymn marked “Shivoham Shivoham”}.This is a very profound announcement made by Great Shankarachariya about our Real Nature as well:those who commit this hymn to memory & recite it are really the Blessed […]

the dark side of religions…

Religions-The other perspective   Light can not be without darkness, Happiness can not be without sorrow, Good can not be without Bad…Everything has  a different side, which we often try to oversee and neglect…God and religions is also one such thing. All the religions have their base on social injustice and violence. Jesus Christ was […]

suicide by a patriotic….and his last poem(amarnath issue)

JAMMU, July 23: A youth taking part in the chain hunger strike against cancellation of forest land to Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB) today sacrificed his life after consuming poison in protest against the remarks of National Conference chief, Omar Abdullah in Parliament yesterday that the land to Amarnath shrine Board will be returned only […]

Amarnathji yatra facts

The present dispute over the amarnath shrine land at baltal has once again exposed the medieval mentality of those who once imposed the Zazia & restrictions over the rituals performed by the Kashmir Hindus (known as pundits) .it was during the dark Muslim period of kashmir that the hindus were barred from entering the temples […]

controversy behind Amarnath yatra

Controversy behind amaranth yatra Amarnath yatra is considered to be one of the holiest places for Hindus. It is here where a natural and magnificent ice shiv linga is formed. Traditionally the yatra used to last for one month as the basic infrastructure and amenities were lacking. However Mr. S.K. sinha the ex-governor of J&K […]

Amarnath Yatra(Kashmir)

Amarnath yatra Amarnath is yet another name of lord Shiva. I had the pleasure of going to Amarnath twice. You can go to Amarnathji via The beautiful town of pehalgoan(pehalgam).This route will take you around 2-3 days to reach Amarnathji depending on your pace. This particular route have some of the best vistas one can […]