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Indian Dogs go back-The story of Hall Transit camp

  One can see a Graffiti that writes- Indian Dogs go back-widely in Kashmir. The recent incidents in Kashmir, put a stamp of approval on this graffiti. The incidents of attacking of KP’s in transit camps at Hall, Kupwara and vessu further strengthen this belief of the Jihadi –separatist nexus and their supporters. And turning […]

3 reasons for the Radicalization of Kashmir(1947-90)..

3 reasons about the Radicalization of Kashmir(1947-90).. In 1990,Tej Krishan Razdan, came back from Punjab to his native village in Budgam District, as he had heard in the TV, and read in the Newspapers about the deteriorating situation in the Kashmir valley. The Target-Killing of Kashmiri Pandits had started. He wanted to make sure that […]


  Politics has always been a game of opportunists and manipulators. It will remain so in the future too. Jammu and Kashmir too has seen its share of so-called-leaders. Mainstream leaders, who are in fact softer version of Demagogues. These leaders have always thrived on the hate-they incite on the name of Religion. The exodus […]

Jammu Kashmir elections 2014, winning candidate names..

Contituency Name Leading/Winner Trailing/Runnerup Karnah Raja Manzoor Ahmad (PDP )Winner Kifil Ur Rehman Khan (JKNC )Runner-up Kupwara Adv. Bashir Ahmad Dar (JPC )Winner Mir Mohd Fayaz (PDP )Runner-up Lolab Abdul Haq Khan (PDP )Winner Qaiser Jamsheed Lone (JKNC )Runner-up Handwara Sajad Gani Lone (JPC)Winner N.A Langate Abdul Rashid Sheikh (IND)Winner N.A Uri Mohammad Shafi (JKNC […]


View vote share Jammu & Kashmir Result Status Status Known For 87 out of 87 Constituencies Party Won Leading Total Bharatiya Janata Party 25 0 25 Communist Party of India (Marxist) 1 0 1 Indian National Congress 12 0 12 Jammu & Kashmir National Conference 15 0 15 Jammu & Kashmir Peoples Democratic Party 28 […]

BJP’S tactics and idealogy!

Without any doubt, the “Modi- juggernaut” marauded the opponents, and single-handedly catapulted “BJP” to numero-uno among all the political parties of India. For the first time it got absolute majority on its own. But J&K is different. It has always been so. With Muslims constituting around 70% of the total population of J&K, and keeping […]

Re-settlement of Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir

With- Narendra bhai Modi-becoming the Prime Minister of India, suddenly Kashmiri Pandit’s hopes to re-claim their Homeland has risen sharply. The optimism shown by the BJP’s leadership to rehabilitate KP’s in the valley with full honor and dignity, has opened a new chapter for the exiled community. The possible return to their land looks realistic […]

The Modi-fans…..

Prakash-The chaiwala from jhunjhunu-delivers tea at my office at sharp 10.30 a.m and 3.30 p.m. All the offices in our compound prefer to drink the tea made by Praksh. He is an ardent “Modi”-fan. Since last 2 months or so, he has been ostentatiously wearing a T-shirst, that has a photo of “Modi” and it […]

A kashmiri-Pandits view on BJP,Congress, AAP and MODI

ON BJP AND CONGRESS “Narendra Bhai Modi”, or simply “Modi”-as he is referred all over India- has captivated the attention of entire India, in a way that many of us had never seen before. And Kashmiri-Pandits are no exception. KP’s have been known to support “BJP”, since their forced exodus from the valley of Kashmir. […]

Bending to Separatists: Betraying the Tiranga

Bending to Separatists: Betraying the Tiranga Nancy Kaul 25 January 2011 India ’s flag is the pride of the country, symbol of our national sovereignty, our constitution, our freedom. The Tiranga stands for our national self-respect, our valour, dignity, unity, and territorial integrity. The fluttering tricolour is the first and foremost identity of the Indian […]