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I have limited knowledge about religions. At the same time, I feel all the religions have many things in common like the concept of hell and heaven…world beyond death!
All the religions have segregated the function of god. Everything is a will of God and he has given responsibilities to different angels to execute his will. There are angels of death in all religions. There is also an idea of Satan in almost all religions. It does mean that god is above the idea of birth and death, heaven and hell and everything else which can be conceived by human mind.
In Hinduism God is segregated the most. There are 330million gods and goddesses who have different powers and responsibilities.Godess saraswati bestows us with knowledge, Goddess laksmi gives us wealth and prosperity. Lord Brahma is the creator, lord Vishnu is sustainer and lord Shiva is destroyer…
It is also said by some Hindu philosophers (maharishi Mahesh yogi) that all 330 million gods and goddess reside in us in our human body and human mind. Therefore our body and mind is the temple of god.
In Hinduism This whole world, the process of life and death is seen as Maya or illusion. In Buddhism and Hinduism there is a concept of wheel of life and death and law of karma or action. In Buddhism there is a concept of Dukha.It is seen as sorrow, hatred, jealousy, sufferings, diseases and craving for things that can’t be obtained. End of craving or desires is seen as nirvana in Buddhism.
Maya is seen as an illusion and at the same time Mahamaya is seen as a goddess.
There is also concept of brahm.Brahm means god, it also means universe and at the same time it also means illusion. Whole world and universe is seen as Maya. Life and death is Maya. It is said that without Maya there can not be life and death. Maya rides the chariot of five horses and these five horses represent five senses.
All religious scriptures give us knowledge and intelligence of some sort. There are Hindu philosophers who argue that our knowledge, Intelligence and contemplation helps us reach a certain level in spirituality and after a certain level one has to drop everything learnt so far. It is argued that people who are very religious seldom get nirvana as this sect of people use their acquired knowledge more often and this knowledge acts as an obstacle(maya) for them and holds them back to Maya.
It is believed that present age is 27th kalyug.One yug consists of four ages or era’s namely satyug,Treta yug,Dvapara yug and kalyug.Four yugas constitute one day and one night of lord Brahma. All major religions have one more thing in common…call it Armageddon or qayamat or pralaya i.e. destruction by nature’s fury.
From Markandeya Purana: “At the end of the night, when the inundating Pralay receded and the Lord awakened from His prolonged sleep, He began the work of creation again. It was even more amazing for Markandeya to see the inundating water recede and new creation taking place. He began to pray the Lord with folded hands. Pleased by his prayers, the Lord said that He always protected His devotees even during the most severe crises. Markandeya then asked about the appearance of the true devotees of the Lord. He also expressed his curiosity to know the reasons of their birth.”
In Shia Islam, Qayāmat means “The Day of Judgment” and denotes that God will raise mankind for Judgment. It is one of the Shi’a Roots of Religion (Usūl al-Dīn).
All dead from throughout history will be brought forth to life again, and judged for either hell, or heaven. Prior to this, the Mahdi, along with Jesus, will return to the world in order to restore justice.
In the Book of Revelation, God, ushering in the Great Tribulation judgments, commands seven angels to pour “seven vials of the wrath of God” upon the Earth. Armageddon then follows the pouring of the sixth vial (or bowl):
“And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared. And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty. Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame. And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon.”
In all the religions whether Christianity or Buddhism or Islam or Hinduism. The perception of god and God’s deeds are almost same. There is a pre-conceived notion about God. We say God is merciful, creator, lord, king and so on and so forth and at the same time we human beings are servants. If God is the creator, then who is the destroyer?
If God brings Happiness, then who brings sorrow and grief? If god gives life then who gives us death? In Hinduism Lord Yumraja is the god of death. In Christianity it is the angel azrael.Muslims call that angel iz’rail.

Well the idea behind the above writing is to perceive god in totality,i.e in good and bad.
It is often said that Satan is responsible for man’s evil deed. By the way” who created Satan?”
There are number of similarities in all the major religions. The difference I feel is the terminology and language. Sanskrit for Hinduism
and budhism,Arabic for Muslims and English and Hebrew for Christians and Jews. Languages are a part and parcel of cultures. It is not the teachings of religions which create disharmony but the medium in which the scriptures are written as people clinch to their cultures with as much sincerity as they follow their religions and are seldom ready for change. Different languages many times creates confusion and communication gap which further leads to misunderstanding. It is very important to have respect for every religion for a peaceful society and peaceful world .whatever may be the differences in religions and religious terminology, the basic teachings of all the religions remains same and more and more efforts should be taken in order to create bridges among all the religions for a better world for all.
There may not be uniformity in religions as every religion claims to be best, but there is uniformity in laws of god, or Allah or Paramatma…..or whatever name you call.

European Union

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European Union

Kashmir—this name brings mixed emotions and reactions from all over world. Some reactions are based on religious emotions especially from Muslim dominated countries, some based on the fact that it is a part of world’s largest democracy, or at present it is one of the world’s most dangerous places to work and live. Majority of the population of the Kashmir valley is Muslim Dominated with may be 10% minority comprising of Kashmiri Hindu or popularly called Kashmiri pundits and Sikhs. Kashmiri pundits were forced to leave Kashmir valley 18 years back by the so called Islamic jehadis or Islamic terrorists.

Religion was used as a tool to kill innocent Kashmiri pundits-the original inhabitants of Kashmir. Hinduism and Buddhism were the two main religions of Kashmir for more than thousand years and both these religions were equally respected and followed by the masses and both religions flourished side by side till the coming

of Islam in 13th century.

Since December 1989 everything changed for peace loving Kashmiri pundits who were and still are believers of peace and non-violence. Harmony, peace, and non-violence are like food, air and water to Humanity as a whole and it becomes more relevant to the present scenario as the world has virtually shrunk with the coming of internet.

Kashmir valley has been used as a laboratory by Muslim jihadis backed by Pakistan and they have left no stone unturned to infect the common Kashmiri people with violence and hatred towards the minority Hindu community of Kashmir. Although Muslims are majority population of Kashmir and the total population of Muslims in Kashmir will be 5-6 million but compared to the total population of India it is still a minority. The total population of Muslims is around 140-150 million which is roughly 14% of the total population.

India is probably the only country where you have president from minority religions

Especially Muslim presidents. This is primarily because of the fact that Majority populations of India-Hindus are by and large a very peaceful people. India has not attacked any country since last 1000 years. Religions like Islam came to India with Moguls from central Asia. And from Persia.

Coming back to Kashmir, Kashmiri pundits have been uprooted from their motherland and have suffered physically, mentally and financially the most as compared to the Muslims of Kashmir. The efforts of Indian government are not sufficient as India is still a developing country and vote bank politics of India is probably the worst form of Democracy and the biggest cause of uprooting Kashmiri pundits from Kashmir. At the time of Forced migration by the Muslim fundamentals ordinary Tents which were not even weather proof were provided as an accommodation to Kashmiri Hindus. And after many years were upgraded to one room apartments which looked more or less like cattle sheds than an apartment. Livelihood of Most of the Hindus was snatched by this religious terrorism, Thousands of people from Minority Hindu community were brutally murdered, properties looted and women raped by these so called Islamic Jihadis.

Every organization in India is politically backed and that was the main reason for the Human rights organization in India to keep mum on the plight of Kashmiri pundits and the government at the center kept the news of Forced migration under wraps and very-2 secret. That type of secretness is shown mostly by the communist countries. If majority population would have known the reasons of forced migration and killing of kashmiri Hindus It could change the results of the general election held every five years to choose the chief ministers and Prime Minister of India.

It is very unfortunate that kashmiri Hindus who are peace loving people, Crime free society and have a literacy rate of 100% and who have given some of the famous world leaders like Pundit jawarlal Nehru and Mrs. Indira Gandhi have suffered so much and are still suffering as so called humanitarian organizations like United nations or Human rights organizations, have constantly kept an blind eye on the suffering of kashmiri Hindus.

It is not only the policies of India and Pakistan to blame for the plight of kashmiri pundits; But UNHRC and European union members are equally responsible. Terrorist’s leaders like Yasin Malik in an interview with Tim Sebastian-BBC Hard Talk-Telecast-june-july 2001.admitted of killing number of people in Kashmir. It is disgusting, humiliating and a shame to Mankind when he is being welcomed in Discussions by European union members. It shows double standards of European union and United nations Human rights commission. I am very sorry to state here that E.U is preaching something and practicing something else. Discussing sensitive issues like Social and economic progress,Freedom,Security and Justice with organizations and Terrorists who follow the path of violence and who have lived most of their life killing innocent people and promote hatred among different sections of society can do very little for noble causes like freedom or justice or any of the objectives of European union. Not only this, It also encourages the young generation to follow the foot steps of terrorists to use violent ways of attaining objectives.