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“Let us kill them”-My recent visit to Kashmir

Since 2006, I have visited Kashmir number of times. When I first went to Kashmir after 16 years, I was impressed by the hospitality of the Kashmiri Muslims. I recall vividly, my first visit to Nehru Park in 2006.I was sporting a “Tilak” on my forehead. There was a man selling “ Makai wat”( Maize/ […]

The dilemma of an old KP-A short story

March 1990, Jammu, Pandit Janki nath alighted from the truck, along with his tenants at Rehari Chungi. The 75 year old Kashmiri pandit had nowhere to go. His Kp tenants, the brothers, Ramesh and Rakesh urged him to accompany them. He did not protest .They were not carrying much luggage. He was carrying a Bag […]

Our Martyr’s live forever………….

14 sep 1989-I was going towards Sureteng from Kraylar,Rainawari. It was a bright sunny Autumn day. There was a gentle ascend from Kralyar to Sureteng that I was ambling. I was lost in my own world of thoughts .Suddenly I was nudged by someone on my back. I looked back. It was Aslam. He looked […]

My self-realisation and my true Guru…..(Humour)

I had heard many a times that a true devotee will be bestowed with a true master. In my case, yes- It happened!. I am a liberated man and I have found a guru(master) who is present for me whenever I feel his need. Though it took me years to realise my true master. My […]

Upayas(means) in Trikha Philosophy(Kashmir Shaivism)

The upayas(means to get Grace/state of shiva) given in Kashmir Shaivism are as follows: 1Anupaya(No means) 2.Sambhavopaya (supreme means) 3.Saktopaya(medium means) 4.Anavopaya(inferior means) Anupaya: Anupaya actually means no-means.It can also be termed as The negation of all means . Abhinav Gupta has interpreted this in two ways. He opines that the Self, that already exists […]