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kashmiri pundit-who cares!!!!!!!!

Posted in hindus, kashmiri pandits, politics by Sandeep on November 28, 2007

Kashmiri pundit-who cares!!!

India is the largest democratic country in the world with population of over 1 billion.

It is believed that in a democratic set up Representatives are chosen by the people and for the people. That also means larger the population of any community whether Marathis,Punjabis,Gujratis,Tamils or Bengalis larger is the corresponding number of MLA’s and M.P’s.But lately It has been caste based politics in India where the leaders try to convince the public in the name of religion or caste or even sub-castes like Hindu-Muslim and Yadavs,Jats,dalits etc. This is only creating rift among the different castes in Hindus. Everyday people are killed in the name of religion and casteism in India. If this is democracy then Democracy is not good for India. Democracy is disintegrating India. In the recent past Naxalites, Maoists have killed thousands and it is only growing day by day.

India is already facing problems in the north east and Kashmir. In north east and Kashmir It is the different religions which are creating problems and in Assam It is the mixture of ethnic communism which is creating problem. India has not been able to solve the problem of north east and Kashmir because of loopholes in Indian democracy.

There was no need to impose article 370 in Kashmir and If India really wants to solve the problem of Kashmir It should withdraw article 370.Minority vote politics is the biggest  hurdle in abolishing article 370.I am writing this because I am victim of both Indian democracy and article 370.

Kashmiri pundit was the only voice which was in favor of India when we were there in Kashmir before 1990.We laid down our lives for India and we got shame and humiliation in return from both state governments and govt. of India. Population of 4lakh Kashmir pundits does not have a voice which can be heard in lok sabha or rajya sabha. No body bothers about us because we don’t form vote bank of any political party. Democratic system has given one lesson to us- “kashmiri pundits are not wanted in India”.

Don’t think Pro-hindutwa political parties especially BJP has done anything for us.

Our  names though frequently used to attract more Hindu votes, but practically only Lip service.

Before 1990 things were different. We were in Kashmir and we had faith that govt. of India cares for us, but that proved to be illusion. Respective state governments whether it was National  conference or congress or Pdp no one really wants us in J&k.This can be proved by the number of jobs given to kashmiri pundits after 1990.Kashmiri pundits form 25% of educated class in J&k but the number of jobs given to kashmiri pundits

Is not even 1%.Which clearly indicates that state govt. does not want us to be there!

Govt. at center is not bothered about us and state govt. does not want us to be there. We have been uprooted from our homes and although we have managed to survive so far but the big question remains “We laid our lives for India and we got nothing but humiliation from those who are at the helm of managing India”..why!!!!

We are not even acknowledged as Refugees in our own country.why????? We lost our people to the bullets of Terrorists as we choose to be Indians.

Uprooted from our motherland, Humiliated, physically, emotionally and psychologically bruised, Still we managed to held our heads high for India,but why??????

who cares for us…..as we are Kashmiri Pandits….The lost identity of Glorious past of Kashmir  but, who do not fit any vote bank..The non-voilent indigenous people of Satisar, who had a Known history of 5000 years, but today at the door of extinct Race…Thanks to the policies of my country.

Kashmiri pandits, despite all the hardships, have learnt the art of survival..

Though engulfed in the dark, created by the enemies of Humanity,

have chosen to wait and see that light of truth  which will disperse the darkness of lies,

with this belief, and their good Karma,we shall rise again…..

“Altogether,national hatred is something peculiar.You will always find it strongest and most violent where there is the lowest degree of culture”-Goethe

mass exodus and my memories

Posted in genocide, hindus, islamic jihad, kashmir by Sandeep on November 24, 2007

Kashmir issue is something which every Indian and Pakistani is emotional about. Politicians from both Pakistan and India have used the Kashmir factor for their political goals. In Pakistan a true patriot is believed to be anyone who hates India and same is true with India also but in this case it is Pakistan to be hated.
I remember It was the month of January date was 20th and year 1990.I woke up at around 5.00a.m and so did my brother and my father. Our destination was tourist center, srinagar.We left our home at 5.30a.m and that was the last time I saw my home. I could see the burning tyres and the smoke coming from burning tyres at every chowk. These burning tyres and bonfire was lit by the majority population of the valley and all night they had been shouting anti India and anti Hindu slogans and throwing stones on Kashmiri pundit houses. Somehow we reached Tourist center. We took a taxi and reached Jammu city at around 4p.m.I stayed at my fathers friends house for around one month and then we booked a flat on rent.
I remember Kashmir pundits gathering at different places and protesting on streets and roads of Jammu .Geeta bhawan was the center point were everyone used to meet. Then government announced registration of Kashmiri pundits and said that they will give some relief in cash and some few kgs of rice, wheat and quilts to kashmiri hindus and this process started at geeta bhawan.It was month of april and april is hot in jammu.Sun stroke was unheard in Kashmir and we did’nt even know what is hot weather and everyone was unprepared of scorching heat at least in first year of migration.
I remember it was late April and I was standing in a queue for my registration at geeta bhawan. In the long Queue I could see the faces with sweat, frustration and anger and suddenly one person fell down on ground due to heat.He was shifted immediately in the shadow and he looked totally exauhsted.That was the first time when I saw someone collapsing due to heat.
I was staying at talab tillo area of jammu.There is a canal of river chenab which flows along with akhnoor highway.The cold water of the canal was a relief to many kashmiris in the summer months and many kashmiris who used to live near to canal used to bath in the canal.I particularly enjoyed swimming in the canal.
Well barsaat was unheard in Kashmir.I had never seen humid conditions of barsaat.most of the kashmiris had never experienced that type of humid conditions.As one sweat a lot in barsaat.Skin infections are very high in barsaat.especially itching.
Mass exodus of kashmiri panduts was not planned by any kashmiri pundit.90% of pundits had thought that they will come back to the valley as soon as the situation comes under control.But that never happened, and I don’t see that happen at least not in coming 5 years. Some say it was Jagmohan who was the brain behind the mass exodus.But that is not true.Common kashmiri pundit has lost any hope of returning back to valley.

.Common kashmiri hindu felt that Indian govt and people of India will react very strongly.But contrary govt. of India suppressed this news and mass exodus of Kashmiri pundits was a minor news in national newspapers.It was two column news in national newspapers and that too on 12th or 14 th page which was hardly noticeable.Majority population of India still don’t know what happened to kashmiri pundits?They don’t know we were forced by the Islamic thought and muslim terrorists to migrate to different parts of India!The population of kashmiri Pundits has been reduced to less than 9000 in Kashmir valley which was originally 4lakh..Still vast majority population of India may be up to 90% don’t know what has happened in Kashmir.Govt of India particularly congress said It is against the national interests of India to publisize the situation which forced us to migrate.But publicizing godra incident is in favour of India! I don’t know how can Kashmiri pundit be against National intrest of India.If kashmiri pundits had shouted “Pakistan zindabaad” instead of “bharat mata ki jai!”then we would be still living in Kashmir!