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kashmiri pundit-who cares!!!!!!!!

Posted in hindus, kashmiri pandits, politics by Sandeep on November 28, 2007

Kashmiri pundit-who cares!!!

India is the largest democratic country in the world with population of over 1 billion.

It is believed that in a democratic set up Representatives are chosen by the people and for the people. That also means larger the population of any community whether Marathis,Punjabis,Gujratis,Tamils or Bengalis larger is the corresponding number of MLA’s and M.P’s.But lately It has been caste based politics in India where the leaders try to convince the public in the name of religion or caste or even sub-castes like Hindu-Muslim and Yadavs,Jats,dalits etc. This is only creating rift among the different castes in Hindus. Everyday people are killed in the name of religion and casteism in India. If this is democracy then Democracy is not good for India. Democracy is disintegrating India. In the recent past Naxalites, Maoists have killed thousands and it is only growing day by day.

India is already facing problems in the north east and Kashmir. In north east and Kashmir It is the different religions which are creating problems and in Assam It is the mixture of ethnic communism which is creating problem. India has not been able to solve the problem of north east and Kashmir because of loopholes in Indian democracy.

There was no need to impose article 370 in Kashmir and If India really wants to solve the problem of Kashmir It should withdraw article 370.Minority vote politics is the biggest  hurdle in abolishing article 370.I am writing this because I am victim of both Indian democracy and article 370.

Kashmiri pundit was the only voice which was in favor of India when we were there in Kashmir before 1990.We laid down our lives for India and we got shame and humiliation in return from both state governments and govt. of India. Population of 4lakh Kashmir pundits does not have a voice which can be heard in lok sabha or rajya sabha. No body bothers about us because we don’t form vote bank of any political party. Democratic system has given one lesson to us- “kashmiri pundits are not wanted in India”.

Don’t think Pro-hindutwa political parties especially BJP has done anything for us.

Our  names though frequently used to attract more Hindu votes, but practically only Lip service.

Before 1990 things were different. We were in Kashmir and we had faith that govt. of India cares for us, but that proved to be illusion. Respective state governments whether it was National  conference or congress or Pdp no one really wants us in J&k.This can be proved by the number of jobs given to kashmiri pundits after 1990.Kashmiri pundits form 25% of educated class in J&k but the number of jobs given to kashmiri pundits

Is not even 1%.Which clearly indicates that state govt. does not want us to be there!

Govt. at center is not bothered about us and state govt. does not want us to be there. We have been uprooted from our homes and although we have managed to survive so far but the big question remains “We laid our lives for India and we got nothing but humiliation from those who are at the helm of managing India”..why!!!!

We are not even acknowledged as Refugees in our own country.why????? We lost our people to the bullets of Terrorists as we choose to be Indians.

Uprooted from our motherland, Humiliated, physically, emotionally and psychologically bruised, Still we managed to held our heads high for India,but why??????

who cares for us…..as we are Kashmiri Pandits….The lost identity of Glorious past of Kashmir  but, who do not fit any vote bank..The non-voilent indigenous people of Satisar, who had a Known history of 5000 years, but today at the door of extinct Race…Thanks to the policies of my country.

Kashmiri pandits, despite all the hardships, have learnt the art of survival..

Though engulfed in the dark, created by the enemies of Humanity,

have chosen to wait and see that light of truth  which will disperse the darkness of lies,

with this belief, and their good Karma,we shall rise again…..

“Altogether,national hatred is something peculiar.You will always find it strongest and most violent where there is the lowest degree of culture”-Goethe

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  1. Kashmiri said, on August 11, 2008 at 5:14 am

    Root cause analysis
    Kashmir problem is a serious problem….. it is not the problem that has started recently. It has existed since Islam first showed its face in Kashmir. And it will also vanish once people understand the basic fundamental problem is not with the people or India or Pakistan or Muslims or Pandits but the problem is with ISLAM. Have u interacted with muslims without islam they are humans and good people, but the moment you add Islam they become Killers in the name of allah. Kashmir my homeland and Birth place is not the only place that has this typical problem…. it is almost any where and every where Muslims are there.

    Problem is very clearly within the roots of Islam…. Understand muhammad to understand Islam…. “In allah hu musabrin” god is with the people of patience…… but if the islam is indeed religion of peace that it claims why IS EVERY MILLITANT THE TRUE FOLLOWER OF ISLAM….. Islam teaches them to kill anyone that doesnot beleive in Islam and Allah or muhamad and is not ready to converyt to Islam.

    In what way is a kashmiri pandit different…. when it comes to kashmiri muslims they are just being tru muslims who follow quran…….
    Islam says:
    Love thy neighbour because he will come to your help first……
    But if he follows another faith try to convert him to Islam…….
    And if he doesnot then Kill him…………

    My brothers and sisters learn that if we want to have peace all over the world help our muslim brothers and sisters to overcome the fundamental problems with Islam…. Direct them to …. http://www.faithfreedom.org

  2. cuneyt said, on September 27, 2008 at 1:01 am

    To the idiot who posted under the name of ‘kashmiri’ please stfu, you’re posting from a propaganda based website which has no reputable references.

    Serves you KP’s right anyway for what India has done for you. Kashmiris, be they muslim or Hindu had no problems for centuries, this problem was stirred by the Indian central govt, rigging elections repeatedly in Kashmir, using and then throwing kashmiri politicians in prison at their will. You really think they were out to find a solution with such behaviour?? The majority of Kashmiris tolerated this for over 4 decades, so dont give us this shit, it makes no sense. When Kashmiri muslims were being oppressed by the central Indian govt, you KP’s were fully behind them, you have even stated that ‘you gave everything for India’ and you got nothing back in return, you’re just as much to blame for the mess in Kashmir. Stop trying to act like goody two shoes, who have just suffered at the hands of the ‘evil muslims’. Selfish prats.

    Bu chus koshur te muslamanas btw!!

  3. rana said, on November 29, 2008 at 3:35 am

    If not everyone then most of us in the Indian Sub continent had same forefathers. However, ether due to fear of sword or greed of wealth in the last several hundred years converted their religion.

    Now, how long terrorist will continue to destroy other cultures in the name of religion. It goes without saying that there were thousands of places of worship in Pakistan & Afghanistan and have been mostly destroyed, defaced or converted. Even bombs have been used to demolish statues by selfish terrorist.

    Those who didn’t convert were force to leave like Kashmiri Pundits! Unfortunately, just to be politically correct, religious leaders only talk about peace but create terror all over the world in almost every continent. They can’t achieve any peace in their own heart or for their own family. They will remain on run all the time.

    Preaching peace but practicing terror!!

    Let people be loyal to the place where eat, sleep, live…in action not mere only words.

  4. Arpit Bakshi said, on December 31, 2008 at 5:55 pm

    Bhrata inhe Bhokne do..chillane do..Main aapke saath hu..
    Main bhi Gaud-Saraswat hu..bas Punjabi hu..aur aapke saath hu..
    Par sabse pehle aap apne adhikaro ke liye lade..!!
    Apni samskriti bachaye rakhe..
    Sharda Lipi ke prayog ko protshahit kare..!!
    Yeh Persian bhari kashmiri ke saath ho sake Samskrit evam Abhinavgupta ji ki Advaith Shaivism ka adhyanan kare..
    Aur jaise na taise apna Rajneetik bal badye..
    Bhole nath bhi unki shayata karte hai jo..swayam ki shayata karte hai..
    Aaj se hamar ek hi Jai-Ghosh hai..
    Jai Jai Shiv-Sambhu..

  5. hari said, on April 4, 2011 at 8:08 am

    listen you kashmiri muslim bastard, dont think every indian govt is the same, and every ruler is same, a ruler will be born to crush you just like your own mohammed ,we will crush you and deliver the kashmiri pandits, remember lanka rajapaksha, he crushed the ltte who trobled them for 50 years, dont be happy thinking indian govt is weak, a day will come when you will tremble and your people will be massacred merclessly, if you do nt want india then fuck off to pakistan, but we will not give kashmir or even a centimetre of land for 1000 years otherwise it is a shame to nuclear and advanced india and an insult to the countless jawans who have laied their lives for our country, before giving it to pakistan we will nuke it and make it unlivable even if we have to give just remember that.

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