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The rulers of Kashmir encouraged the influx of Muslims into the Valley to counter the supremacy of the Pandits (Kashmiri Brahmans). During the reign of Suhadeva (AD 1301-1320) many Muslim adventurers came to Kashmir. The chief among them was a Muslim missionary- Bulbul Shah. Two others were Shahmir from Swat and Rinchana from Tibet. Shahmir […]


SARASWAT BRAHMINS SOUTH and North Kanara are the “native place” of the 1,500,000 Saraswats. A small, highly urbanised community, the Saraswats are today divided into three main groups: the Vaishnava Goud Saraswats, the Smarta Chitrapur Saraswats and the Shenvis. Although the Kanaras and the region around them are their most recent home, more than ninety […]

Kashmiri Pandits and saraswat Brahims

by P.N.K. Bamzai Koshur Samachar The Valley of Kashmir is known among the Kashmiri Pandits or Saraswat Brahmins of Kashmir as Saradapeeth or the Abode of the Goddess of Learning and Fine Arts. During their five thousand years of history, they have made colossal contribution to world civilization in the field of Religion, Philosophy, Sanskrit […]

Amarnath land row,nationalism and kashmiri pandits

This is a copy of letter sent by Mr.Gurunath prakash to panun kashmir youth front: Namaskar, “Viparetha kale, Viparetha buddhi” . Mahabharatam war was started for a mere piece of land. History repeats….. The issue of “Land for Amarnath Yatra’s Yatris” has been used by Muslim separatist forces as a referendum for a separate Kashmir. […]