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shut up….Mr. Geelani….

Some of the separatists leaders of Hurriyat Conference try to bring the name of Amarnath at the drop of the hat.Their fixation about Amarnath yatra has crossed any logical explanations.Now, they want to fix the tenure of yatra to just 15 days. Amarnath or Amreshwar as it was known in the past, has mention in […]

my truth & 20 years of exile

Below are some lines which depict the general sentiments of KP community in exile for 20 years…. My wounded scars have not yet healed, In exile, everyday, my heart bleed… I too have a voice, you need ears to listen I too have emotions; you need a heart to feel it… I too am a […]

Miscommunication between KP’s and KM’s

It has been more than 20 years since kashmiri pundits left Kashmir valley because of Terrorism. In these years one generation of Kashmiri Muslims and one generation of Kashmiri hindus Were born and raised in two distinctive religious, political and geographical areas. It is obvious that the experience of both has been different. Both are […]