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shut up….Mr. Geelani….

Posted in kashmir by Sandeep on June 22, 2010

Some of the separatists leaders of Hurriyat Conference try to bring the name of Amarnath at the drop of the hat.Their fixation about Amarnath yatra has crossed any logical explanations.Now, they want to fix the tenure of yatra to just 15 days. Amarnath or Amreshwar as it was known in the past, has mention in some of the books like nilmata puran and Rajtarangni.Pakistan backed Demagogues are beating their chests, and trying their best to give the false coloring to the History of Amarnath. No surprise, they have met with little success as yet.
clever as fox, they had another trick up in the sleeve, they have come up with other sensitive issue, environmental hazards by the influx of large number of devotees of Shiva. Pressure on environment can not be ruled out. But single out Amarnath is no justification. Blaming Amarnath solely for the degradation of environment smells like a dead rat to me. Separatists new found love towards environment needs some real justification.
Fact is that 10,000 trees were cut and 30,000 wild lives destroyed to construct Mughal Road. Is that not destruction of ecology…should we blame it on Amarnath!!!Why haven’t The so called Islamic zealots turn environmentalists ever raised their voice against the molestation of water bodies of Kashmir viz Dal Lake, Nagin Lake, Wullar Lake, Manasbal Lake and now extinct Anchaar lake.
Has Amarnath encroached The great lakes of Kashmir? Has amaranth created the numerous illegal floating islands of Dal? Lakhs of people, economically poor people, are living illegally on these floating islands and other water bodies. I challenge Hurriyat leaders to raise their voice against them. Show the world that they really are environmentalists to the core..
Is Amarnath responsible for shrinking the sizes of great Kashmir lakes to the half of their size as compared to 50’s or 60’s.Has Amarnath drank all the water of Anchaar lake which has now become a part of history books .Are these Islamic zealots so myopic that they cannot see the Barren Zabarwan or many other mountain ranges, who have been robbed of their precious timber. Has Amarnath Smuggled out all the timber?
What about the environmental hazards which other tourist places like Gulmarg, tangmarg and many other such tourist destinations have to face due to the influx of tourists both Indian and foreign. Has these bigot leaders guts to raise their voices against the influx of tourists to these places? The answer is a big No!!! Fact remains that tourism is the single largest segment which gives livelihood to lakhs of Kashmiris. Every year lakhs of Kashmiris pray to Almighty that more and more tourists should come to Kashmir. Tourists who come to Kashmir spend money like wastrels and don’t mind to loosen their wallets.
Environmental issues are serious to be deliberated upon, whole world is waking up to this long neglected but serious issue. Arctic ice is melting, Antarctica is melting, so are other numerous big and small glaciers, most of them may have witnessed negligible human activities. This is the stark truth of 21st century. Global warming has become a reality and no one can deny the implications of Global warming. Whole world has joined hands to fight the menace of global warming. can we blame Global Warming solely on Amaranth yatra?

now few lines for Mr. Geelani…
Mr Geelani’s, was it your love for the environmental cause, that you and your pakistani masters hounded us out of the valley and killed tens of hundreds of Kashmiri Pandits. the forced exodus of 4 lakh Kashmiri Pandits mave have swelled your chest with pride ,and I am sure your can now shout at the top of your voice, and tell the whole world that it was out of your and Hamid gul’s love and concern for the fragile ecology… Sure some pressure eased by mass exodus of 4lakh pandits..
Mr. Geelani, I urge you not to poke your nose into the religious affairs of Hindus, that is none of your business.Your wicked thoughts have already taken a toll on your health and your body and mind has been diseased and you know that.If you are genuinely concerned about ecology, then you should raise other environmental issues, some of them mentioned above and not single out “AMARNATH YATRA” and confine it to just 15 days…Watch out your vicious thoughts & misanthropic actions, Mr. Geelani. …Wishing you a speedy recovery..

my truth & 20 years of exile

Posted in kashmir by Sandeep on June 10, 2010

Below are some lines which depict the general sentiments of KP community in exile for 20 years….

My wounded scars have not yet healed,
In exile, everyday,
my heart bleed…

I too have a voice, you need ears to listen
I too have emotions;
you need a heart to feel it…

I too am a human being, I too have a life,
With eyes open,
you can see my strife..

my politicians don’t want the truth to come out,
They don’t want me to stand by truth,
and shout..

they don’t like bitter truth’s taste,
for them,
my truth is just a waste..

20 years of exiled imprisonment & still Under locks,
my truth has been blocked,
my truth has been locked..

truth strangulated, justice denied,
oh! this is so unfair,
my choked truth is Gasping for air,but my India doesn’t care..

@Azaad Pandit

Miscommunication between KP’s and KM’s

Posted in kashmir by Sandeep on June 1, 2010

It has been more than 20 years since kashmiri pundits left Kashmir valley because of Terrorism. In these years one generation of Kashmiri Muslims and one generation of Kashmiri hindus Were born and raised in two distinctive religious, political and geographical areas.

It is obvious that the experience of both has been different. Both are part of fairy tales, those bed story tales which this generation has heard from their elders . Short Anecdotes of Kashmiri Hindus like ”Kashmir is not a safe place for us.Jihadis will kill us, because we are Hindus” may sound true for the new generation of hindus who were born outside Kashmir, because They have seen their parents and relatives struggling hard for their basic existence. They have seen their aged grand and great grandparents poignantly recalling their hey days in Kashmir. They have also seen their grandparents die with a unfulfilled last wish of returning back to their home in Kashmir. They have heard that bomb blasts, cross firing and killing is a routine affair in Kashmir.

Kashmiri Muslim Generation has grown up to somewhat similar anecdotes and bed time stories. “It is not safe in Kashmir,It is not safe in Jammu. It is not safe in Ahmedabad.It is not safe in delhi and Mumbai” and the young generation has their reasons to believe what their elders say. They have seen how even innocent and well educated are framed for being a terrorist before being proved innocent by the high court’s of India. But the whole process takes months and years as was in the case of prof. S.A.R. Geelani.

The two Kashmiri communities viz Kashmiri Hindus and Kashmiri Muslims have very little faith on each other, thanks to miscommunication of 20 years. Whenever some organization tries to bridge the gap between the two communities, the efforts gets hijacked and sabotaged by those surreptitious and greedy   elements Who have made a killing out of 20 years of unrest in Jammu and Kashmir. Unfortunately, these people are still at the helm of the affairs.

There are also some elements who would not like to see Kashmiri pundits back to Kashmir. These elements have illegally captured properties of Kashmiri Hindus and they are the first to come to streets and protest against return of pundits to Kashmir. Politicians of Kashmir are aware of this fact and they choose to Close their eyes and remain mum on this whole affair at least for the time being.

There has been a paradigm shift of opinions of Kashmiri Muslim towards Kashmiri Hindus and lack of Communication between the two is the prime reason for all the misunderstandings. separatist parties will never enter into the fray where the two communities try to sort out their differences and enter into a dialogue as this will subsequently dilute their influence and power . mainstream political party will also never try to bring the two communities closer because of the strings attached to vote bank politics of India. In the best interest of both the communities, the community volunteers should make their best effort to reach out to each other. There are many if’s and buts’ which arises from the present scenario. Instead of haranguing each other the two communities should open a channel of formal as well as informal communication. They should at least give it a try..