my truth & 20 years of exile

Below are some lines which depict the general sentiments of KP community in exile for 20 years….

My wounded scars have not yet healed,
In exile, everyday,
my heart bleed…

I too have a voice, you need ears to listen
I too have emotions;
you need a heart to feel it…

I too am a human being, I too have a life,
With eyes open,
you can see my strife..

my politicians don’t want the truth to come out,
They don’t want me to stand by truth,
and shout..

they don’t like bitter truth’s taste,
for them,
my truth is just a waste..

20 years of exiled imprisonment & still Under locks,
my truth has been blocked,
my truth has been locked..

truth strangulated, justice denied,
oh! this is so unfair,
my choked truth is Gasping for air,but my India doesn’t care..

@Azaad Pandit

One Comment

  1. kahn
    Posted June 17, 2010 at 5:26 pm | Permalink | Reply

    20 years of exile has not taught Kashmiri Hindus anything.Protesting…..peaceful protests have lost their significance and meaning in India.

    Imagine 400 million of our population does not afford to have one proper meal.
    At least half of that population don;t have a roof over their heads. Yet the number of Indian billionaries are growing every year.
    Hardly 5 % of the population decides as to who will run our country…beleive me 95% powerless population also suffers silently…India has lot of its problems, yet to be solved..

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