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Lighting Candles, Remembering Martyrs

Lighting Candles, Remembering Martyrs Martyrs day – 14th Sept. 2010 (Candle light ceremony addressed by Dr. K L Chowdhury) Friends, we are gathered here this evening in this austere ceremony to observe the 20th anniversary of our martyrs. We are here to remember and recount their sacrifices by paying our tributes to them. We light […]

Balidan Divas–Some pictures-14-09-10-jantar mantar

Balidan Divas was observed across various locations in India.A rich tribute was paid to the departed Martyrs… some more pictures of Balidan Divas(BK Ganjoo Park) can be viewed here

An Open Letter to Syed Ali Shah Geelani

Website Link is below: Mr. Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Now that Yasin Mallik has openly accused you of exploiting Islam, I feel vindicated. I along with lakhs of my fellow Kashmiri Pandits have always held that view. All the displaced Kashmiri Pandits hold the exploiters of Islam responsible for the loss of their moorings. […]

the changing political situation of then and now…

It is needless to say that Kashmir is witnessing phases of killing and violence during last 21 years. “Killings “ has become such a common word whenever anyone refers Kashmir .All the communities in Kashmir viz Muslims, Pandits and Sikhs have lost their brethren to sanguinary violence. Probably all the communities of Kashmir are looking […]

Open letter to prime minister of India

JOINT HUMAN RIGHTS COMMITTEE WA-88, SHAKARPUR, DELHI—110092. Tel. 22517672. Tel.(R) 22547672. Hon. Prime Minister, Government Of India, New Delhi Dated. 20th August 2010. Sir, In 1990, terrorists and fundamentalists targeted Kashmiri Hindus, looted, burnt and destroyed their properties and Shrines, about four lacks of Kashmiri Hindus were forced to flee from the valley. Estimates […]