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Lighting Candles, Remembering Martyrs

Posted in kashmir by Sandeep on September 16, 2010

Lighting Candles, Remembering Martyrs

Martyrs day – 14th Sept. 2010

(Candle light ceremony addressed by
Dr. K L Chowdhury)

Friends, we are gathered here this evening in this austere ceremony to observe the 20th anniversary of our martyrs. We are here to remember and recount their sacrifices by paying our tributes to them. We light the candles to express our deep indebtedness and gratitude to them who sacrificed their lives so that ours may be saved. We do so to glorify them so that their celestial light illumines our souls. We light the candles to dissolve the darkness of terror and to banish the fear that has been let loose on us by people driven by wickedness, hatred and intolerance. We light the candles to dispel the dark clouds of depression that hover above us because of the callous indifference of the state administration and the central government. We light the candles that we may lead kindly light for the nation to shake it from complaisance and submission to the forces of subversion, secession and terror in Kashmir and the rest of India. We light the candles to show our immense gratitude to the thousands of army personnel, the central security agencies, the state police who sacrificed their lives defending the sovereignty and territorial integrity of India and fighting terrorists and subversives.

Friends, when we remember our martyrs we recall the horror stories how they were bullied, tortured and done to death in cold blood. Recounting terror leads to a catharsis of terror; recounting terror is a part of the exorcism of terror. It works by the same psychological device that we use in treating people who have been wronged, abused and traumatized. Recounting terror is important in stalling our fall into the abyss of amnesia, lest we are lulled into complaisance and a false sense of security in exile. Please do not forget that our adversaries have not yet finished their work by merely uprooting us from our homeland, engineering our exodus and driving us into exile. They are not done yet; they are ever scheming, and conspiring to hound us even in exile, to make life difficult at each step, to drive us further into desperation and to squeeze all possible space in J&K – physical and psychological, social and cultural, economic and political to choke us out of existence.

Friends, it is a day to recall the selective killings of our community members and the mass massacres of Pandits in the hamlets of Sangrampora, Wandhama, Nadimarg, Chattisingpora etc. Even more painful than the gruesome killings have been the intimidation and the innuendoes, the vitriol, the barbs and the sarcasm, and the humiliation and the insults poured on us at every possible juncture during our everyday life in Kashmir. Worse were the orgies, the jubilation, and the dance of death that the tormentors indulged in after committing the heinous crimes.

Two incidents still haunt me and have caused anguish more than the ghastly murders. First, the morning after Shri Tkka Lal Tapilloo was eliminated, when I was changing into the white apron ready to go round my ward in SMHS Hospital, the clerk of the department of Medicine came to my room – a lean and short fellow who could be described as a moderate. He wore a funny smile on his face. “Sir, do you know, Tikka Lal has been shot dead?” he said unemotionally, matter-of-factly.
I kept quiet, looking at him as if I did not know what he was talking about.
“Tikka Lal sir, the Jan Sangh leader.” He continued.
I was still unresponsive.
“Tikka phaetr sir. He was shot dead like a dog right near his house?”
Those were the epithets and the abuse chosen for our leaders by ordinary, even petty people, in ordinary conversation with us. Words more piercing than poison darts
“But why?” I shouted, “what crime had he committed?” He could feel the anger in my voice
“Possibly, because he was big mouthed and spoke too much,” he said putting up an innocent, expression as if it were justified to shoot anyone who spoke ‘too much’.

The second incident was when Judge Nila Kanth Ganjoo was killed and left to die on the road. No one was allowed to touch the body. People desiring to visit his home to offer condolences were warned that the terrorists were watching and would punish anyone found empathizing with the judge’s family. Not only was he a friend and colleague of my father, but his daughter was our colleague as well. If you are not allowed to mourn the dead, to express sympathy with the bereaved, you are living in servitude and terror. I led a group of KP doctors from the hospital in open defiance of the threat and paid a visit to the bereaved family.

Nurse Sarla of SKIMS was attending on militants admitted in the medical institute. She was killed because she was believed to know too much about the nexus between the faculty members of SKIMS and the militants. Lassa Koul, Prana Ganjoo, Prem Nath Bhat, Sarwanand Premi and his son, and hundreds of others- teachers and engineers, lawyers and judges, nurses and doctors, professors and professionals, social activists and shopkeepers, street walkers and farmers and others were killed because they were Kashmiri Pandits and Indians.

Friends, let us not forget the hundreds and thousands of people who lost their lives prematurely in exile fighting displacement, depression and disease. They too are martyrs because they did not submit to the dictates of our oppressors; they preferred to leave everything behind but not their honor, not their commitment to the nation. They kept the light alight and the fire burning by burning themselves in the cauldron of exile.

The blood of all these martyrs is not only on the hands of fanatics and fundamentalists, jihadis and Islamists, but also on the successive state rulers who have let loose an inexorable tyranny through ideological, administrative, constitutional and judicial processes that have been maneuvered and violated in a way blatantly prejudicial to the minorities. This impalpable, insidious, invisible state terror is worse than the terror of the gun.

We have also to recognize a new kind of terror – the sinister terror of the media, both print and electronic especially a large number of national dailies and some prominent TV channels which clearly are the handmaidens of the terrorists and Islamists, who have hired the so called intellectual-liberal elite of our country to denigrate Hindus and Hinduism and advance the cause of separatists, secessionists, stone pelters and militants.

Friends and comrades, how should we pay our best homage to the martyrs? We seek inspiration from those who dared and blazed a trail of fearlessness and sacrifice. They have taught us that we should not let the enemy steamroll us into submission, and force us into conversion We must vehemently counter, by word deed and action, jihad in its all manifestations, and its demonic impact on the rest of the world, esp. our own community.

Friends, we are going through a very crucial phase of the current upheaval in Kashmir, possibly worse even than the time of our cleansing from Kashmir. It is India that is being systematically cleansed from Kashmir this time. There is a likelihood of big concessions for the hardcore separatists by the Govt. of India. Provision of thousands of jobs and incentives, constructing the international airport and laying a network of railway lines in the valley, provision of subsidies for Haj, compensation for loss of business due to strikes and hartals during the last 20 years, writing off loans etc has not appeased the people of the valley. Even if the Govt. withdraws or dilutes the AFSPA, grants autonomy, and tries to pamper, appease and placate them by other kindly and benevolent gestures and through largesse, through concessions and other devices, it is not going to stop the turmoil. The demon has tasted blood these sixty years after India won freedom. It will not stop short at anything, not even Azadi. It is sworn to destroy our land. That is the biggest danger.

If Kashmir gets autonomy, there has to be a quid pro quo. Homeland for Kashmiri Pandits is well conceived and still holds. It is our birthright and the real panacea for all our problems. It also is the key card which the Govt. of India can use if it is inclined to hold on to Kashmir, at least a slice of it, and to counter the Islamists, secessionists and Azadi mongers at national and international forums. If Bosnia can be carved out of the Balkans why not homeland for Kashmiri Pandits? Are we not the indigenous and ancient citizens of the place, the aborigines?
However, homelands are not achieved in thin air, not by mere slogans, nor in drawing rooms, but by a sustained crusade which may take big sacrifices and a long time. Remember, we have no sympathizers, no partners, no allies outside our community; we are up against an array of adversaries including an unfeeling, uninformed nation, an inimical state Govt., an impotent Central Govt. and hostile media. It is our battle, our crusade and we have to fight it together, and sink personal egos and differences and stop internal dissensions and denigrations of each other. We have to retrieve homeland and seize it back inch by inch.
Homeland means space – physical and cultural, economic and political, emotional and spiritual. But the physical space is missing for now. If we can find some political space till we get a physical space why not. But unfortunately the word Political Empowerment has become a hate word with some of our friends. They confine its meaning to the nomination or reservation of an MLA or MP or member of the municipal corporation. How one or two legislators can influence a 75 member assembly, they argue. They do not realize that political empowerment has wider connotations. In any case why do they forget that we are living in an age of coalition politics? Even having a single MP or MLA rather than having none matters. Shamim Ahmad Shamim would roar in the Parliament and hold the MPs in thrall with his oratory and advocacy for Kashmir. Saifudin Soz brought down Vajpayee ministry single-handed; he is still reaping a rich harvest for that treason.

It is sad that some o our other friends feel they have the prerogative of speaking on Kashmir and are the sole voice of KPs. They do not tolerate any viewpoint that goes contrary to their dogma. They rage and rave and attribute imaginary motives to our words and deeds. They are the ones who cried wolf every time we came up with a new idea, a new vision. They could not digest our advocacy for Constituencies in Exile; they decried the Three Tier Return Formula; they ridiculed the City-State module for rehabilitation that we suggested in response to the Prime Minister’s Package. They debunked it all because these concepts were new and practical, because we were trying to respond to the evolving situations and trying to find some practical ways of ameliorating the distress of exile. Let me remind you that none of these concepts are at the expense of, or as a substitute for, homeland. They are steps towards that final goal. If we did not reject other temporary ameliorating measures like the doles, the one room tenements and Jagati Township why should we have reservation about seeking more concessions till we achieve homeland?

Unfortunately we can not agree even on the prime Minister’s Employment package. The youth of our community are directionless. They have been made to sign a contract for the jobs, which are still in abeyance, with stringent conditions akin to servitude. They will be treated worse than bonded labor. They should have refused to accept the conditions. Having committed that blunder, we should not let our youth to join in Kashmir. It will be like jumping into fire for the valley is on fire which does not show any sign of abating. We must launch an agitation for the transfer of all these appointments and jobs to Jammu till the final resolution of our displacement form Kashmir.

Politics is a dynamic process that is governed by the interplay of various forces which, in politics and sociology, work like the market forces do in economy. If you do not know how to respond to these fierce forces you will go into recession and depression not unlike the global economic recession and depression that the world is facing presently. That is the danger to our idea of a Homeland if we lack a robust response to the fast evolving situations. A grandiose vision should not be allowed to become a blind spot, and inertia in responding to the call of action should not become our Achilles heel.

Balidan Divas–Some pictures-14-09-10-jantar mantar

Posted in kashmir by Sandeep on September 14, 2010

Balidan Divas was observed across various locations in India.A rich tribute was paid to the departed Martyrs…
some more pictures of Balidan Divas(BK Ganjoo Park) can be viewed here

An Open Letter to Syed Ali Shah Geelani

Posted in kashmir by Sandeep on September 11, 2010

Website Link is below:

Mr. Syed Ali Shah Geelani,

Now that Yasin Mallik has openly accused you of exploiting Islam, I feel vindicated. I along with lakhs of my fellow Kashmiri Pandits have always held that view. All the displaced Kashmiri Pandits hold the exploiters of Islam responsible for the loss of their moorings. I believe no religion including Islam will permit the barbaric persecution of a minority. I also believe in the inherent philosophy of love and brotherhood that was propagated by all messengers of God, whom Hindus call Avtars and Muslims call Prophet. I am not a great student of religion and, therefore, I cannot have an in-depth knowledge of the philosophies behind the great faiths, but I am sure no religion teaches hatred for fellow human beings. It is the hypocrites like you who have not only brought misery to their fellow beings but have also tarnished the name of their religion.

I don’t know you personally and except on one occasion, we have never crossed paths with each other. Whatever impression I have about you has been gathered through your writings, speeches and media interviews. And, of course, my very brief silent confrontation with you nearly a quarter century back has been responsible for my firming an opinion and image about you being a fundamentalist involved in exploiting the delicate religious feelings of the people for the furtherance of your political ideology. Though, you will not be able to recall that incident but I still nurture the vivid memories of that afternoon as it gave me the first hand impressions of dichotomy between your preaching and practice. One day, it would have been either 1980 or 1981, when as a fresh man out of the college and on the threshold of starting my career as a Medical Representative, I found myself stranded in the village of Doabgah on the Baramulla- Sopore road. My companion, that day, was another young man from Sopore who was also in the process of establishing his pharmaceutical business. While in the village, we found you addressing a small congregation in a nearby open space. It was a fiery speech full of political rhetoric and religious fire. As a young Pandit boy, I found your speech mortally scaring and intimidating. I desperately wanted to leave the village, though my companion, a great fan of yours, kept constantly reassuring me about your virtues of not differentiating between the people of different faiths. Nevertheless, a lone non-muslim amongst the sentimentally charged populace was proving to be beyond my comfort levels. Unfortunately, due to some blockade enroute, no buses were coming from the Baramulla side, which could have taken me away to Sopore on way to the security of my home in Srinagar. Meanwhile, we kept waiting for the busses that never came. Some time latter you finished your address and we were given to understand that you would be going back to Sopore in your vehicle. My friend, out of concern for my eagerness to reach home, volunteered to request you for giving me a lift up to Sopore. I was hesitant but on his assurance I allowed him to approach you with the request. Soon I saw him returning with his head down, cheeks red and the expression that told the whole story. As usual, the Almighty was both merciful as well as beneficent that day. Some time later a taxi screeched to stop besides me. It was my neighbour driving home after dropping somebody in another village. Many years latter I learnt at the very beginning of the Holy Quran, the first invocation reads, “In the name of GOD, the most Merciful and Beneficent.” And throughout the holy Quran, GOD’s name is thus invoked no less than 113 times. I also believe the Prophet is quoted as saying “O Ali, the best of qualities in this life and there after are the words of courtesy, generosity, and to forgive those who inflict injustice on you.” I know for sure, that taxi driver is an illiterate person and would not able to interpret the subtle niceties of religious scriptures, but that day he proved to be a true follower and practitioner of his faith. I wish I could speak the same about you the one who claims to lead his life according to divine commands and prophetic sayings.

At times, I also feel you are a confused person who isn’t clear about his objectives. On one hand you claim Iqaamat-e-Deen as your objective as Maulvi Abbas Ansari and Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, according to you, are now drawing inspiration from “un-islamic ideologies like secularism, socialism, nationalism and even communism.” Yet, on the other hand you want Kashmir to become a part of Pakistan even though you also believe Pakistan rulers have not been able to live up to the moral standards which Islam demands.

You have been highly critical of some leaders whom you believe have not been acting in the true spirit of Islam and claim you invite people towards Islam and present its philosophy as a complete way of life. I have no objections towards any body living by the tenants of his faith. But, one can’t only practice what is politically convenient for him. How can you explain the exodus of an entire populace of Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir? You are against secularism and pluralism, which in itself points towards your practice of exploiting the religion to suit your own agenda. I gather, when Prophet Mohammad took over the administration of Yathrib (Madina), its population consisted mostly of two large Arab (Aws) and three Jewish ( Khazraj) tribes. The Madinan Arabs wanted the Prophet to administer the strife torn city as an outsider with no vested interests in the local disputes. They also wanted this potential messiah to be part of their group and not the rival Jewish tribe. Upon arrival in Madina, the Prophet set about getting all parties together to sign a covenant, which would set standards for pluralism, tolerance and cooperation between various religious and ethnic communities. The covenant gave equality to all its citizens and accepted the coexistence of different religions in the community. The messiah’s inspiration was the Holy Quran, which makes it incumbent upon Muslims to accept and respect all the previous messengers without distinction.

“The Apostle believeth in what had been revealed to him from his Lord, as do men of faith. Each one of them believeth in God. His angels, His books and his Apostles. We make no distinction between any of his Apostles.” (Quran 2:285)

The Holy Quran states on more than one occasion that if people, Jews, Christians and Sabeans lived by their tenets they would have their just reward. ” Verily they who believe and they whom are Jews, Christains, Sabeans whoever believes in God and the Last Day, and does that which is right shall have their reward with their Lord. Fear shall not come upon then neither shall they grieve.” (Quran 2: 62)

Your assertion of only Nizam-e-Mustafa being the ultimate goal for your Tehreek-e- Hurriyat goes against not only the traditions laid down by Bul Bul Shah, Shahmir, Badshah, Nund Reshi etc, whom your co-religionists in Kashmir hold in very high esteem, but it is also against the teachings of the Quran. Nizam-e-Mustafa in a hundred percent Muslim society is understandable but in a society as diverse as Kashmir, it would amount to coercion. My small study has been able to find at least three references in the Holy Quran, which say, ” There is no compulsion in matters of faith.” (Quran 2.256, 10.99 and 18.99)

Many Muslim scholars and writers have described the propagation of Nizam-e- Mustafa as an exploitative tool employed by certain people to serve their purpose. These writers even claim, slogans like Nizam-e-Mustafa have been deliberately kept vague by its propagators to create confusion among the masses. These writers further claim since the concepts of “Aqamat-e-Deen”, (Establishment of Deen), “Hakoomat-e-Illahia”,(Government of Allah) or “Islamic Nizam” failed to cut much ice with the society earlier, a new term “Nizam-e-Mustafa” was invented. Further, concept attached to it varies form sect to sect. Different Islamic sects have even disagreement on the personality of Mustafa, let alone “Nizam-e- Mustafa”. It is pertinent to point out here that in 1951 twenty one Muslim religious scholars from different sects passed a unanimous resolution demanding all Government Laws in Pakistan be based on “The Book(Holy Quran) and Sunna”. Twenty years later, Maulana Madoodi, one of the main supporters of the resolution had to declare, ” It is impossible to make a set of public laws as per The Book and the Sunna which all Muslim sects will unanimously accept as Islamic”. In an article published by Idara Tolu-e-Islam, Lahore in 1977, the writer has made a significant observation, which says, ” The flag bearers of Nizam-e-Mustafa belonging to various Islamic sects have their own Fiqah (Jurisprudence). It is evident as all these sects considere their own Fiqah as unchallengeable Islamic law, no set of laws could be made which will be acceptable to all, their differences are so deep that each one of them have declared the other as Kafir , at one time or other.

You have also strange logic for justifying the militant activities of fidayeen by terms their violence as sacrifice. Nothing can amount to more blatant exploitation of religion then that. “….. and GOD calls to the home of peace.” (10:25). Kashmir press is now openly accusing you of playing your politics as a Pakistani stooge and interpreting the religion to suit your convenience.

You may have your reasons for playing the politics the way you do. The justification of that politics is a subject matter of a different debate, however, one needs to understand enough blood has been spilled over the beautiful vale of Kashmir. The madness needs to stop now. Otherwise, the history will not pardon the people who have prostituted Kashmir according to their own peculiar religious and political beliefs.

The author has drawn heavily from the following sources for writing this piece:

Teachings of Islam- Imam Shirazi.
On Islam and Jihad- Dr. Farida Khanum
Questions about Islam, Answers that every muslim should know- Dr. Jamal Badawi.
Islam and Pluralism- Javed Akhtar.
“Sirf Eik Sawal”- English translation by Ubedur Rahman Arain.

The Author of this article is Mr. Kamal Hak

the changing political situation of then and now…

Posted in kashmir by Sandeep on September 3, 2010

It is needless to say that Kashmir is witnessing phases of killing and violence during last 21 years. “Killings “ has become such a common word whenever anyone refers Kashmir .All the communities in Kashmir viz Muslims, Pandits and Sikhs have lost their brethren to sanguinary violence. Probably all the communities of Kashmir are looking for those who can empathize and sympathize with their pain, no doubt the heart of a common Kashmiri is bruised and wounded and has inured to pain, sufferings and Humiliation. The holy land of Rishis and Sufis has become the land of Human sufferings and Humanity is lost somewhere in this chaos.

Being a K.P, I too have witnessed death due to violent activities by terrorists who flaunted their A.K 47’s and killed scores of my Brethren in early 1990.They took Guns and killed many innocents with this belief that they are the soldiers of Holy war. Not once, the thought and act of killing unarmed KP , sounded absurd, unholy and irreligious to them. the crowds cheered them for their acts of crime…That was the beginning of downfall of Humanity in Kashmir. But amidst this madness there were many Kashmiri Muslims who cried on the death of their KP’s Brothers.

The viscous cycle of violence continued unabated, except some intermittent and brief periods of peace. The armed forces of India and terrorists backed by Pakistan played the cat and mouse game of killings with each other and many innocent kashmiris lost their lives in this deadly game. The strategies of warfare between Pakistan and India is constantly changing, but a war is a war whether hot or cold, and wars have killed people everywhere. Kashmiri Pandits, Kashmiri Muslims and Kashmiri Sikhs too are the victims of politics and war. KP’s became targets of those who advocated the concept of Islamic state. K.M’s became targets of those who didn’t wanted Islamic state and Sikhs became the targets of both the parties.

The separatist political parties of Kashmir are obviously paid handsomely by the Pakistani agencies to keep the pot of hatred against India boiling. This is the main reason that they are not interested in talks with the Indian central government. So what do the separatists do to ensure that peace never returns to the strife stricken valley? The answer is that they are using the religion to incite the hatred for India without considering the implications of their devious act. But this effort is akin to striking the head against a Mountain and the result will be injuries and precisely that is what is happening in Kashmir. There has been unprecedented increase in the injuries of common Kashmir whether police or civilian. Geelani’s Hurriyat have become the whole sole distributors of Pakistan sponsored concept selling of Islamic Jihad.

Somebody has to remind them that India is one of the most populous Muslim countries of World. This concept selling by the the geelani faction is believed to have made S.A.S.Geelani richer by some 20 million U.S $ in last 5-6 years alone. His prime responsibility of showing rosy pictures to gullible public has yielded results for his masters sitting across the Line of control. The world of dreams created by Geelani in the grab of religion has already killed thousands of kashmiris in the last two decades.

During my last visit to jantar Mantar on 8th Aug 2010, I was a witness to the propaganda by the young Muslims from Kashmir. A gentleman reiterated that both Kasmiri Muslims and Kashmiri Pandits are victims of terror and in the same breath declared that 207 pandits and one lakh muslims have been killed in the 2 decade insurgency. It was such a Hypocritical statement because the figure of 207 has been provided by the state government agency and the same government agency has put the tally of overall deaths at 37,000. Out of 37,000, the number of civilians killed by terrorists and para military forces are 11,135,security forces number at 5223 and terrorists backed by Pakistan killed are 19,273.Of course the statistics provided by government are not right. But 1lakh is an exaggeration by several degrees of magnitude; It means 14 death per day, every day for twenty years.

Now imagine 65 people have died in Kashmir by the direct or indirect involvement of Police and Pakistan backed terrorists during last 3 months. The after effects of these causalities are well known to all of us .Stone pelting, strikes and virtual shut down are the reactions of these deaths. Now imagine if 1288 would have been killed, what would have been the magnitude of reactions. These canards though baseless are being invented, marketed and subsequently spearheaded by Geelani faction.

Kashmir has in the past also witnessed several protests. I am witness to the death procession of late Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah a.k.a Sher-i-Kashmir(lion of Kashmir).As a young boy, I was taken by my Grandfather to some place near Chatti Padshah gurudwara, Rainawari to witness that procession. At the point where I was sitting and witnessing the procession, It took almost three hours for that procession to pass. Many people were crying and many were beating their chests in grief and many more fainted. It was as if someone from their own family had expired. That was also a time, and today It is the geelani who is controlling the political sentiments of Kashmiri Muslims. The phase of Late sher-i-Kashmir was temporary and the phase of Geelani is also not permanent. At that time The late Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah was termed as “Lion” and the Present Hurriyat leaders as “Lamb”. The deadly mixture of religion and politics has metamorphosised the lamb into the Lion. Only time will tell who will be remembered in the History of Kashmir and who will emerge as the real winner and the real friend of the general masses.

Open letter to prime minister of India

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WA-88, SHAKARPUR, DELHI—110092. Tel. 22517672.
E.mailcl.gadoo@gmail.com Tel.(R) 22547672.

Hon. Prime Minister,
Government Of India,
New Delhi Dated. 20th August 2010.


In 1990, terrorists and fundamentalists targeted Kashmiri Hindus, looted, burnt and destroyed their properties and Shrines, about four lacks of Kashmiri Hindus were forced to flee from the valley. Estimates given by State Government, about 30,000 persons in far flung areas, remained in the valley which dwelled to 10,000 in 1996 and about 3000 in 2010. Many Kashmiri Hindus were killed and women raped. National Human Rights Commission in June 1999 observed, “Acts akin to genocide have occurred in respect of Kashmiri Pandits.” Many houses were either burnt or destroyed. Recently, Jammu and Kashmir Revenue Minister gave the figures 170 temples were damaged by Muslim fundamentalists over the last twenty years, actually the figure is much more. Now, another minority of Sikhs are being targeted, their Human Rights being violated.
(Kindly, find enclosed a press-cutting which is self explanatory.)
Kashmiri Hindus are still languishing in camps and rented accommodation allover the country, especially in Jammu and Delhi. More than 90% of State Government employees have retired from services during our exile. No fresh recruitment of Kashmiri Hindus has taken place since then. After about 20 years of sufferings, you were kind enough to announce employment package for 6000 displaced persons in April 2008, State Government has issued notification on 30th December 2009, after the intervention of National Human Rights Commission, New Delhi, for recruitment of Kashmiri Migrants. NHRC has questioned clauses 2 and 4 of State Recruitment Rules,2009, which are objectionable and are as under:
“(2) The appointee shall be eligible for confirmation on the basis of his performance, merit and uninterrupted/ continuous stay in the valley.
(4) The appointee shall have to execute an agreement with the Government on the Form (forming annexure to these rules) that he will serve in the valley against the post on which he is appointed and at a place where he will be posted. In case the appointee migrates from valley again for any reason whatsoever, he shall lose the job without any notice and shall stand terminated.
Since the process of recruitment is pending with the State Government, we pray for your intervention, with a request to amend/delete the above said clauses so that posts may be created in whole of the Jammu and Kashmir State instead of confining to valley alone, as it will be risky for the displaced persons to take up the jobs in troubled and tense atmosphere.
During last 20 years thousands of jobs were created for the majority community and more 50,000, jobs have been announced by chief minister for un-employed youth of the valley. Unfortunately, delaying tactics is employed for minority youth.


Secondly, our left-over properties and Shrines have also become target of the mob frenzy. We would therefore, request you to kindly provide more security to life, left over properties, temples and Shrines of Kashmiri Minorities, presently, living in the valley.

Finally, we would invite your kind attention to the demand of ‘Greater Autonomy’ by vested interests after 35 years of the ‘Kashmir Accord’ between Smt. Indra Gandhi and Sheikh Mohammad Abduallah on February 24, 1975 has once again brought into sharp focus the machination and double talk of National Conference. During the years that followed, the secessionist movement in the State gathered greater strength. A whole generation of the Muslim youth was socialized to the Muslim quest for freedom from India and the unification of the State with Pakistan, inspite of the fact that Central Government has pumped thousands and thousands of crores of rupees for the welfare of the State.
Recent survey shows that the State has received Rs. 94.409 crore between 1989-90 and 2009-10, which is 10 to 12 % of all grants disbursed by the Central Government to the States. The bulk of this aid is spent in the valley which is less than 1% of India’s population! The National Sample Survey of 1999-2000, shows that Kashmir has lowest poverty ratio of 3.5 % inspite of violence, against national average of 26.1 %, whereas Orissa has highest poverty ratio of 47.2%.As per the Planning Commission report 2004-05, Jammu and Kashmir had the lowest poverty ratio of 5.4 % and the national average 28.3%. Even prosperous state like Maharashtra contains 10 of India’s 100 poorest districts and has highest rate of farmer suicide. During 2006, 1452 farmers committed suicide in Vidarbha region alone! During the same year, 16863 farmer suicides, have been reported all over the country. But no farmer suicide has been reported from Kashmir so far.
Hindus and Sikhs of the State and the Buddhists of Ladakh, who are in great pain due to recent natural calamity and need immediate relief and care, expressed sharp disapproval of any compromise with National Conference on the issue of autonomy. Interestingly, the Muslim secessionist forces and militant organizations expressed subdued disapproval of the demand of greater autonomy, reiterating their claim for self-determination expressing doubt about the ultimate advantage, the autonomy of the state would provide to them.
The creation of an autonomous state of Jammu and Kashmir, placed outside the political organization of India, will go half way to substantiate Pakistan’s claim on Kashmir with stone pelters in forefront and terrorists guns booming in the back-ground, India will, sooner or later, be forced to accept a settlement which is acceptable to Pakistan.
You are, once again, requested to consider our grievances sympathetically.
Thanking you. Yours faithfully,

CC. Chairman, C.L.Gadoo
National Human Rights Commission, Co-Chairman
New Delhi.