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Dilapidated temples of kashmir


Kashmiri Pandits protest at Srinagar(04/06/2014)

    Kashmiri Pandits protested at Srinagar after a gap of more than 24 years.The event was organised jointly by APMCC and KPSS.

Fiddling with the Kashmiri Pandits Data

PRESS RELEASE (State Government is now fiddling with the Kashmiri Pandits Data, false reports submitted in the State Assembly) The recent statements given by the representative of the ruling government on the floor of house has put us in a great shock. We never expected that the State Government will even fiddle with the data […]

iconclasts and Idol smugglers of Kashmir

Kashmiri Pandit Sangrash samiti is a body of Kashmiri Pandits who stayed back in Kashmir inspite of the bullets,bombs and bloodshed which has been witnessed in Kashmir valley from the last 20 years. we know in the last 20 years many temples have been desecrated in kashmir, idol smuggling is another feather in the cap […]