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iconclasts and Idol smugglers of Kashmir

Posted in kashmir by Sandeep on October 9, 2009

Kashmiri Pandit Sangrash samiti is a body of Kashmiri Pandits who stayed back in Kashmir inspite of the bullets,bombs and bloodshed which has been witnessed in Kashmir valley from the last 20 years. we know in the last 20 years many temples have been desecrated in kashmir, idol smuggling is another feather in the cap for the iconclasts..
The press release, which is self explanitory needs immediate attention from Archaeological Survey of India and J&k state government..

Date: 06.10.2009*


*Faith and the history related to minority are sold by the Government using
connivance with mafia to balance their budgetary deficits.*

KPSS has taken the serious note of the activities of the Police Department
who are in connivance with smugglers and temple mafia. The recent approach
of the SHO Bijbehara is doubtful and needs to be looked into and enquired
upon by the Senior Officers of the Department who is giving bad name to the
whole Department by his activities.

Just ten days back one black stone, 3 feet tall, idol of Mata Durga has been
found from the fields of one Shri. Abdul Rehman at Kaniwan on the Khiram –
Pahalgam Road, under the jurisdiction of Police Station Bijbehara. The idol
is lying with the SHO Bijbehara. The age of idol is not known but apart from
the religious importance to the Kashmiri Pandits, it is worth multi crores
in the international market. Till date the SHO Bijbehara has not reported
this event to any one even to his seniors and also media is kept apart from
the truth, creating suspicion over the conduct of the SHO Bijbehara.

In addition to the present episode, in the recent past another black stone,
2½ feet tall, idol of Lord Vishno was found from the same venue, which was
reported in the media also and has been handed over to Archeology
Department. But the KPSS have apprehension that the idol has been duplicated
with black marble and the original one has been disposed of in the
international market worth crores.

Also one Javaid Ahmad Bhat alias Javaid Murti of Nai Basti Anantnag seems to
be having hand in glow with some officers of the J&K Government to
facilitate selling these idols and antiques in the international market. The
conduct of the delinquent person needs to be enquired into by a trust worthy
and reliable agency.

*It seems that the faith and the history related to minority are sold by the
Government using connivance with mafia to balance their budgetary deficits.*

KPSS request the Hon’ble Chief Minister to look into the matter and depute
an enquiry commission to investigate and also the place be put under seize
as there is apprehension that more idols can be found which have religious
as well as historical importance to the history of Kashmir and its people
and ensure that the State Government is serious to uphold religious respect
towards the minorities.

Sanjay K. Tickoo



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  1. Shantanu said, on October 9, 2009 at 8:38 am

    Taliban destroyed history as in the case of Bahmiyan Budha,In kashmir history is on sale…..but who cares!!!!!

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