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SARASWAT BRAHMINS SOUTH and North Kanara are the “native place” of the 1,500,000 Saraswats. A small, highly urbanised community, the Saraswats are today divided into three main groups: the Vaishnava Goud Saraswats, the Smarta Chitrapur Saraswats and the Shenvis. Although the Kanaras and the region around them are their most recent home, more than ninety […]


LAHORE, Apr 16 (Agencies): Baloch Republican Party chief Brahamdagh Bugti has urged India and the United States to help the Baloch people attain freedom from Pakistan. Bugti said Baloch people were being suppressed by the Pakistan Government which wants to take control of natural resources of the region. “We will welcome India’s help for the […]

3rd World Kashmiri Pandit Conference concludes

3rd World Kashmiri Pandit Conference concludes Pandits want nothing short of Homeland King C Bharati Jammu, April 12: The two-day 3rd World Kashmiri Pandit Conference (WKPC) today concluded with a spate of resolutions for the future strategy of the community and stressed that the community would settle for nothing short of their own Homeland within […]

Saraswat Brahmins to re-claim Kashmir

JAMMU, Apr 8: The two- day long third World Conference of Kashmiri Pandits to be held at Jammu on April 11 and 12 will forcefully focus on the separate homeland demand for over seven lakh exiled Pandits in Valley with Union Territory status. This was stated by PK convenor, Agnishekhar during an informal chat with […]

Pak ‘epicentre of terrorism’, says PM Dr. Manmohan singh

LONDON : Calling Pakistan the “epicentre of terrorism”, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said the world community “has to come to grips with this harsh reality” and slammed Islamabad for failing to take “effective action” to curb the menace. Ahead of his maiden meeting with US President Barack Obama tomorrow, Singh said the world has […]