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Posted in pakistan by Sandeep on April 17, 2009

LAHORE, Apr 16 (Agencies): Baloch Republican Party chief Brahamdagh Bugti has urged India and the United States to help the Baloch people attain freedom from Pakistan.
Bugti said Baloch people were being suppressed by the Pakistan Government which wants to take control of natural resources of the region.
“We will welcome India’s help for the Baloch people. We do not recognise the Constitution of 1973. We only want freedom,” The Daily Times quoted Bugti, as saying.
He charged the Pakistan government of discriminatory behaviour, and particularly targeting Baloch people in the military offensive being carried out in the region.
“The Baloch people have always been considered as slaves. They had been forced to put up resistance against the usurpation of their rights,” Bugti added.
Baloch people have long been demanding their right and control over the large deposits of natural gas and other resources which lies under the province’s geographical territory. They believe they are being bluffed by their government as the region still lacks basic amenities despite being rich in natural resources.
“Isn’t it a wrong that the people of the very district from where gas is being explored have to use wood for fire while the facility of gas is available in every house in Punjab,” Bugti said.
source:kashmir times

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  1. H.Man said, on April 17, 2009 at 7:04 pm

    its tru dat punjab has got electricity and gas in every home almost,but its because ov good governance and got the resource grabbing as bramhdagh puts it.almost all bloach sardars get money in shape ov royality and guess wot where they spend it,on there lavish lyf styles,there childrens go 2 aitcheson and then cambridge and oxford while other balochies are persecuted for sending there kids 2 elementary school.they run there own private jails and kal punjbies as usurpers,get a life losser

  2. SmanySokssmap said, on May 20, 2009 at 4:24 pm

    Solid page, Hope to visit soon=D

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