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kashmir muslims and hindus and religion controversies

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Kashmir had a very rich secular,peaceful and Tolerant culture in the past. emperor Ashoka is often credited with having founded the city of Srinagar.Kashmir was once a Buddhist seat of learning, perhaps with the “Sarvastivada” school dominating. East and Central Asian Buddhist monks are recorded as having visited the kingdom. After the advent of Islam into Kashmir a traditional centre of Buddhist and Hindu religions conversion of Hindus to Islam has resulted in numerically significant population of the Kashmiri Muslims being descendents of Hindus . The prevalence of common Kashmiri Pandit family names among contemporary Kashmiri Muslims is indicative of Hindu lineage. Kashmiri Pandit family names Common family names among Kashmiri Pandits include: Handoo,Aga, Atal, Bandhu, Bhan, Bagati, Bhat/Butt/Bhatt,Budki(Burki), Chowdhury,Dhar(Dar), Dass(Das), Dassi, Dulloo, Ganju(Ganjoo), Kaw,Gurtu,Hak, Haksar, Hangal, Hangoo,Hoon, Jaju,Jalali, Kachru(Kachroo), Kak, Kar, Kappu, Katju, Kaul(Koul), Kaw, Kemmu, Khar,Kasid Kher, Khosa, Kitchlu(Kitchlew), Kunzru, Langoo,Malla, Mantoo, Mattoo, Muthoo, Misri, Natu, Nehru,Ogra,\ Pandit, Pandita, Parimoo,Qasba, Raina, Rayu, Razdan, Reu, Sadhu, Sapru, Shah, Shivpuri, Shrunglu, Shunglu,Tangnu, Thusoo,Tikoo,Wakhlu, Wanchoo/Wanchu, Wantoo/Wantu,Warikoo, Wattal, Wattoo, Zalpuri, Zaroo and Zutshi.Many of these names are also shared by Kashmiri Muslims.Handoo,Bagati,Bhan,Bhat,Burki,Dhar(Dar),Sapru,Kitchlew,Sheikh are some surnames which are shared by converted kashmiri hindus.The ancestors of most of the kashmiri are common, Syeds are not kashmiri blood,They had come from West Asia and Middle east with the then religious groups to share their knowledge about islam with hindus of kashmir.Some world famous kashmiris are Pt. Jawahar lal nehru,Sir Iqbal and yes Nawaz shareif is also a kashmiri. There is a saying that blood is thicker than water.But I fell religion is thicker than blood.The proof is the killing of kashmiri pundits by Kashmiri Muslims .Some famous lines which were used at that time are as under:· Kashmir main rahna hai, Allah-ho-Akbar Kahna hoga. (If you choose to live in Kashmir, you will have to say Allah-o- Akbar).· Asi gachi Pakistan, Bata ros ta batanev san. (We want Pakistan, with Kashmiri Hindu women and without their men-folk).· Allah-o-Akbar, Musalmano jago Kafiro bhago, jehad aa raha hai. (Allah-o-Akbar, arise and awake Muslims, buzz off infidels, jehad is approaching.)· Kashmir kya banega – Pakistan (What will Kashmir be – Pakistan)· Zalimo O, Kafiro, Kashmir hamara chhod do (Ye cruel Kafirs (infidels) vacate our Kashmir)· Yahan kya chalega, Nizam – e – Mustafa (What will have sway here – Prophet’s governance)· Arise ye, fearless Momins, For Russia has lost the race, Now the sword hangs on India’s neck Now it is Kashmir’s turn.· Islam hamara maksad hai Kuran hamara dastur hai Jehad hamara rasta hai. (Islam is our destinationKoran is our constitution Jehad is our way.)· Hamein kya chahye, Nizame Mustafa Kashmere main kya chalaiga, Nizame Mustafa Hindustan mein kya chalaiga, Nizame Mustafa (What do we need – Prophet’s governance. What will have sway in Kashmir – Prophet’s governance. What will have sway in India – Prophet’s governance.· Ganga-Jamuna mein aag lagayenge (We will destroy Ganga and Yamuna)
I often wonder how powerful is religion? People across world are ready to kill anyone for their religions?How can anyone forget Crusades- Battle between Christians and Muslims? Christians say Muslims were aggressors and they killed devout Christians who were sure that world will come to an end at the beginning of 1000 years .But nothing happened. Humiliated by the Muslims they approached the pope and pope ordered crusades after many years from the date of the incident! On the other hand Muslims say Christians were the real Culprits.Christians, Muslims and Jews have common prophets up till Abraham. Abraham had two sons Ismail/Ishmael and Isaac. Arabs and Europeans had a common belief till Abraham.Division started from Ismail and Isaac. Ishmael, his firstborn son, is considered the Father of the Arabised Arabs, and Isaac is considered the Father of the Hebrews. It is widely believed in Islam, that Ishmael was the son whom Abraham almost sacrificed. Muslims use various proofs among others the fact that Ishmael was at one time his only son. Abraham is revered by Muslims as one of the Prophets of Islam, and is commonly termed Khalil Ullah, “Friend of God”. Abraham is considered a “Hanif” that is, a discoverer of Monotheism .Who created Sunni and Shia Muslims? Abu Bakr,Ayesha or Ali?Ali was the first cousinof Prophet Mohammed and Husband of his only surving child Fatima.There is a controversy as to who was the first male muslim? Was it Ali or Abu Bakr?Sunni muslims say Abu Bakr was the first male while Shia muslims say Ali was the first male. Aisha is acontroversial figure because of differing portrayals of her in “Shia Islam” Shia versions of Islamic history and her role in the “First Fitna” (first Islamic civil war) at the head of an army against “Ali” in the Battle of Bassorah” Well the controversies in the religions is very-2 complex..Religions have lost their basic values which is love,peace,harmony and they are just intruments in the hands of politicians and religion has been used by politicians to bind people to common beleifs and customs, so that ruling the masses becomes easy. I believe that Religions are purposely made complex so that common man may take lifetime to understand and another lifetime to practise thus giving no time to analayse politics and power. God, Allah,paramatma,waheguru are different names of same entity.But see the terminology has already killed Millions across world and It still is killing.All religious heads should come together and bridge the gaps of terminology of God,Allah,Paramatma,Waheguru—–.Intercaste,intercultural and international marriages should be made compulsory, thereby giving chances to different people and cultures to understand new cultures and religions.there should be tolerance as well as love for all human beings.


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Kashmiri hindus were forced to migrate to different parts of India seventeen years ago by the Muslim terrorists and Muslims of Kashmir. In These seventeen years every Kashmir Hindu must have thought at least once daily about their birth place..Kashmiri pundits were forced to leave Kashmir because we opted to say “Bharat Mata ki jai” rather than Pakistan zindabad.Thousands of Kashmiri pundits were selectively targeted by Muslim jehadis and women were raped and brutally killed by Islamic terrorists and the govt. at center under the leadership of V.P.Singh and home minister Mufti Mohammed sayyed remained as mute spectators. Mufti sayyed is an sworn enemy of Hindus and especially kashmiri pandits.He has never said even once“jai hind” while being chief minister of J&K.Congress also maintained silence as they didn’t wanted to loose their Vote bank of Muslims. What a joke congress is in power in J&K with the help of anti-national,anti-hindu PDP!

Under present UPA Govt. India is heading towards nowhere, because UPA does not have any True leader. I feel we have two parallel govt’s at present in center, one is run by Congress and other by left and this right and left directionless, pro-Muslim, pro-Christian and anti- Hindu govt. is only harming the majority population of India. Congress and left parties were known to be sworn enemies of each other. Communists got power in West-Bengal and Kerala because of congress’s dictatorship and all these years they were after the lives of each other. Hindutva wave proved too powerful for them to handle and only to keep off pro-Hindu govt. from power in center they joined hands together. How can we trust left parties as it is a known fact that they are more pro-Chinese than Indians!

I personally feel that so called regional parties who are playing on casteism and minority vote bank politics are biggest threat to the integrity of India. Congress is doing every effort to please Muslims where as it is an established and almost universal truth that every Muslim may not be a terrorist but every terrorist is a Muslim.

India is the largest Hindu populated country of the world and yet Hindus are not getting what they should get, as the present govt. is more inclined to minorities for their vote bank politics. Since govt. is spending huge sums of money to minorities and neglecting vast majority especially in far flung areas and tribal areas. the long regime of congress has been unable to set up even basic facilities like healthcare ,education and employment in these under developed areas and thus these areas are prone to malicious ,anti-national sympathetic wave created by Christian missionaries and these missionaries are playing their dirty game of conversion.

So called secular parties and communists parties have literally captured media, whether print, Radio or TV. And they are corrupting the youngsters of India. I am almost sure that all leading news channels are used by the congress and communists. Even poltical parties are using media to do sting operations and expose its rivals.Congress has particularly used very efficiently Tehelka.They did sting operation in 2001 against BJP. They also used tehelka for BSP and SP.Recently Tehelka did sting operation in Gujrat against BJP(infamous godhra incident). Why have’nt tehelka done even a single sting operation against congress? why did’nt tehelka expose those responsible for killing of thousands of sikhs in 1984?and killing of thousands of kashmiri pundits in 1990.

In kashmir alone thousands of kashmiri pundits were murdered .Till date no investigation has been done by any of the governments and not even a single person has been punished by any government.It is not not that Indian agencies don’t know the culprits but arresting a muslim for killing a hindu in India is not secular.India is the most seudo-secular country in the world.

The need for hindus to unite is more than ever.All Hindus, whether kashmiri pundits or other Hindus who have been forced to migrate from their respective natives by Muslim terrorists .The biggest problem which I can see is that Hindus are not united whether in J&K or in rest of India. Although we all are facing same problem and if we get united we can definitely change our destinies and destiny of our country.

muslim unity-a myth

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Muslims throughout the world have flagged a war with all the non-Muslim countries of world. Osama bin laden is trying to do which no-one has done before. He is trying to unite Muslims .The big question is whether he can unite Muslims and become a caliph himself!
The fact is Muslims can never get united. There are at least 30 Muslim majority countries across globe. In certain instances Muslims have killed Muslims in millions. One such classical case is Bangladesh. It is believed Yahya khan killed 2 million Bangla Muslims during Bangladesh independence struggle. The Awami League was founded by Bengali leaders in the East. The aim of the League was to promote Bengali interests and secure autonomy for the East. A student political leader, Mujib rose in East Pakistani politics and within the ranks of the Awami League as a charismatic and forceful orator. An advocate of socialism Mujib became popular for his leadership against the ethnic and institutional discrimination of Bengalis. He demanded increased provincial autonomy, and became a fierce opponent of the military rule of Ayub Khan. At the heightening of sectional tensions, Mujib outlined a 6-point autonomy plan, which was seen as separatism in West Pakistan. He was tried in 1968 for allegedly conspiring with the Indian government but was not found guilty. Despite leading his party to a major victory in the 1970 elections, Mujib was not invited to form the government.
On 16 ,1951 October Liaquat Ali Khan was assassinated by fanatics opposed to his refusal to wage war against India. He was replaced as prime minister by Khwaja Nazimuddin, a Bengali and the then governor general. In 1954 general elections the Muslim League was defeated in the East by the United Front, a coalition campaigning for autonomy for the East. However, the United Front was prevented from taking office by Ghulam Mohammad, who imposed governor’s rule on the East under Major General Iskander Mirza. Ghulam Mohammad also dismissed the Pakistan Constituent Assembly and appoints his own “cabinet of talents”, including a number of senior officers from the military.in 1956 Pakistan’s first constitution is constituted on 2 March, nine years after independence. The constitution proclaims Pakistan an Islamic republic and renames the Constituent Assembly the Legislative Assembly. The office of governor general is renamed president. The constitution was made in such a way that each wing of Pakistan had the same number of representatives in the parliament, meaning that the East, with its larger population, was under-represented.in 1958 Bengali members of the civil service were preferred for posts in the East; Dhaka was designated the legislative capital of Pakistan, and Islamabad the administrative capital; and public investment in the East Pakistan increased.in 1963 Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (Mujib) assumed the leadership of the Awami League, which was then East Pakistan’s dominant political party. Mujib emerges as leader of the Bengali autonomy movement.in 1966 In March Yahya Khan was appointed as commander-in-chief of the Pakistan Army and promoted from major-general to lieutenant-general. He was instrumental in reorganising and modernising the Pakistan Army. He worked to improve communications, decentralise decision making, increase the strength of the infantry and create an independent command structure in the East.same year Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Ayub Khan’s government, resigns and formed the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), becoming a vocal opposition figure. On 31 1961 March Yahya Khan assumed presidency.in 1970 yahyah kahn unveils a new interim constitution. Pakistan’s first nationwide direct elections are held on 7 December. The Awami League campaigned for almost total autonomy for the East. When it won 160 of the 162 seats allotted to the East it became the majority party in the 313 seat National Assembly.Mujib claimed the prime ministership and asserts that his six-point program will be used as the basis of a new constitution. However, the election result was not honoured, with West Pakistani politicians, led by Bhutto and supported by senior army officers, pressuring Yahya Khan to cancel the inaugural sitting of the National Assembly, making the establishment of civilian government impossible. In 1971 On 21 February Yahya Khan dissolved his civilian cabinet. The army took full control of the government.
After talks broke down with President Yahya Khan and West Pakistani politician Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Mujib was arrested and a guerrilla war erupted between government forces and Bengali nationalists aided by India. An all out war between the Pakistan Army and Bangladesh-India Joint Forces led to the establishment of Bangladesh, and after his release Mujib assumed office as a provisional president, and later prime minister. Even as a constitution was adopted, proclaiming socialism and a secular democracy, Mujib struggled to address the challenges of intense poverty and unemployment. Amidst rising political turmoil, he banned other political parties and declared himself president in 1975. Mujib was assassinated along with his family by a group of army officers.

Bangladesh’s case is not a rare case.This opression of muslims by muslims can be seen in pakistan(NWFP),Afganistan,Turkey,Iraq,Morocco and many other Islamic Countries.