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sacrifice day

Posted in kashmir by Sandeep on September 30, 2009

The new generation of KM’s and KP’s, who are in their teens and early adulthood, have grown up in the absence of each other and know about each other only through the word of mouth from their elders, they may not share the same vibes as their ancestors once did in Kashmir.
Practically, no communication between the two communities of Kashmir with common ancestors, has given rise to mistrust and miscommunication, which can only be corrected by people to people contact.
In early 1990, when militancy was at the peak ,terrorists were enjoying VIP status, and were killing innocent people, majority of whom were Kashmiri pundits at will. Many terrorist supporters were helping terrorists by giving them minute to minute details about their targets. In most of the cases these informers happened to be neighbors of hindu victims.
But, there were other Kashmiri Muslims also who risked their lives to save their Pandit neighbors. But their good intentions could not stop the exodus of 3,50,000 Kashmiri pundits. The bullets of Gun had not only killed innocent lives, but also the conscience of many muslims.
20th year of Balidan divas(Sacrifice day)(Photos above) was observed on 14 sep 2009.20 Panun Kashmir activists tonsured as a mark of respect towards the Martyrs.Kashmiri Pandit organizations in Jammu,Delhi and rest of India paid their Homage to those Martyr’s who were Murderered cold bloodedly by the implacable, Blood thirsty Jihadis, funded and backed by Pakistan. This low cost warfare tactics has severely put a big dent on Pakistan’s precarious economy, which largely survives on financial aids provided by Middle east countries and U.S.A. Majority population in P.O.K are fed up with the step motherly treatment by Pakistan’s political system dominated by Punjabi Muslims…
input by M.zijoo