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The Thirty Six Elements(Kashmir Shaivism)and 24 elements of Advaith vedanta

There are 36 elements according to Kashmir Shaivism unlike the 24 elements which the vedantis acknowledge. 1.Panch Maahaabutaas-five Gross elements 1.Prithvi(Earth) 2.Jaala(water) 3.Tejas/agni(fire) 4.Vaayu(air) 5.Akasha(ether) 2.Panch Tanmatras-Five Subtle elements 1.Gandha(smell) 2.Rasa(taste) 3.Roop(form) 4.sparsha(touch) 5.Shabda(sound) 3.Panch Karmendriyas-(five organs of action) 1.upastha(creation/reproduction) 2.paayu(excretion) 3.paada(foot) 4.pani(hand) 5.vaak(speech) 4.Panch jnanendriyas-(five organs of cognition) 1.Ghraana-(nose, organ of smelling) 2.Rasaana-(Tongue, organ […]