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my truth & 20 years of exile

Below are some lines which depict the general sentiments of KP community in exile for 20 years…. My wounded scars have not yet healed, In exile, everyday, my heart bleed… I too have a voice, you need ears to listen I too have emotions; you need a heart to feel it… I too am a […]

Once there was a Kashmiri pandit…..

Once upon a time , There lived a community in Kashmir, who were known as Kashmiri Pandits… Imbibing their age old customs, They lived in the valley till the eighties.. As the angel of death Azrael hounded them in early nineties… In the dead of night, they fled from the valley, lest they get killed, […]

My name is not Khan, I am Mr Kaul

Tarun Vijay Tuesday December 22, 2009, 08:55 AM Link – http://blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/indus-calling/entry/my-name-is-not-khan I am not Khan. My name bears a different set of four letters: K A U L. Kaul. As those who know Indian names would understand I happened to be born in a family which was called Hindu by others. Hence, we were sure, […]

Kashmiri Pandits fear dream may turn sour

Seema Sharma Tribune News Service Jammu, February 17 Expectation is running high among around 10,000 migrant Kashmiri Pandits, who filled in consent forms to return to their homeland in the Kashmir valley in April last year under the Prime Minister’s package for their return and rehabilitation, amid fear whether conditions are conducive. The three families, […]

Kashmiri Pandits and saraswat Brahims

by P.N.K. Bamzai Koshur Samachar The Valley of Kashmir is known among the Kashmiri Pandits or Saraswat Brahmins of Kashmir as Saradapeeth or the Abode of the Goddess of Learning and Fine Arts. During their five thousand years of history, they have made colossal contribution to world civilization in the field of Religion, Philosophy, Sanskrit […]

Muslims of tibet

Muslims of Tibet By Masood Butt Tibetan Bulletin January – February 1994 Tibet had pockets of Muslims entrenched within its borders although there is no documentary evidence on how Muslims first came to settle there. In fact, information on Tibetan Muslims in general itself is scarce. But the existence of Tibet appears to be known […]

rival kashmiri groups protest outside U.N

Holding placards and banners, rival Kashmiri groups staged protests outside the United Nations on Friday afternoon during Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s address to the plenary session of the UN General Assembly. The two groups — Kashmiri American Council, a predominantly Muslim body that demands the right of Kashmiris to self-determination under the UN Security Resolutions, and […]

unwanted people of India

This is a copy of letter posted by a kashmiri pundit refugee to a local newspaper.This will give you some idea of general conditions of Kashmiri hindus or Kashmiri pundits in Jammu & Kashmir.   Discriminating migrants shameful Dear Editor, It is disgusting to find the divisive tactics of government willfully discriminating the exiled community […]

propoganda against hindus of kashmir

Here are the headlines which show that how Hindus in Kashmir are wiped out in last 19 years…source by Mr.Manish zijoo Srinagar (January 4, 1990): Aftab, a local Urdu newspaper, publishes a press release issued by Hizb-ul Mujahideen, set up by the Jamaat-e-Islami in 1989 to wage jihad for Jammu and Kashmir’s secession from India […]