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Jagmohan behind Exodus of one million Muslims in Swat valley

Pakistan is buckling under the pressure of Islamic jihadis created by its intelligence agency I.S.I, A group of unemployed, unethical, blood thirsty lechers Who probably have nothing to do with Sufi philosophy of Islam, and who call themselves Taliban are conveniently using Islam for killing and torturing innocent people in SWAT valley of Pakistan.ISI’s baby […]

Police cane charge protesting migrants at Muthi

Police cane charge protesting migrants at Muthi Excelsior Correspondent JAMMU, Apr 30: Police today resorted to cane charge to disperse the agitating Kashmiri Pandit migrants at Muthi who were protesting against the Election Commission of India (ECI) for its failure in simplifying the voting procedure for displaced Pandits from Valley. The demonstration was spearheaded by […]