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suicide by a patriotic….and his last poem(amarnath issue)

Posted in Uncategorized by Sandeep on July 24, 2008

JAMMU, July 23: A youth taking part in the chain hunger strike against cancellation of forest land to Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB) today sacrificed his life after consuming poison in protest against the remarks of National Conference chief, Omar Abdullah in Parliament yesterday that the land to Amarnath shrine Board will be returned only over dead bodies of the Kashmiris.

Following death of the youth, the activists of Sangarsh Samiti and other organisations went on a rampage in the City pelting stones on moving vehicles and enforcing a bandh in some City areas. The mob also ransacked mortuary of Government Medical College, Jammu and twice lifted body of the martyr to shift it to the venue of dharna. The Samiti has given a call for Jammu bandh tomorrow. The Bar Association Jammu has also called for a bandh tomorrow.

Identified as Kuldeep Kumar Dogra of Talab Tillo, the youth who joined the hunger strike launched by the Sangarsh Samiti in front of Brahman Sabha this afternoon fell unconscious while delivering a speech in protest against Omar Abdullah’s statement this afternoon.

Commenting on Omar’s remarks, the youth said that NC chief had stated in Lok Sabha yesterday that Kashmiris will die instead of transferring the land to SASB and “I would show Mr Abdullah how the people of Jammu too can sacrifice their lives to get back the land”.

Soon after his remarks, the youth fell unconscious and was taken to GMC hospital where doctors declared him brought dead. As the news of youth’s sacrifice spread, a large number of people took to streets in the city and its outskirts and resorted to road blockades. The shopkeepers in many areas including Talab Tillo and Bohri downed their shutters.

The protesting youth with banners in their hands also shouted slogans against Mr Abdullah and held him responsible for the incident.

They demonstrated in Parade Ground near the venue of hunger strike and hundreds of youth reached the GMC hospital from where they forcibly shifted the dead body to Parade Ground where it was kept for paying tributes by the people. The protesting youths also ransacked the mortuary in GMC, tore its records and also broke window panes of newly constructed emergency building in hospital.

However, the body was later shifted by police to the GMC for post-mortem which was conducted by the Board of Doctors constituted by Dr Romesh Gupta, Medical Superintendent, GMC Jammu. The prominent doctors in the Board include Dr Kuldeep Dogra, Dr Ratnakar and Dr Brahm Dutt.

However the protesting youth again took the body to Parade Ground and did not allow its cremation.

After the sacrifice of life by Kuldeep Kumar Dogra, youths fanned out in different parts of the City especially Parade Ground, Jewel Chowk, Talab Tillo and other areas and subjected matadors and other vehicles to heavy stone pelting. Transport in several areas went off the road while shopkeepers downed their shutters voluntarily.

Most parts of the City observed a spontaneous bandh.

Youth also assembled at Bohri, Talab Tillo, Gandhi Nagar, Muthi and Barnai and staged protest and blocked roads. The vehicular traffic also came to a grinding halt on Jammu, Akhnoor road after the activists of Sangarsh Samiti erected barricades on the road.

Sangarsh Samiti chairman Leela Karan Sharma said a suicide note has also been recovered from pocket of the youth which is lying with Bakshi Nagar Police. In this note, the youth was reported to have said that he was making sacrifice for a supreme cause and tributes be paid to him only after the goal of getting land back for the SASB is achieved, he added.

Mr Sharma said all business establishments and transporters will observe a complete bandh tomorrow in protest against callousness of the Government.

In response to a question regarding indefinite bandh, Mr Sharma said he can’t alone take a decision in this regard as it has to be decided by Samiti which is a conglomerate of over 35 organizations.

He said Samiti has the support of all Jammu organizations including some political parties. Even the activists of Congress and NC have also been supporting our struggle, he added.

Mr Sharma said the people have been giving an overwhelming support to the Sangarsh Samiti in its struggle and nine days bandh call. But he didn’t want to add to the problems of those people by giving an indefinite bandh call who didn’t have even ration in their houses, he added.

He said the Samiti has given a call asking the Jammuites to join the present struggle irrespective of their caste, creed and religion.

Leela Karan, while lambasting Omar Abdullah for his remarks on SASB land, said that in case the Kashmiris posses such a feeling towards the Hindu shrines then Jammuites will be forced to evacuate them from Bhatandi and other places in Jammu where they have constructed the posh Kohtis.

Meanwhile, today was the fourth day of the chain hunger strike launched by the Samiti. A conglomeration of 35 political, social and religious organizations, the Samiti had coordinated the nine-day Jammu bandh from June 30 during the agitation’s first phase.

Meanwhile, the chain hunger strike of Sangarsh Samiti in other district and tehsil headquarters of Jammu also continued today.

.Dogra Liberation Front chief, Ram Paul has claimed that the martyr Kuldeep Kumar was its staunch activist.

Hindu Shiv Sena (HSS) has announced Rs 15,000 for the bereaved family. Sena president Krishan Manhas has also appealed the Sangarsh Samiti and other social organizations to make generous donations for the bereaved family.

Some paras of poem recited by Kuldeep Kumar few minutes before his death at Parade are as follow.

“Bigul Baj Raha Hain Andolan Ka Gagan Goonjta Hain Naroon Sai.”

“Mila Rahi Hain Aaj Jammu Ki Miti Nazar Sitaroon Sai.”

“Ek Baat Kehni Hain Laikin Aaj Desh Key Piaroon Sai.”

“Janta Sai, Loogoon Sai, Foojiyoon Ki Khadi Kataroon Sai.”

“Sambal Kai Rehna Apnay Ghar Main Chupay Huyay Gadaroon Sai.”

“Jhank Rahai Hain Apnay Dushman Apnay Hi Devaroon Sai.”

“Sanbal Kai Rehna Apnay Ghar Mian Chupay Huyay Gadaroon Sai.”

“Jago Tumko Dogron Ki Jagir Ki Raksha Karni Hain.”

“Jago Tumko Lakhoon Ki Takdir Ki Raksha Karni Hain.”

Abi Jo Bani Hai Us Tasveer Ki Raksha Karni Hain.’’

source:daily excelsior

Amarnathji yatra facts

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The present dispute over the amarnath shrine land at baltal has once
again exposed the medieval mentality of those who once imposed the Zazia & restrictions
over the rituals performed by the Kashmir Hindus (known as pundits) .it was during the
dark Muslim period of kashmir that the hindus were barred from entering the
temples ,were imposed taxes on marriages & last rites ,were stopped from visiting places of
pilgrimages. we think the present controversy is but the extension of same mentality
.Because these places (hindu religious) are being visited by the large number of hindu
devotees which poses a direct threat to the pakistan based terrorists and their slaves in the
kashmir who want the total islamisation of kashmir .so , make the holy places inaccessible
for hindus by different indirect methods.this is the time to put together the information regarding the Amarnath ji.
· The actual/original name of Amarnath ji is Amereswar (Amreshe narah snantava goshatasya fhalam labeth).
· the origin of Ameresher is as old as Kashmir valley .This has been vividly described in the Brigesh Samhita and is being referred in the Nilmat purana and Rajatarngni which is enough proof to prove that the Amarnath shrine
was known to all even before the advent of islam in kashmir.so, their is no reson to believe that the muslims
explored the shrine · According to Bhrngish Samhita the Mahakala approached the “Devtas”and told them that
they would have to die. The devtas were troubled at this threat and proceeded to the abode
of Swami Surji (Lord Shiva) and entreated his protection. Shiva appeared to them with bright countenance, showered upon them great favour and enquired about the cause of their distress. The devtas explained that Mahakala
was about to destroy them and they dreaded his Power upon which Shiva with his
great mercy and kindness bestowed upon them the water of immortality by which the
“devtas” were freed from the persecution of Mahakala. After the devtas left, Shiva resumed
his devotional abstractions and when he was again sought by the devtas they could not
see him. They were, therefore, in great distress and lifted their hands in prayer
and entreated him to show Himself. Shiva appeared in the form of ice linga and hence began
the pilgrimage and prayers at Amreshvara. · The other view pertaining to the formation of
Ice Linga is that Shiva’s consort Parvati was eager to learn the secrets of life and
immortality. She prayed to her lord to reveal the same to her. While moving with the Parvati over the
Himalayas, Shiva rested in a cave and revealed the secrets of life to Parvati and got
himself transformed into the Ice Linga. A pair of snow pigeons over-heard Shiva’s
discourse and became immortal. According to Bhrngish Samhita a person who bathes in the
waters of Amur Veth (Amuravati) and rubs himself with the ashes gets Moksha. A person
who performs Amarnath Ji Yatra after observing ablutions along the traditional
approach route gets the same boons as one gets from Ashvamedha Yagya. A pilgrim who performs
ablutions at the sangam of Amur Veth and Panjtarnagini in Kalyug, gets pardon for
crores of sins. Pilgrimage to Amarnath Ji is considered several times more auspicious than the
pilgrimage to Kashi or Triveni · The mountain ranges in the area include Great
Himalaya trending North West-South East isolating Sindu (Indus) basin (represented by Suru
river) from that of Vitasta or Jhelum (represented by Sind and Lidar rivers), and
Chandarbaga or Chenab basin (represented by Batkol-Marwah rivers). Saraibal a south westerly
spur of great Himalaya isolates Jhelum from Chenab basin. Another spur called
Sachhkach (Sasakat) of the Himalayas, bifurcating near Mushran, forms a water-parting
between Sind and Lidar rivers. The Sachkach also follows a south-westerly trend and a
Drun Nar or Hangsatu immediately below Sonamarg is traversed by the Sind river
forming a narrow gorge beyond which it is known as Sogput or North Kashmir range
isolating Kishenganga from the Kashmir Valley. The triangular mass of mountains is bounded
on the north by Sind Valley, on the east and south by Lidar Valley and on the west by
main valley of Kashmir with peaks of Kolahi or Gashbrar, Mahadev and Suresvari. The
latter, over looking Dal Lake with lakes of Tarsar, Marsar and Hodsar has no modern
name but was known in ancient times as Dudavana.· It was during the dark muslim period that the
taxes and other impediments were imposed upon the Hindus in visiting the shrine, which resulted in
the very less pilgrims to the shrine. in the course of time the shrinre remained
unaccesable and thus lost the touch of outer world .but after few hundred years a shepherd
happen to locate this shrine by chance ,which was exploited in such a way as if Amernath
shrine was never there. · All these claims are contradictory and can not
be accepted as factual. As indicated pilgrimage was going on during the Sikh rule long before
Gulab Singh appeared on the scene.· 1840-41, during the rule of Maharaja Sher Singh
son of Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Punjab attempted to visit Amarnath Ji cave along the
traditional route via Sheshnag in late season, but was forced to return from Vowjan pass due
to bad weather.He has given a beautiful description of the pilgrimage, gathered from
others, which indicates that pilgrimage was in good vogue before 1840-41. we can
easily conclude that pilgrims from the plains, outside Kashmir, visited Amarnath in great numbers.
· All the places around the shrine find mention in the ancient scriptures .
The Phalgham (parishulvahan),Mahagunus( mahaganesh)· The sudha lingam is not touching the ground, I
personally have seen this by inserting the stick at the base.· the area of Baltal falls within the close
proximity to Mushko Valley where pakistan had pushed his forces during the Kargil conflict.
.There had been always a huge rush and even tempory sheds had been erected at baltal many decades
earlier .One fails to under stand why this opposition now.· It is said that the Pichacas and Rakshasas were
harrasing the yatries in performing the pilgrimage .So, lord Shankara gave a Scepter (Dand) to
Rishi Bringish .on the left & right side of this Dand resides Lord Brahma & Lord
Vishnu ji..In the course of time this dand got passed on to Shankaracharyas ,so, it is
prime duty of all the religious heads to make sure the success of this Yatra.
Baltal stands at a height of 2,743m and during the
Amarnath pilgrimage there are tents set up here. It is possible to walk to the Amarnath
cave, more usually approached from Pahalgam, in one day. melting snow and ice make the route very
dangerous. so ,it was very important to built some permanent sheds for the pilgrim It is high time that the state govt. may be asked to furnish the details as what is going to do for safe guarding the places of Hindu identity in kashmir

Amarnath land row,nationalism and kashmiri pandits

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This is a copy of letter sent by Mr.Gurunath prakash to panun kashmir youth front:

“Viparetha kale, Viparetha buddhi” . Mahabharatam war was started for a mere piece of land. History repeats…..

The issue of “Land for Amarnath Yatra’s Yatris” has been used by Muslim separatist forces as a referendum for a separate Kashmir. All the Kashmiri Political parties in turn who represent the people of Kashmir have made a statement that they are on the verge of attaining their own Country or they have one.

PDP, NC, Congress and ISI have been smart but the smartest is Omar Abdullah, who has used the words Kashmir and Jammu for Muslims and Hindus. That has a lot of significance.

If land is allotted, it will hurt the Kashmiri pride and Kashmiriat! Where is Omar from? From the Womb of an English Nurse! Where did the Kashmiriat go then? Most of the Hurriayat leaders(they must be eliminated) have American or European wifes interestingly! Wonder, if one has to separate from their husbands or divorce or be a Widow like Indira, Sonia and Mahabooba to be in power!!

Is Land to Amarnathji a big deal? Oh! Yeah, its a big deal. So, says most Kashmiri leaders.

Commies have no reaction. Regional Parties are non committal and are worried about their votes . People who made it a huge cry on Raj Thackeray are silent on this very important issue.

BJP is making feeble noises and all the “peace time torch bearers of Hindu and Peace ” are silent. Whatever protests one has seen in Jammu, by the Hindus are spontaneous, its all local leadership. It is sad that Hindu movement has become leadership less and has no Central command.

Can you beat it, we are funding all those Kashmiri leaders to bash us(Hindus) at will? Their tourism money is from Hindu pockets? Where does all the money from Amarnath Yatra go?

On an average, Rs 45,000 INR is doled out to each family in Kashmiri Muslim from the Center. Now, what do the Kashmiri Pundits gets???? Nothing, in fact they are looted, forced into prostitution, gang raped, left to beg , as one KP has put it, “Wish I was born as a dog”!! All that they got was tears, heart attacks and loads of humiliation. Why this indifference?? At the time of partition, all the Hindus mostly Punjabis were welcome , land grants, business grants, home grants etc were doled out!!( at that time, there was humanity, Nationalism ). But for KP , there is nothing even after close to 20 years. They are simply put up in different places, marrying or live-in with every and sundry to make two ends meet!! Girls were kidnapped from Camps and were never seen again! Their sin, they are born Hindus and the Hindu leadership is spineless, Gutless and is too self centered around themselves and people of their own ilk.

Infact, almost all the KP’s born after 1989 have a problem in voting. Where will all the votes go?? Where will all the 450, 000 votes go?? Where will all the Kashmiri Hindu votes go??

All the Kashmiri Hindus got is NOTHING. Nothing from Congress, Nothing from BJP and now, their land is permanently taken away from them for free!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, THIS IS HISTORY IN MAKING! I used to wonder how come everyone looted India, how come Babur’s men build a Mosque on our Ram lala’s Mandir? IT WAS LIKE THIS!!!

How come 15 % of Hindus in Pakistan and 30% in Bangladesh vanish, it is LIKE THIS!!!

How come Andhra Pradesh is rapidly becoming Christian? it is LIKE THIS! ALL OF US ARE WITNESSING HISTORY IN MAKING.

Don’t blame the people, its the leaders. We simply do not have leaders of caliber, who can impress the common Hindu to take up the issues. A leader who can win the trust of Hindus.

I smell similar circumstances as in 1857! Revolt from the Common man is imminent.

And, I will not be a mute or a mere spectator.

Gurunath Prakash