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Amarnath land row,nationalism and kashmiri pandits

Posted in Uncategorized by Sandeep on July 1, 2008

This is a copy of letter sent by Mr.Gurunath prakash to panun kashmir youth front:

“Viparetha kale, Viparetha buddhi” . Mahabharatam war was started for a mere piece of land. History repeats…..

The issue of “Land for Amarnath Yatra’s Yatris” has been used by Muslim separatist forces as a referendum for a separate Kashmir. All the Kashmiri Political parties in turn who represent the people of Kashmir have made a statement that they are on the verge of attaining their own Country or they have one.

PDP, NC, Congress and ISI have been smart but the smartest is Omar Abdullah, who has used the words Kashmir and Jammu for Muslims and Hindus. That has a lot of significance.

If land is allotted, it will hurt the Kashmiri pride and Kashmiriat! Where is Omar from? From the Womb of an English Nurse! Where did the Kashmiriat go then? Most of the Hurriayat leaders(they must be eliminated) have American or European wifes interestingly! Wonder, if one has to separate from their husbands or divorce or be a Widow like Indira, Sonia and Mahabooba to be in power!!

Is Land to Amarnathji a big deal? Oh! Yeah, its a big deal. So, says most Kashmiri leaders.

Commies have no reaction. Regional Parties are non committal and are worried about their votes . People who made it a huge cry on Raj Thackeray are silent on this very important issue.

BJP is making feeble noises and all the “peace time torch bearers of Hindu and Peace ” are silent. Whatever protests one has seen in Jammu, by the Hindus are spontaneous, its all local leadership. It is sad that Hindu movement has become leadership less and has no Central command.

Can you beat it, we are funding all those Kashmiri leaders to bash us(Hindus) at will? Their tourism money is from Hindu pockets? Where does all the money from Amarnath Yatra go?

On an average, Rs 45,000 INR is doled out to each family in Kashmiri Muslim from the Center. Now, what do the Kashmiri Pundits gets???? Nothing, in fact they are looted, forced into prostitution, gang raped, left to beg , as one KP has put it, “Wish I was born as a dog”!! All that they got was tears, heart attacks and loads of humiliation. Why this indifference?? At the time of partition, all the Hindus mostly Punjabis were welcome , land grants, business grants, home grants etc were doled out!!( at that time, there was humanity, Nationalism ). But for KP , there is nothing even after close to 20 years. They are simply put up in different places, marrying or live-in with every and sundry to make two ends meet!! Girls were kidnapped from Camps and were never seen again! Their sin, they are born Hindus and the Hindu leadership is spineless, Gutless and is too self centered around themselves and people of their own ilk.

Infact, almost all the KP’s born after 1989 have a problem in voting. Where will all the votes go?? Where will all the 450, 000 votes go?? Where will all the Kashmiri Hindu votes go??

All the Kashmiri Hindus got is NOTHING. Nothing from Congress, Nothing from BJP and now, their land is permanently taken away from them for free!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, THIS IS HISTORY IN MAKING! I used to wonder how come everyone looted India, how come Babur’s men build a Mosque on our Ram lala’s Mandir? IT WAS LIKE THIS!!!

How come 15 % of Hindus in Pakistan and 30% in Bangladesh vanish, it is LIKE THIS!!!

How come Andhra Pradesh is rapidly becoming Christian? it is LIKE THIS! ALL OF US ARE WITNESSING HISTORY IN MAKING.

Don’t blame the people, its the leaders. We simply do not have leaders of caliber, who can impress the common Hindu to take up the issues. A leader who can win the trust of Hindus.

I smell similar circumstances as in 1857! Revolt from the Common man is imminent.

And, I will not be a mute or a mere spectator.

Gurunath Prakash