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Re-settlement of Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir

Posted in india, JAMMU & KASHMIR, kashmir by Sandeep on June 20, 2014

With- Narendra bhai Modi-becoming the Prime Minister of India, suddenly Kashmiri Pandit’s hopes to re-claim their Homeland has risen sharply. The optimism shown by the BJP’s leadership to rehabilitate KP’s in the valley with full honor and dignity, has opened a new chapter for the exiled community. The possible return to their land looks realistic for the first time. KP’s unanimously welcome this decision. After almost 25 years, suddenly the smell of their land has intensified their urge to go back to their roots. The tall Mountains of the valley, it seems are beckoning the KP’s to come back. The echoes of their vibrant past are still resonating in the womb of the valley. So are the memories of the gory incidents that made way for their forced-exodus.

Kashmiri Pandits did not left the valley because of better future viz-a-viz professional career or better Business opportunities, but out of the fear of Death that came in the form of the bullets from the guns of Terrorists. They left the valley to safeguard the honor and dignity of their women-folk. They left because the then Chief-Minister of J&k- Mr.Farooq Abdullah abdicated his duties and gave a free hand to the Pakistani-backed Militants. And most of the KP’s who left in early 1990 had never thought that they won’t be able to come back even after 24 years!

It has been a total failure on the part of congress(i), National conference and PDP to rehabilitate KP’s back to the land of their ancestors. Because KP’s don’t form a substantial vote-bank does not mean that the Kashmir-centric political parties keep on exploiting KP’s just to keep their vote bank happy.

It is an irony that in spite of a population of more than 4 lakh(estimate population of KP’s is between 4-7lakh) their vote-power can not assure even a single Legislative assembly seat. Such is the deliberate design of the assembly and lok sabha constituencies in J&K. The population of the Ladakh region is less than the population of KP’s but still one M.P(Member of parliament) seat is assured from that area.

Few days back , a news appeared in some newspapers that the GOI is mulling of settling KP’s in three townships (in Anantnag, Srinagar and baramullah). The intended tri-colonies will only trifurcate the community. The infamous 7 exoduses of Kashmir should be taken into consideration before any decision on the return and rehabilitation is considered. The leaders of the community should be heard. The leaders who have any affiliation to the valley-centric political parties should be ignored as they will only push the agenda of their respective parties. Even the leaders affiliated to congress(i) should be given a cold-shoulder as none of the kashmiri pundits support them, and a majority of the KP’s feel cheated by this party.

If the news of the return is true, then May I ask with all the humility that Why should KP’s be settled in 3 townships instead of a single concentrated township. The strength and confidence of KP’s will increase tremendously if they are re-settled in a single township, instead of three. Only those who oppose covertly  the return of KP’s into the valley are suggesting with the quixotic plans, and using flowery phrases like Kashmiriyat.

With the so-called-kashmiriyat becoming a cliché, a bedizen, KP no longer believe in this adjective/synonym for secularism. The demagogues of Kashmir know it too well that the actions of 1990 by terrorists and an eerie silence by the majority at that time, will not let KP’s return and live in the valley, as they once used to. Hence the trite Kashmiriyat is repeated by the politicians of Kashmir just to discourage the pundits to re-claim their lost lands and usurp their lands and properties. To counter this, Again, there is one solution. Rehabilitate all KP’s in one area.

Time has proved that the valley based political parties have used “Religion” as a tool to polarize the Kashmiri-Society. With Muslims forming the majority of the population, they will repeat the time-tested policy of marginalizing the pundits in every possible way. This invidious distinction between the two communities have been executed by the Political parties/Monarchs of Kashmir both tacitly as well as blatantly, depending upon the time since last 8-9 hundred years. The 7 exoduses of the kashmiri pundits are the result of such policies that were followed by the ruling class of Kashmir, as KP’s were bereft of any political power. Political empowerment of KP’s is the solution to arrest such happenings in future.

The last exodus(1990-till date) should hopefully be the last one for the KP’s. Just to be sure, that history of their exodus is not repeated, they need to be re-settled at one place and given political power as well. Let GOI too follow an old adage – “united we stand, divided we fall”. Let them make KP’s united forever in the land of their ancestors-Kashmir. Instead of dividing KP’s, Let GOI give our community a collective voice. And a secured future.

Amarnath land row,nationalism and kashmiri pandits

Posted in Uncategorized by Sandeep on July 1, 2008

This is a copy of letter sent by Mr.Gurunath prakash to panun kashmir youth front:

“Viparetha kale, Viparetha buddhi” . Mahabharatam war was started for a mere piece of land. History repeats…..

The issue of “Land for Amarnath Yatra’s Yatris” has been used by Muslim separatist forces as a referendum for a separate Kashmir. All the Kashmiri Political parties in turn who represent the people of Kashmir have made a statement that they are on the verge of attaining their own Country or they have one.

PDP, NC, Congress and ISI have been smart but the smartest is Omar Abdullah, who has used the words Kashmir and Jammu for Muslims and Hindus. That has a lot of significance.

If land is allotted, it will hurt the Kashmiri pride and Kashmiriat! Where is Omar from? From the Womb of an English Nurse! Where did the Kashmiriat go then? Most of the Hurriayat leaders(they must be eliminated) have American or European wifes interestingly! Wonder, if one has to separate from their husbands or divorce or be a Widow like Indira, Sonia and Mahabooba to be in power!!

Is Land to Amarnathji a big deal? Oh! Yeah, its a big deal. So, says most Kashmiri leaders.

Commies have no reaction. Regional Parties are non committal and are worried about their votes . People who made it a huge cry on Raj Thackeray are silent on this very important issue.

BJP is making feeble noises and all the “peace time torch bearers of Hindu and Peace ” are silent. Whatever protests one has seen in Jammu, by the Hindus are spontaneous, its all local leadership. It is sad that Hindu movement has become leadership less and has no Central command.

Can you beat it, we are funding all those Kashmiri leaders to bash us(Hindus) at will? Their tourism money is from Hindu pockets? Where does all the money from Amarnath Yatra go?

On an average, Rs 45,000 INR is doled out to each family in Kashmiri Muslim from the Center. Now, what do the Kashmiri Pundits gets???? Nothing, in fact they are looted, forced into prostitution, gang raped, left to beg , as one KP has put it, “Wish I was born as a dog”!! All that they got was tears, heart attacks and loads of humiliation. Why this indifference?? At the time of partition, all the Hindus mostly Punjabis were welcome , land grants, business grants, home grants etc were doled out!!( at that time, there was humanity, Nationalism ). But for KP , there is nothing even after close to 20 years. They are simply put up in different places, marrying or live-in with every and sundry to make two ends meet!! Girls were kidnapped from Camps and were never seen again! Their sin, they are born Hindus and the Hindu leadership is spineless, Gutless and is too self centered around themselves and people of their own ilk.

Infact, almost all the KP’s born after 1989 have a problem in voting. Where will all the votes go?? Where will all the 450, 000 votes go?? Where will all the Kashmiri Hindu votes go??

All the Kashmiri Hindus got is NOTHING. Nothing from Congress, Nothing from BJP and now, their land is permanently taken away from them for free!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, THIS IS HISTORY IN MAKING! I used to wonder how come everyone looted India, how come Babur’s men build a Mosque on our Ram lala’s Mandir? IT WAS LIKE THIS!!!

How come 15 % of Hindus in Pakistan and 30% in Bangladesh vanish, it is LIKE THIS!!!

How come Andhra Pradesh is rapidly becoming Christian? it is LIKE THIS! ALL OF US ARE WITNESSING HISTORY IN MAKING.

Don’t blame the people, its the leaders. We simply do not have leaders of caliber, who can impress the common Hindu to take up the issues. A leader who can win the trust of Hindus.

I smell similar circumstances as in 1857! Revolt from the Common man is imminent.

And, I will not be a mute or a mere spectator.

Gurunath Prakash