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Dhyaneshwar yatra as I remember

Dhyaneshwar Mahadev as I remember.. I have been to Dhyaneshwar Mahadev once in 1987-88.I had gone there with my Father, Brother, Grandmother and a very close friend-Sunil.We took a bus from Srinagar to Bandipura, from there, we traveled to the base of the Mountain, where the Holy shrine is situated. I don,t remember all the […]

The I-I (philosophy)

In Yog vashist, an allegorical anecdote is repeated ‘N’ times… A witness witnesses a crow sitting on a coconut tree.As soon as the crow flew , a coconut fell down on the earth.The witness wrongfully co-relates that because the crow flew from the tree; a coconut fell down. In reality, if the crow hadn’t flew, […]

The Mystic Chakra of Sharika Mata (Tripuasundari) at Hari Parbhat

“Hari Parbhat” also known as “Sharika peeth” is one of the most holiest sacred Place for the Hindus of Kashmir. Legend says that at this Place, Goddess Sharika killed the demon “Jalodbhava”. The Goddess in the form of “Haer”(Myna) at the behest of her devotees dropped a Pebble from above on Jalodbhava. The pebble became […]


Once Jabbar Khan, the Afgan Governor , continuing the Islamic-proselytism and hegemony,  banned the Kashmiri-Pandits from celebrating “Shiv-ratri” on the usual day(normally feb-March). KP’s believed that Rain and Snow will definitely accompany “Hearath” .To break their faith in the myth accompanying “Hearath”, He ordered that  Shivratri should be celebrated instead in June-july. Distressly, KP’s were […]

Sharda script-the old language of Kashmir

Sharda is an old, now, almost distinct language that was once, used by the intelligentsia of Kashmir.Today, only a handful of people are left who know this language.Listed in the photograph,are the alphabets of this old script.This script was shared by a Friend on facebook, hence I am not sure about the source/author.

Upayas(means) in Trikha Philosophy(Kashmir Shaivism)

The upayas(means to get Grace/state of shiva) given in Kashmir Shaivism are as follows: 1Anupaya(No means) 2.Sambhavopaya (supreme means) 3.Saktopaya(medium means) 4.Anavopaya(inferior means) Anupaya: Anupaya actually means no-means.It can also be termed as The negation of all means . Abhinav Gupta has interpreted this in two ways. He opines that the Self, that already exists […]

The Thirty Six Elements(Kashmir Shaivism)and 24 elements of Advaith vedanta

There are 36 elements according to Kashmir Shaivism unlike the 24 elements which the vedantis acknowledge. 1.Panch Maahaabutaas-five Gross elements 1.Prithvi(Earth) 2.Jaala(water) 3.Tejas/agni(fire) 4.Vaayu(air) 5.Akasha(ether) 2.Panch Tanmatras-Five Subtle elements 1.Gandha(smell) 2.Rasa(taste) 3.Roop(form) 4.sparsha(touch) 5.Shabda(sound) 3.Panch Karmendriyas-(five organs of action) 1.upastha(creation/reproduction) 2.paayu(excretion) 3.paada(foot) 4.pani(hand) 5.vaak(speech) 4.Panch jnanendriyas-(five organs of cognition) 1.Ghraana-(nose, organ of smelling) 2.Rasaana-(Tongue, organ […]

Perverted Patriotism-A dangerous trend.

There are many people in India who idolize Mahatma Gandhi. He is regarded as the Father of India; and his photo is printed on the Indian currency. Some of the leaders around the Globe have openly attributed their non-violent struggle to the teachings of Mahtma Gandhi like Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King. It is […]

Anugraha(Grace)/Shaktipata-Kashmir Shaivism

According to Kashmir Shaivism Anugraha(grace and Shaktipata takes place in nine ways: 1.tivrativra Shaktipata(Super Supreme Grace) One attains the true self, real and true nature completely. The Grace is too strong for the body to resist; one has to give up one’s body(Death).He becomes a Master and elevates the hearts of the deserving disciples invisibly. […]

iconclasts and Idol smugglers of Kashmir

Kashmiri Pandit Sangrash samiti is a body of Kashmiri Pandits who stayed back in Kashmir inspite of the bullets,bombs and bloodshed which has been witnessed in Kashmir valley from the last 20 years. we know in the last 20 years many temples have been desecrated in kashmir, idol smuggling is another feather in the cap […]