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Muslims silent as Pandits fled: Omar Abdullah

Posted in Uncategorized by Sandeep on May 18, 2008

This is what Omar Abdullah said recently:

SRINAGAR: National Conference president Omar Abdullah has accused Muslims of being mute spectators at the time of exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from the Valley in the 1990s.

“It’s so easy to say that we will lay down our lives to bring Kashmiri Pandits back to the Valley and I appreciate the sentiment as I am sure the Kashmiri Pandits reading it will. Pity that sentiment was missing when our mosques were being used to drive these people out,” Omar said in his blog on the official website of his party.

“None of us was willing to stand up and be counted when it mattered. None of us grabbed the mikes (microphones) in the mosques and said ‘this is wrong and the Kashmiri Pandits had every right to continue living in the Valley,” he said.

“Our educated, well-to-do relatives and neighbours were spewing venom 24 hours a day and we were mute spectators either mute in agreement or mute in abject fear but mute none the less.

“And talking about mosques — what a great symbol of mass uprising they proved to be. While I can’t claim to have lived through it I have enough friends who did and they tell me about the early 90’s where attendance was taken in mosques to force people to pray,” Omar wrote.

Questioning the spontaneity of processions taken out in 1990, Omar said people were forced out of their homes to participate in “mass uprisings” against “Indian occupation” and the same enforcement committees went from door to door.

source:times of India


characters of kashmir poltical curry!!!

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An introduction to political characters and people of Kashmir
To understand the complexities of politics in Kashmir, let me introduce to the characters that are important ingredients of Kashmir political curry!!!
Ghulam nabi Azad
He is the present chief minister of J&k. According to sources born on March 7 1949 in Jammu & Kashmir. He is associated with the leading political party of India..Congress(I).
Became chief minister of state by the blessing of congress(I) president Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. Previously held the position of Parliamentary affairs minister under Mr. Man Mohan Singh. Looked by suspicion by both Hindus and Muslims of J&k.

Dr Faroq Abdullah
.He has beam three times chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir .He is the son of Late kashmiri leader Mr. Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah who founded the political party National conference. His political career has always been controversial. His image is that of an opportunist who goes with the wind. He has been accused of patronized known terrorists, including Papa Kishtawari, Nab Azad and Kuka Parray, and allegedly used them to terrorize his political opponents and force people to attend his public meetings. His ultimate aim is believed to become President of India.

Omar Abdullah
Born 10 marches 1970.He is the son of Dr. Faroq Abdullah and president of National conference. He was a minister in Atal Bihari vajpayee’s government. His entry into politics, and becoming the youngest minister in Atal Bihari vajpayee’s government,
Is only because he is the son of Dr Faroq Abdullah.

Mufti Mohammed sayyed
Old fox of Kashmir politics. He was former president of congress(I) in Jammu and Kashmir. He has held various ministerial positions in state and at center. He has been ex-chief minister of J&K with the active support of congress(I).He leads a political party(pdp) People’s democratic party. He was a union home minister under V.P Singh and is widely believed to be a pseudo secular and known enemy of Hindus of Jammu & Kashmir. He is believed to work closely with terrorists from Pakistan.

Mehbooba Mufti
Born 22 may 1959.She is the president of Jammu and Kashmir people’s democratic party and daughter of Mufti Mohammed sayed.She has been actively involved in politics since 1999 and is a member of Parliament from Anantnag contituency,Kashmir. Believed to work in nexus with terrorists as her father.

Mirwaiz Muhammad Omar Farooq
Born 23 march,1973.He is the chairman of all parties’ hurriyat conference. He is a preacher of Islam as was his father mirwiaz maulvi faroq and his grandfather.
He was an active supporter of terrorists but changed his tactics as USA Pressed Pakistan hard to keep a check on terrorists. supports for independent Kashmir.

Yasin Malik
Previously a dreaded terrorist who claimed to have killed scores of Kashmiri Hindus between 1989-1994.He is now a leader of Jammu Kashmir liberation front. A front made by some former terrorists who have admitted of killing the Hindus of Kashmir. Considered to be a threat to humanity. supports for independent Kashmir

Shabir Shah
He is a leader of Jammu Kashmir democratic freedom party. He is an important figure in Kashmir politics. He has spent much of his time in jails. He declined to join the All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) because it would not adopt his more liberal agenda, and chose instead to start a new political party called the Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP).he supports for independent Kashmir.
Syed Ali Shah Geelani
Geelani was a leading figure in the Jamaat-i-Islami, in 1970 and 80’s and has been the dominant leader in the JI during the 1980s and 1990s.He has been active supporter of terrorism and supports Kashmir’s accession with Pakistan and gets huge donations from Pakistan.

Professor Bhim singh
He is the chairman of Jammu & Kashmir national Panthers party. He is the only Hindu leader who floats a political party in Jammu and Kashmir and has Elected members in legislation assembly.

Active since 1989,Backed by Pakistan were largely responsible for violence and Killings. Forced Kashmiri pundits to leave valley. Termed as freedom fighters by Pakistan. Area of specialization is killing, loot and rapes. Used by Pakistan very conveniently and effectively to spread terror in Kashmir. Some terrorists groups are considered to be very closely working with National conference and PDP. presently 90% of terrorists operating in Kashmir are non-Kashmiris..from Afganistan,Pakistan and other Islamic countries.

Indian Army
It is believed that there are around 4- 7lakh Indian armed forces in Kashmir valley to ensure smooth law and order in entire Jammu and Kashmir. There have been many reports of human rights violation by Indian armed forces. However not a single human rights violation has been reported by so called human rights organizations against the atrocities against Kashmiri Hindus who have clearly suffered the most in this whole turmoil.

100% of the Hindus in Jammu and Kashmir support India’s stand on J&K. Since Independence of India, Hindus have been prime target of Ruling Muslim politicians in J&k and kept out of jobs and businesses in one way or other. Suffered more than majority population of state in last 60 years.
Most of the Muslims in J&k stand for anything and everything which is against India. Supported terrorists actively initially and provided terrorists with food, shelter and monetary support. Terrorists were considered as heroes in early 1990’s however this attitude towards terrorists changed when they realized that terrorists don’t have any ethics and are just there to loot, murder and rape…

Most of the ladakh area is high altitude desert and majority population is Buddhists. They are supporters of India and Dalai Lama. Their condition is same as Hindus of J&k…

unwanted people of India

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This is a copy of letter posted by a kashmiri pundit refugee to a local newspaper.This will give you some idea of general conditions of Kashmiri hindus or Kashmiri pundits in Jammu & Kashmir.


Discriminating migrants shameful

Dear Editor,
It is disgusting to find the divisive tactics of government willfully discriminating the exiled community of Kashmiri Pandits (KPs) dubbing them camp migrants and non-camp migrants in their own state.
Not to speak of their selection in any particular section of discipline they are skillfully avoided and rejected in employment cadre for no valid reason.
In the recent allotment of two room sets, the stick of justices has completely been restricted and restrained so to say denied to non camp migrants despite the fact most of them live in miserable condition paying rent for hired rooms from the date they had been displaced, dislodged under political conspiracy and threat perception.
Primarily it looks disgraceful and unconstitutional to treat KPs as migrants instead displaced. KPs are displaced by designs and not by choice.
In the first half of the decade after migration they had to wander from place to place like nomad with old parents, young girls and children to find refuge somewhere and somehow. In the second phase few of the migrants were housed in one room tenements worst than ghettos in Nazi Germany. Now after more than a decade and half few amongst the camp dewellers are made to shift to two room quarters. The government has made them a rolling stone to play a somersault in the state pushed towards identity crisis.
Policy of the Centre has been most pathetic towards rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits. Centre has no plan or intention for their concrete rehabilitation operating hit trial strategy evolving a shift gap arrangement which has made their life most uneasy and disconsolate.
Bolt from blue cannot be more severe than annihilation of birthplace leaving sufferer in perpetual shock. “I remember, remember the house where I was born, the little windows where the sun came peeping in the morning.” Home is where one starts from and unto which one’s ancestors have gone.
Musharraf’s visit to India would have remained incomplete had he not visited his ancestral place and so is the same with Advani. Nawaz Sharief’s desire to see his ancestral place at Shopian can’t be doubted. It is a natural tie and can’t be questioned.
It is most unwise to launch a project without estimating requirement of sets, on need basis which has created mess of camp and non-camp migrants causing bitterness and discomfort among migrants in general.
In upshot it is suggested to make allotment of quarters on need basis on 50:50 basis amongst camp and non-camp migrants, to accelerate the construction of two room sets on war-footing to accommodate all migrants in two room sets, rent allowance for all those migrants residing out side the camp be made operational on
humanitarian grounds Besides, time frame schedule should be evolved to avoid the crisis in allotment of quarters.
-PN Sus,
129, Surya Vihar,
Bohri, Jammu.

source:kashmir times