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unwanted people of India

Posted in Uncategorized by Sandeep on May 5, 2008

This is a copy of letter posted by a kashmiri pundit refugee to a local newspaper.This will give you some idea of general conditions of Kashmiri hindus or Kashmiri pundits in Jammu & Kashmir.


Discriminating migrants shameful

Dear Editor,
It is disgusting to find the divisive tactics of government willfully discriminating the exiled community of Kashmiri Pandits (KPs) dubbing them camp migrants and non-camp migrants in their own state.
Not to speak of their selection in any particular section of discipline they are skillfully avoided and rejected in employment cadre for no valid reason.
In the recent allotment of two room sets, the stick of justices has completely been restricted and restrained so to say denied to non camp migrants despite the fact most of them live in miserable condition paying rent for hired rooms from the date they had been displaced, dislodged under political conspiracy and threat perception.
Primarily it looks disgraceful and unconstitutional to treat KPs as migrants instead displaced. KPs are displaced by designs and not by choice.
In the first half of the decade after migration they had to wander from place to place like nomad with old parents, young girls and children to find refuge somewhere and somehow. In the second phase few of the migrants were housed in one room tenements worst than ghettos in Nazi Germany. Now after more than a decade and half few amongst the camp dewellers are made to shift to two room quarters. The government has made them a rolling stone to play a somersault in the state pushed towards identity crisis.
Policy of the Centre has been most pathetic towards rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits. Centre has no plan or intention for their concrete rehabilitation operating hit trial strategy evolving a shift gap arrangement which has made their life most uneasy and disconsolate.
Bolt from blue cannot be more severe than annihilation of birthplace leaving sufferer in perpetual shock. “I remember, remember the house where I was born, the little windows where the sun came peeping in the morning.” Home is where one starts from and unto which one’s ancestors have gone.
Musharraf’s visit to India would have remained incomplete had he not visited his ancestral place and so is the same with Advani. Nawaz Sharief’s desire to see his ancestral place at Shopian can’t be doubted. It is a natural tie and can’t be questioned.
It is most unwise to launch a project without estimating requirement of sets, on need basis which has created mess of camp and non-camp migrants causing bitterness and discomfort among migrants in general.
In upshot it is suggested to make allotment of quarters on need basis on 50:50 basis amongst camp and non-camp migrants, to accelerate the construction of two room sets on war-footing to accommodate all migrants in two room sets, rent allowance for all those migrants residing out side the camp be made operational on
humanitarian grounds Besides, time frame schedule should be evolved to avoid the crisis in allotment of quarters.
-PN Sus,
129, Surya Vihar,
Bohri, Jammu.

source:kashmir times

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  1. amit said, on May 6, 2008 at 11:45 am

    Kashmiri pandits are refugees in their own country.This must be the first incident in history when section of majority population have become refugees in their own country………….voilence is the only thing which gets attention from indian and foriegn media…Non-voilent ways looks good only in books….

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