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Why Geelani realized late to call pundits back to their villages and towns”

Posted in india, JAMMU & KASHMIR, kashmir, pakistan by Sandeep on July 21, 2012

It was news for Kashmir watchers who have an observant eye as well as to KP Community to see a Fundamental change in the mind set of Hurriyat leaders’ like Ali Shah Geelani and others. There was a necessity to understand the reason behind their utterances, calling and appealing Kashmiri pundits to return to their birth places located in villages and towns of Kashmir valley to live together with Muslim brethren. After slumber they have realized that they were in sleep. We Kashmiri pandits have been knowing since long the Hurriyat chief Ali Shah Geelani was an MLA of J&K Assembly for four consecutive terms wearing the semblance of loyalty towards the constitution of India. After a long time of twenty three years they broke their silence appealing Kashmiri Pandits to return their home valley. We understand that the talk of political parties, separatists, hardliners inviting them back is hogwash. We wonder at a change of their policy of shedding crocodile tears at the happening of brutal Killings, terrorizing Kashmiri pundits of which they were the architect. There surprising behavioral change is all temporary, moonshine, politically motivated and can also be temporary effect of magnanimity shown by some individuals of KP community and group of Kashmiri pundits who met, hand-shaked and embraced them at some religious and other occasions in the valley and also demonstrated their solidatory and sympathy towards the muslim victim families of shopian Kashmir who’s daughters were raped and killed, while fully knowing that not a single word of sympathy and condemnation was uttered as and when KP daughters like Shaheed Girja was raped and chopped for having no fault of her.

We K.Ps still remember their vitriolic speeches, intimidating the minorities, sowing seed of dissension in the otherwise peace loving society, starting campaign of vilification speak in volume of their negative tactics of destruction. We fully understand their duplicity which is the hallmark of their personality. Their lack luster policy of giving vent to their communal ideology and provocative incidents held during the times of Amar Nath land Issue, forcible vacation of non-Kashmiri and pro Indian workers, Laborers and Traders after branding Indian Mukhbirs and agents, were asked to leave the valley within 24 or to face the consequences is an open secrets. All sanner souls, policy maker, icons in the KP community cannot be fooled again and again. We KP’s still recount their provocating speeches which were loaded with hate india virus infused in the blood of Muslim youth, which culminated in the blood bath of innocents and destruction of Kashmir. The saner elements among Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs hold firm opinions that this massacre of humanity was engineered by their favourite country Pakistan on active support of these leaders and their gun yielding youths whose mission was looting, killing and terror. They levy a serious allegation of annihilation of humanity. They are trying to hide their malice mind, but this ostrich like state of denial is no longer sustainable. Kashmiri terrorists to whom they support, shield and proclaim hero’s and jihadis are infact enaged in a Fasaad” which is in Arabic language implies that they are saboteurs of peace. The actual Jihad has special significance and message in Holy “Quran” which finally terminates at the welfare and protection of humanity, and mankind.

In fact at present Kashmiri Muslim community lack recognized broad –visioned wise leadership, who could act as role model for their youth to follow and emulate. Those who are worth are discouraged by leveling false allegations. Those who deserve credit are being harassed and dubbed as Indian agents. Their Indoctrinated youth spread venoms and the moderates among Muslims bear with the offensive language silently. Their silence should not be considered confirmation to the ideology of these leaders. There are also trouble creators among their followers who are bent up on to keep Kashmir cauldron boiling for their vested interest and their acts and utterances have been instrumental in bringing devastation, destruction and bloodshed of innocent people. Their policy of Balkanisation, vivesect the state raising pre-posterous and unviable demands have brought discredit to the Muslim community and also made them doubtful and distanced from peace loving and progressive Indian nation. Therefore, their reputation is on the wane. The peacefull Muslim in general in valley have chosen the path of following silence as they do not digest their policy of poisoning the mind and follow double speak politicians and have also well understood the policy and patience of Kashmiri Pandits who are the main victim of the acts, preaching’s and propaganda of these leaders.

Before calling Pandits back to Kashmir, have Hurriyat Leadership given a thought to the facts whether they are in a commanding position to protect their (KPs) life and property, can they bring back the Hey days of peace, love and tranquility. Can they stop criminal acts of those youths to whom these leaders have infused hate India, hate Hindu virus in their blood. Can they return the land and property to KPs which has been either looted, burnt, encroached, occupied and snatched or sells out under distress sale. Can they restore the confidence, faith and trust of the community which has shattered at the time of mass exodus of KPs and none of their Muslim brethren asked them to stay back or came to their help and rescue. Can they allow KPs to live as per their own will and choice in the valley as free Indian nationalist? Perhaps not but it is sure they would be forced to join their ranks and files, anti Indian movement and other acts which would not be suitable and digestible to the said community.

Every individual has a right to love his country. If anyone dislikes India and prefer Pakistan or any other nation, then why do they suppress their conscious and it would
be to their advantage to shift lock, stock and barrel to their country of choice and not to disturb the peaceful life of common men and disintegrate the nation of peace loving citizens, A wishful thinking is best and a dangerous idea at worst. But at the same time they must also take into the consideration those Muslims who migrated to Pakistan in 1947 are not accepted as Pak citizens and given them Muhajreen status even today. While as Pak born personalities settled in India are running polity of Indian Nation at the top.

K.P’s understand their declaration of inviting Kashmiri pundits to their village and towns is fully loaded with malicious design. They need scape goats to be called as and when needed. They wanted Kashmiri pundits to be used as shield to execute their nefarious designs, the other viable reason for their utterances and invitation is that they have realized the importance of Kashmiri pundits after their mentors in Pakistan have made them understand that their demand for independence or anaxation with Pakistan or self rule or Autonomy can never mature without the participation of Kashmiri Pandits, who practically are a party to so called Kashmir issue. We have been hounded out of our birth land with disrespect and disgrace which is unforgettable, but we have to definitely return to our home valley with all constitutional guarantee and with safety on consolidated piece of “Kashyap land” and have to establish that what they could not achieve with so much loss of life and destruction during twenty three years for which they are themselves responsible.

Kashmiri pundits need not require any body’s sympathy or suggestion for return as they know where lies their interest safety and when is the appropriate time to return to their “Kashyap land”.

We suggest these leaders to apology to all Kashmiri masses for the atrocities inflected to the innocents by the gun yielded youths and goons on the back and support of these leaders, although some people have already shown the magnanimity to forgive and forget them, but majority have not. State and central government have stood behind them by providing concession and healing touches in different ways, forgetting how much nationalist forces suffered as well as destruction and devastation they made. This is an opportune time for them to join national main stream and to show the loyalty towards the nation they live and enjoy. The recent statement of Barrack Obama the president of USA regarding Kashmir is complete message for them.

(This article has been written by Mr. Kundan Kashmiri)

OOPS—Geelani does it again

Posted in hindus, india, JAMMU & KASHMIR, kashmir by Sandeep on July 4, 2012

OOPS—-Geelani does it again
Syed Ali shah-the octogenarian separatist leader (with a heavy tilt towards Pakistan) knows exactly how to remain in news. Time and again, It has been proved that his political ideology is based on heavy dose of communalism. Over the years, he has mastered the art of exploiting religious beliefs of the common kashmiri Muslims .His rantings like his character have changed from time to time, First he had passionately persued the idea of merger of Kashmir with Pakistan and when he saw that the majority of people found his idea repelling, he immediately retracted like a true demagogue.
All the separatists are having a lean period from last two seasons, 2011 as well as this year till today, the people of Kashmir have totally rejected them leading to frustration among the separatists. They are trying every trick in their sleeve to galvanize the public to create the state of chaos and uncertainty.
Amarnath Yatra began in the last week of June and suddenly,all the rabble rousers become active , they know that exploiting this yatra has in the past yielded desired results for them .In 2010, S.A.S. Geelani had blatantly accused the Government of India of conspiracy.he had told his followers that G.O.I is planning to settle the ex-army men at the 100 acre baltal base. He had also accused the govt. of changing the demography of Kashmir by stealthily settling the non-state subjects in Kashmir.
The unfortunate fire at the revered Dastgeer sahib was mourned by all irrespective of the Religions. There are rumors that the inferno at the Shrine was not accidental . The Govt. says that the fire was the result of electrical short circuit. The separatists saw this as their chance to “30 minutes of fame” and tried to exploit the feeling of people. They were successful but “Alas”, It only backfired. Shabir Shah’s face was blackened. Some said even SAS Geelani was also heckled.
All this has happened with the separatist leaders because of the huge tourist influx in Kashmir. Tourism Industry had never been better than this season ,the Taxi Driver, The shikara walla, the guide, The Hotel owners, The shopkeepers and a common Kashmiri are happy because tourists is a synonym of prosperity for a common man. The common Kashmiri ,this season opened the doors of their homes to the tourists as there was a severe dearth of accommodation. The common man knows that if this trend continues , he, his family and Kashmir will prosper by leaps and bounds. Hence a common Kashmiri has given a cold shoulder to the separatists.
To be in news is the bread and butter of the separatists and Kashmiri Pandits, the vulnerable ousted indigenous community could serve the purpose of the separatists especially for S.A.S Geelani.
From past 6-7 years, Govt. has been planning to re-locate the Kashmiri Pandits to Kashmir. The prime factor that has deterred the return of KP’s to Kashmir is their security. The GOI knows this fact and hence GOI and the successive govts. Of National conference and PDP had come up with the idea of making condominiums for the KP’s to instill the idea of security in them. Some flats were made at Budgam district and even some Pandits started living in these flats. But by and large this idea has so far proved to be a fiasco.
Since the inception of this project, SAS Geelani had opposed this move, But never did he uttered in the past that GOI is settling RSS agents in these camps .The fact is, he actually never wants the Pandits to come back to their homeland. His figment of imagination has not even left the MOSSAD-the Israeli intelligence .He has deliberately used the names of RSS and MOSSAD. He wants to convey to the common Kashmiri that RSS or the idea of Hindutva will weaken them ,and linking RSS with the return of Kashmiri Pandits is a way of suggesting that RSS and Kashmiri pundits are one and the same. Linking MOSSAD with the return of Kashmiri Pandits is his way of suggesting that Israel is also a part of this K.P project and hence it become the duty of every devout Muslim to oppose Israel-the known enemy of muslims .
It is very difficult to say whether he is having prophetic dreams, day dreaming because if insomnia, or whether ISI and his handlers across the border are giving him these suggestions, But one thing is sure-he has a phobia—doctors call it xenophobia —I call it KP Phobia….