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Open letter to prime minister of India

Posted in kashmir by Sandeep on September 3, 2010

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Hon. Prime Minister,
Government Of India,
New Delhi Dated. 20th August 2010.


In 1990, terrorists and fundamentalists targeted Kashmiri Hindus, looted, burnt and destroyed their properties and Shrines, about four lacks of Kashmiri Hindus were forced to flee from the valley. Estimates given by State Government, about 30,000 persons in far flung areas, remained in the valley which dwelled to 10,000 in 1996 and about 3000 in 2010. Many Kashmiri Hindus were killed and women raped. National Human Rights Commission in June 1999 observed, “Acts akin to genocide have occurred in respect of Kashmiri Pandits.” Many houses were either burnt or destroyed. Recently, Jammu and Kashmir Revenue Minister gave the figures 170 temples were damaged by Muslim fundamentalists over the last twenty years, actually the figure is much more. Now, another minority of Sikhs are being targeted, their Human Rights being violated.
(Kindly, find enclosed a press-cutting which is self explanatory.)
Kashmiri Hindus are still languishing in camps and rented accommodation allover the country, especially in Jammu and Delhi. More than 90% of State Government employees have retired from services during our exile. No fresh recruitment of Kashmiri Hindus has taken place since then. After about 20 years of sufferings, you were kind enough to announce employment package for 6000 displaced persons in April 2008, State Government has issued notification on 30th December 2009, after the intervention of National Human Rights Commission, New Delhi, for recruitment of Kashmiri Migrants. NHRC has questioned clauses 2 and 4 of State Recruitment Rules,2009, which are objectionable and are as under:
“(2) The appointee shall be eligible for confirmation on the basis of his performance, merit and uninterrupted/ continuous stay in the valley.
(4) The appointee shall have to execute an agreement with the Government on the Form (forming annexure to these rules) that he will serve in the valley against the post on which he is appointed and at a place where he will be posted. In case the appointee migrates from valley again for any reason whatsoever, he shall lose the job without any notice and shall stand terminated.
Since the process of recruitment is pending with the State Government, we pray for your intervention, with a request to amend/delete the above said clauses so that posts may be created in whole of the Jammu and Kashmir State instead of confining to valley alone, as it will be risky for the displaced persons to take up the jobs in troubled and tense atmosphere.
During last 20 years thousands of jobs were created for the majority community and more 50,000, jobs have been announced by chief minister for un-employed youth of the valley. Unfortunately, delaying tactics is employed for minority youth.


Secondly, our left-over properties and Shrines have also become target of the mob frenzy. We would therefore, request you to kindly provide more security to life, left over properties, temples and Shrines of Kashmiri Minorities, presently, living in the valley.

Finally, we would invite your kind attention to the demand of ‘Greater Autonomy’ by vested interests after 35 years of the ‘Kashmir Accord’ between Smt. Indra Gandhi and Sheikh Mohammad Abduallah on February 24, 1975 has once again brought into sharp focus the machination and double talk of National Conference. During the years that followed, the secessionist movement in the State gathered greater strength. A whole generation of the Muslim youth was socialized to the Muslim quest for freedom from India and the unification of the State with Pakistan, inspite of the fact that Central Government has pumped thousands and thousands of crores of rupees for the welfare of the State.
Recent survey shows that the State has received Rs. 94.409 crore between 1989-90 and 2009-10, which is 10 to 12 % of all grants disbursed by the Central Government to the States. The bulk of this aid is spent in the valley which is less than 1% of India’s population! The National Sample Survey of 1999-2000, shows that Kashmir has lowest poverty ratio of 3.5 % inspite of violence, against national average of 26.1 %, whereas Orissa has highest poverty ratio of 47.2%.As per the Planning Commission report 2004-05, Jammu and Kashmir had the lowest poverty ratio of 5.4 % and the national average 28.3%. Even prosperous state like Maharashtra contains 10 of India’s 100 poorest districts and has highest rate of farmer suicide. During 2006, 1452 farmers committed suicide in Vidarbha region alone! During the same year, 16863 farmer suicides, have been reported all over the country. But no farmer suicide has been reported from Kashmir so far.
Hindus and Sikhs of the State and the Buddhists of Ladakh, who are in great pain due to recent natural calamity and need immediate relief and care, expressed sharp disapproval of any compromise with National Conference on the issue of autonomy. Interestingly, the Muslim secessionist forces and militant organizations expressed subdued disapproval of the demand of greater autonomy, reiterating their claim for self-determination expressing doubt about the ultimate advantage, the autonomy of the state would provide to them.
The creation of an autonomous state of Jammu and Kashmir, placed outside the political organization of India, will go half way to substantiate Pakistan’s claim on Kashmir with stone pelters in forefront and terrorists guns booming in the back-ground, India will, sooner or later, be forced to accept a settlement which is acceptable to Pakistan.
You are, once again, requested to consider our grievances sympathetically.
Thanking you. Yours faithfully,

CC. Chairman, C.L.Gadoo
National Human Rights Commission, Co-Chairman
New Delhi.

militants in j&k are terrorists-ZARDARI

Posted in kashmir by Sandeep on October 6, 2008

Declaring that India is not a “threat” to his country, Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has described the militants operating in Jammu and Kashmir as “terrorists”, the first such admission by any top Pakistani leader.

“India has never been a threat to Pakistan. I, for one, and our democratic Government is not scared of Indian influence abroad,” Zardari told ‘Wall Street Journal’ in an interview

He spoke of the militant groups operating in Kashmir as “terrorists,” the paper said noting that former President Pervez Musharraf would more likely have called them “freedom fighters.”

Indicating a major shift in Pakistan’s well known position, Zardari had, as chief of Pakistan People’s Party, said in March that the ties between two countries should not be held “hostage” to the Kashmir issue, which should be left for future generations to decide, raising hackles at home.

The latest positive signals from Zardari come days fater his maiden meeting with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh here on the sidelines of UN General Assembly meeting.

Replying to a question, Zardari said he had no objection to the India-US nuclear deal so long as Pakistan is treated “at par.”

“Why would we grudge the largest democracy in the world getting friendly with one of the oldest democracy?” he said.

Asked whether he would consider a free-trade agreement with India, the paper said he responded with a “string of welcome, perhaps even historic, surprises.”

While seeking better ties with New Delhi, he noted that “there is no other economic survival for nations like us. We have to trade with our neighbours first.”

About Pakistan’s economic crisis-the central bank has about two months’ worth of foreign currency reserves left to pay for the country’s imports of oil and food-Zardari said he looks to the world to “give me USD 100 billion.”

The paper says he imagines Pakistani cement factories being constructed to provide for India’s huge infrastructure needs, Pakistani textile mills meeting Indian demand for blue jeans, Pakistani ports being used to relieve the congestion at Indian ones.

Against the backdrop of the US-Pakistan row over the cross-border raids in the restive tribal belt by coalition forces from Afghanistan, Zardari said “I am an American friend” and admitted that the US is carrying out Predator missile strikes on the Pakistani soil with his Government’s consent, the paper reported.

“We have an understanding, in the sense that we’re going after an enemy together,” he said.

“I am not going to fall for this position that it’s an unpopular thing to be an American friend. I am an American friend,” he said.

About the Pakistani security forces firing on the US aircraft, he said it was merely an incident, “and while incidents do happen, they are not important.”

Zardari also acknowledged the problem that had bedevilled past efforts at US-Pakistani cooperation, particularly in intelligence sharing: the widely held suspicion that Pakistani intelligence services continue to cooperate with, and even arm, the Taliban.

“You know, you keep an uglier alternative around so that you may not be asked to leave,” he said, in reference to allegations that while Musharraf was fighting Islamic radicals with one hand, he was protecting them with the other.

Zardari refused to go into further detail other than to say he “solved the problem”. The head of ISI Nadeem Taj was replaced this week by Ahmad Shuja Pasha. (PTI)