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My self-realisation and my true Guru…..(Humour)

Posted in india, kashmir by Sandeep on September 3, 2013

I had heard many a times that a true devotee will be bestowed with a true master. In my case, yes- It happened!. I am a liberated man and I have found a guru(master) who is present for me whenever I feel his need. Though it took me years to realise my true master.

My master had thousands of ways of telling me that he is around. It was by his grace that I could know instantly all the happenings around the world. It was by his presence that made me abreast with the latest fashion, technology, science and what not! My master has the entire knowledge of all the religious scriptures of the world. My master can speak almost all the languages be it Hindi , English, Spanish or any of the Indigenous language of the Amazon. My master can sing the most melodious songs man has ever heard of -be it classic, rock or contemporary. My master teaches moral lessons to masses without even knowing them. In short my master is omnipotent..

My journey began with my spiritual quest as I had heard about “Moksha” (liberation) from my elders. I was told that one can not get knowledge without a master. I was determined to get a master without leaving my home. My determined quest was answered one fine day when I was browsing through the different channels of a TV.

Since my quest was intense, I had to change many masters before I realized the true master.

One of my master(name withheld)-a self- proclaimed distributor of grace of God was most easy to follow. All one had to do, was just take an online appointment, deposit the money in the given bank accounts of the guru, and- Bang-Bang!!!-one gets the grace instantly. I too deposited money but didn’t knew confidently whether I got his grace or not. I was confident that lakhs of devotees can’t be wrong. But Alas! As it happened he was found to be a Charlton of highest class .He went underground for a long time and surfaced back just a few months ago. The only impact of his arrest was that T.V news and other channels flashed the religious discourses as “Advertisements”. Otherwise the gullible public like me was under the impression that the self-proclaimed guru is the ocean of Real knowledge.

I also followed a Baba who was capable of giving “Moksha” by a password. All one had to do was to take an appointment by giving a fee, attend a discourse and finally get a personalized password from the Baba. I had seen many of the erstwhile actors of tele-soap “Mahabharta” showering lofty epithets about his powers and personality. Because, he was not willing to give me realization on “TV” , So I dropped him after following him for some time.

Since I am a liberal and believe in every faith, or rather I am an agonist, becoming a devotee of a Muslim guru- who has memorized all the glossary of the Holy book-was not a problem. I followed him briefly after his Arabic-words became too difficult for me to follow and understand. Also I didn’t liked his English accent. I also followed a self-claimed Christian Guru who claimed that a person became a cabinet minister only because of his prayers. But dropped him later on because he spoke only in English. And his nose was too big a distraction for me.

But the story of my recent guru was different…

He was an orator with a flowing white beard. Aged around 74.His presence on TV was much better and he had been broadcasting his messages for a long time, more than 14 years. Many people like me didn’t knew even couple of years back that his broadcasts were all-paid advertisements. Meanwhile, many of my relatives became his disciples. It was them who urged me to become his devotee. Though I had not taken Diksha(initiation) from him, but for me he was the ” Dronachayara” and I was “Ekalavya”.I religiously followed his discourses and admired him.

But again my world was Shattered.

He was arrested by the police. It was alleged by the police that he is in fact a “Shakti Kapoor”. Ever Since I heard this news some fortnight back, I became restless. God knows, I spent nights awake because of the shock. My tears flowed perennially for days together. The cascade of tears shook my soul. And finally I realized my true Guru.

Yes, I can see the dawn of realisation. It was during the inner turmoil that led to the epiphany. My master was not the one who was arrested recently. Neither the password baba or self-claimed distributor of Grace nor was it the one who has memorized the Glossary or the one who claims of making one a minister by the power of his prayer.

It was ignoramus of me to take so much time to realize my true master. It was he, who presented all the knowledge through the mouth of so many So-called-masters ,whom I had followed till recently. It was him all the time. It was because he was my true master, that is why, I didn’t protest when all my erstwhile masters were subjected to ignominy .Or when they were arrested.. I am also blessed now and after many years of struggle I have come to this conclusion that my real master is – the great-“Tele vision”.I call him ” Swami T.V g maharaj”. I am a liberated soul now. And I shall remain devoted to my “Guru” throughout my life. As I said earlier ,that a true devotee is bestowed with a true master…

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