BJP’S tactics and idealogy!

Without any doubt, the “Modi- juggernaut” marauded the opponents, and single-handedly catapulted “BJP” to numero-uno among all the political parties of India. For the first time it got absolute majority on its own.

But J&K is different. It has always been so.

With Muslims constituting around 70% of the total population of J&K, and keeping in mind that Islam and politics are intertwined in Muslim World, it is but obvious, that those political parties that will pitch the Islam-rhetoric, though subtly will garner maximum number of Muslim votes. And Kashmir-based mainstream political parties know this well, that is why PDP MLA Peerzada Mansoor, in a rally attended by Muslims, said that only a Muslim can become the chief minister of J&K.

It has always been a battle of Muslim hegemony against Hindu-minorities in the state of J&K. Even the mainstream political parties like NC and PDP have been playing the Muslim-card not only to woo Muslim voters but also tacitly show their supporters, their will and power to subdue Hindus Politically.

The J&k mainstream political parties have been like this since their inception, and it is unlikely that they will change in the future.

But what about BJP! Are they perusing what they had been projecting all along! The answer is a big “NO”. Though most Hindus in J&K are the ardent supporters of BJP and it looks like, they will get around 80% of the Jammu seats, But I fear they may not do so well in Kashmir Valley. Garnering more seats in Kashmir may be good for the party, but, at no cost, should they compromise on their ideology.

Abrogation of article 370 has always been projected by BJP to their supporters as a top most priority , It is a bit disappointing to see that they  have fielded candidates , who have vocally opposed the abrogation of this act, like Dr. Hina Bhat from Amira kadal constituency.She had brazenly spoken against the abrogation of article 370 by saying that she will  pick up a gun if Article 370 is abrogated. It is confusing for the voters to ascertain whether BJP is sticking to its plan to abrogate article 370 or not!! With one phase already over, it is intriguing to see that BJP has not yet come out with their election manifesto.

Also the inclusion of the known sympathizers of Separatists like Engineer Rashid and Sajjad lone has not given good vibes to their traditional vote bank.

Many intellectuals are of the view that it was BJP, that gave birth to PDP when they were in power in center. To end the supremacy of the NC, It is opined by some that BJP created another party(PDP), that was more communal than NC, just to split the muslim votes. These very intellectuals are of the view that the bonhomie between BJP and  Separatist-sympathizers like Engineer Rashid and Sajjad lone, is in continuation of their policy to scatter more conservative Muslim votes and thereby weaken all the Muslim-dependant political parties.

It is also opined that BJP is focusing more on Shias and theMuslim- Gurjars of J&K. The shias constitute  20% of the Muslim –world-Population. But in J&k they are not more than 10% of the total population of Kashmir valley, whereas, The Muslim-Gurjars constitute around 20% of the total population of J&K. Both Shias and the Gurjars have been marginalized by the Kashmir-Based-politicians and have been treated as second-hand citizens since many centuries.

These two groups will prove to be the Kingmakers of the J&K elections. Focusing on these two groups will give BJP their first ever legislative assembly seat in Kashmir. With more that 70% voting in the first phase of elections, the voting trend is a precursor that the voting %age will surpass that of 2008- statistics .It looks like that, BJP will benefit, as people have voted against the ruling coalition of NC-Congress(i). It will be the PDP and BJP that will benefit for the huge turnout of the voting.

With Election-pundits predicting more than 30 seats in J&K, BJP may this time emerge as the single largest party of J&K and may form its government for the first time, On their own or with the support of one of the mainstream Kashmir-based political party. Whatever they do, they must retain their core ideology…

By-vinod kaul



  1. admin
    Posted November 27, 2014 at 5:37 pm | Permalink | Reply

    BJP Releases ‘Vision Document’, Promises to Resettle Kashmiri Pandits
    By PTI Published: 27th November 2014 02:33 PM Last Updated: 27th November 2014 02:36 PM

    JAMMU: Promising to initiate the process of “just and honourable” re-settlement of Kashmiri Pandits, BJP today released its ‘vision document’ aiming to make Jammu and Kashmir a peaceful and progressive state through “holistic” development.

    “Our vision is to make the state of Jammu and Kashmir a peaceful, progressive and developed state of the Union of India through holistic and inclusive development of all the three regions including Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh,” party MP and state in-charge Avinash Rai Khanna told reporters here today while releasing party’s ‘vision document’.

    The party has promised to initiate the process of “just and honourable” re-settlement of the displaced members of the Kashmiri Pandit community in Kashmir valley with security and dignity.

    The BJP said that if voted to power the party would reserve three seats in the state assembly for displaced Kashmiris out of the 46 assembly seats meant for Kashmir valley.

    The party also said that it would reserve five seats for refugees from the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir from the 24 seats kept vacant for the PoK.

    “The party would reserve five seats for POK refugees out of 24 left vacant in the assembly for POK and three for the displaced Kashmiris out of the 46 seats earmarked for the Kashmir valley,” he said.

    Underlining the party’s ‘TIME’ model, he said “Our focus would be on the TIME model in which we would focus on tourism, infrastructure, modernisation, empowerment.”

    In its vision document the party also promises to give 33 per cent reservation to women in the legislative assembly and legislative council.

    He said that after coming to power, the first major work in hand would be to undertake the relief and rehabilitation of the victims of the floods triggered by the unprecedented rainfall during the first week of September.

    “Favoritisms will be curbed and we will ensure justice to all aggrieved individuals and families. Direct cash transfer in the accounts of the affected persons would also ensured,” Khanna said.

    The party refrained from mentioning the much-debated revocation of the Article 370 in its vision document with the BJP leader saying the party had cleared its stand on the issue.

    “We are fighting these elections on the issue of development and on rest of the issues we have made our stand clear,” Khanna said.

    The party stated that it would create a livable condition in exile in Jammu and elsewhere in the state until proper rehabilitation of the displaced members of the Kashmiri Pandit community in the valley.

    The BJP had also said that it would bring reforms in governance, “BJP will ensure corruption-free and people friendly government. We will keep all public authorities out of political influences,” he said.

  2. sanjiv
    Posted November 29, 2014 at 8:17 am | Permalink | Reply

    Bjp will reserve 3 seats for KP,s is a big news.Has it ever happened in the past! Ney.Kudos to Bjp.

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