controversy behind Amarnath yatra

Controversy behind amaranth yatra
Amarnath yatra is considered to be one of the holiest places for Hindus. It is here where a natural and magnificent ice shiv linga is formed. Traditionally the yatra used to last for one month as the basic infrastructure and amenities were lacking. However Mr. S.K. sinha the ex-governor of J&K improved the quality of the yatra by providing various facilities and thereby, It was possible to extend this yatra for two months. SASB (shri amarnathji shrine board) was formed and, the purpose of this board is to provide quality facilities to pilgrims coming from different parts of India.
It was the ruling coalition of congress and PDP, first proposing cabinet decision (No. 94/7 of 2008) for diversion of 39.88 ha land to Shri Amarnath Shrine Board. But elections round the corner in next 3-4 months in J&k, Mufti and his party have politicized the issue of allotting 800 canals (100 acres) of land to SASB.
Senior leader of PDP Muzaffar beig, alleged that it was their helplessness, that they passed this resolution as congress threatened that they will stop the construction of mougal road, which will join Kashmir with their “Muslim brethren” in poonch.The separatist faction of Hurriyat, headed by moulvi umar farooq and syed geelani, who are swore enemies of each other forgot their differences and joined hands together to protest this land deal. The reasons PDP cited were, that hundred of tress will be cut for constructions at baltal. Hurriyat factions alleged that SASB members are non State-subjects and hence aggressors and attackers. National conference was also not far behind with Omar Abdullah saying that this protest is a proof of Kashmir nationalism or patriotism. This mass uprising of Muslims in valley is not a sudden love for environment, but by protesting this land deal they are indirectly protesting Hindus and India. This mass uprising has been termed as an equivalent of 1990 when thousands of kashmiri Hindus were massacred on the name of religion and jihad.
The fact is that in 1998 Dr. Faroq Abdullah acquired 623 canals of forest land at sidra for construction of Muslim migrant colony. Another issue being exploited by the NC-PDP and others is the land in question was forest land (SASB Land) and that could not be transferred….. But what about the Mughal Road? 10,000 trees were cut, 30,000 wild lives were destroyed to construct Mughal Road. Who cleared the cabinet order in this regard? It was Mufti Mohammad Sayeed who as a chief Minister with the support of his Deputy Chief Minister, Mr. Mangat Ram Sharma issued the cabinet order and destroyed forest land and wild life.
So called Indian secularist need to re-think as to what “secular” really means in India?
They also need to think who really are seculars….”Muslims” or “Hindus”. How is allotment of forest land to SASB different from allotment of forest land at sidra and mougal road? who is politicizing religion in J&K? Hindus or Muslims!!!!!!!!!!!!The double standards of Muslim politicians of j&k have once again been clearly exposed by this incident……..



  1. Dr Dipankar Dey
    Posted June 28, 2008 at 3:02 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I really aprreciate the writers view. It is high time that we hindus should take a notice about the double standards being played by congress so called the secular party. One day might come when we ourselves become minorities in our own land. Islam only believes that other then islam alllllllll religion and there followers are simply ” kaphers” . So no doubt how much we love shahrukh khan , salman khan , aamir khan, the fact is that , islamists hardcore people willl aways think us kaphers. So what is the use of this so called ” bahichara”. Make law more clear to define what secular is! and what it really matters when a country’s fututre is at stake !!!!!

  2. Ravi Singh
    Posted August 12, 2008 at 3:08 pm | Permalink | Reply

    It is well know to the whole globe about the muslim religion now. I don’t think there is anything left to think about the Amarnath Land or any other issue related to Muslim Jehad. Exterminate all these dogs and do a mass killing of these traitors from kashmir and then eventually from everywhere else. They will not let any one live in peace until and unless they are there. It’s just not the Amarnath land issue here. It’s about existence, ideologies and above all a right to live with dignity and freedom. The muslims will never let any non-muslims live with respect, dignity and peace. As rightly said, they consider all the non-muslims as Kafirs. They cry hue about secularism. See the atocities done on Kashmiri Pundits, the girls raped, males killed like dogs and all the non-muslims being driven away from the valley. Can anyone return all the pains and suffering by talking peace with these pigs? See the non-muslim population in other muslim countries especially Hindus. The non-hindu especially Hindus have decreased drastically and now on the verge of complete extinction. That is what is really needed to do now in India for muslim population. Let the world know that we are not cowards and we too can shed our bloog to restore our dignity, respect and identity.

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