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The legend of Ksheer Bhawani-Tulumulla


Ksheer Bhawani temple situated at Tullamulla,in the Ganderbal District, is an important shrine.The temple is associated with the Hindu Goddess ,Ragyna Devi.An Annual festival is held here on Jest-Ashtami(May-Jun) when Hindus visit this place in large numbers.Pilgrims also throng on every Shukla-Paksh Ashtami(eight day of waxing moon) round the year and perform havans to please the Mother.
The historic temple of Ksheer Bhawani was built by Maharaja Pratap Singh in 1912 and later renovated by Maharaja Hari singh. Surrounded by streams, the place abounds in Chinar Trees in-and-around the compound complex, within which is a Hexagonal spring, wherein the Diety of Goddess Ragyna is decorated and housed in a small White marble temple.
The legend goes that Ravana worshiped Mother Ragyna, who showered her blessings on his Kingdom. The goddess thus resided in Srilanka. Later on due to Ravanas misdeeds, the Goddess cursed him and ordered Hanumanji to take her to “Satisar”(Kashmir).A place cut off from the outside world by snow-clad Mountains.The Mother on her vehicle along with 360 Nagas, was installed at Tulumullah. Exclusively preferring Milk, sugar and all vegetarian form of offering,The Mother is worshiped by the name of “Maha Ragyna”.

The abode of the Mata Maha Ragyna is mystic spring.This mystic is only one, and one in four of the world, where numerous Nagraj and their Ashtakul-Nag Devas reside. Sh.Ganapati, Bhimraj and Kumar reside at the door of Amrit-Kund.In the middle of Amrit-Kund, towards East resides Astanag Devas namely Vasukinag, Neel Nagraj, Takshak Nagraj,Padbnagraj, Maha Padam Nagraj etc. In the center of the Amritkund, Anant Nagraj resides which is surrounded by one thousand crore Nagas having two thousand eyes and two thousand tongues.Mata Maha Ragyna is seated on this Anant Nagraj on the one thousand petalled Rose.The temple in Amrit Kund is a divine invitation to all the devotees to see how Para-Prakrati Functions.It is vivid(intriguing) that the colour of the spring changes, serving as an oblique Omen, about what is going to happen in near future.The pink, Milky, light Green colour of the spring suggests the Auspicious Omen, and the Black, dark Red indicates the wrong and inauspicious Signals.
Tulmulla Nag, where the Mata Maha Ragyna resides, in the form of Jal-Rupi(water-form), having the form of water or Serpent has allegorical meanings.The surrounding water of Island is the Ocean of infinite life energy full of dormant potentialities Which spread unfold, expand and transport into tangible reality,The Goddess under the Canopy is the precious stone that grants all desire.
As late as 1844, People used to cross the marshes by walking over Reeds growing in the Sump.The legend has it, that the curiosity about the spring spread further, when the learned Brahmin, Sh. Govindjoo Gadoo had a vision of the Goddess, who manifested herself as a serpent.The devotee Brahmin carried a vessel of Milk, arranged a Boat, rowed through the marshes of Tulumulla and upon reaching the sacred spot to which the Serpent/Spring Goddess had led him, slowly poured out the Milk.

Supreme Mother Ragyna is variably  “Maha Ragyna”. The word “Ragyna” means the divinity of establishing, preservation and protection of manifested world. She is the most adorable Mother, who brings forth the entire Universe. She keeps the cycle of life in the process through different tires of consciousness, known as “citta-agni-kunda-sambhuta”, which refers to the consciousness aspect. She accepts no trace of ignorance. She is the vaishnavi sprit, always in the tune with her consort adored as “thousand faced-Bhuteshwara”.
As we know the Vedas, tantras and Sutras are the rare source of knowledge of the supreme reality, which on the practical realization give true solace and eternal joy.Among the paths, suggested by the sutras for realization of the truth, sufficient importance has been laid on the path of Devotion.The sincere, clear and true devotion lies in the sense of Motherhood, which is an undeniable fact.Supreme power therefore is approached and worshiped  as mother.The mother is thus the supreme reality, supreme love,supreme beauty. Realization of this truth supreme sublime and divine as Mother is the final beautitute  of life.
Ksheer Bhawani is eulogised as the Goddess of learning and Knowledge on the mundane level and Goddess of wisdom and enlightment on the spritual level.She values education and grants blessing for various examinations to all her Devotees.It is said that all the leading saints have undergone penance “Sadhna”, in the Ksheer Bhawani complex, and got the spiritual  Bliss at this Place.



visit to my Homeland…Kashmir

After so many years,23 years to be precise, I touched the land of my Birth- Kashmir with a bit of excitement and some trepidation .My Brother’s Facebook Friend Shahid was waiting for me at the Airport to receive me. He had made it unequivocally clear that I have to stay with him at his house in Nagin area .He and his family greeted me with open arms, though It was the first time they had ever met me. They made me feel so comfortable, I felt I was at home.

Next Day, My Father’s Friend Mr Sheikh greeted me with open arms at his residence at Khanyar. Mr. Khan’s son was killed in a Gun-battle with the Indian forces and is revered by all in his locality for his Son’s “Sacrifice”. I was in touch with him through phone for many months now and he had promised to accompany me to my former residence at Rainawari as well as Ganderbal.

Yesterday, As I visited Rainawari,I could not believe it is the same place that I and my family left 23 years ago .Though the lanes and sub-lanes are the same, yet something is amiss. The lanes and sub-lanes have been encroached by some people living there. My Father’s friend told me that many low-income people had purchased houses of Kashmiri Pandits in the Nineties and many affluent Muslim families migrated to the plush localities of Srinagar
As I was approaching my house in Kralyar, Rainawari,I got lost in the thoughts of my childhood and the memories flashed in front of my eyes. It was as if yesterday, I left this place amidst violence, But the depilated erstwhile Kashmiri Pandits houses quickly pulled me into the present reality. I recalled my neighbors who lived there. How could I forget Jallas, Bhandaris, Duranis, vakils and jallalis!!!

I stood for a while , looking at those houses and the members of those houses, for a while, seemed to come alive. My childhood came to life again ,After all ,it was in these lanes and by-lanes ,I had played games like chupan-chupayee(i-spy) and cricket .

I was shocked when I saw my ancestral home, It was in shambles but so was I.

Somehow, I reposed myself and entered my home. There was another surprise waiting for me. As I opened the door, a voice interrupted me ”who are you”? I looked around and saw an elderly man, I said, ”This is my home and I had come for a visit, who are you?” I could see his face had turned pale, but he feigned a bold reply, ”No! This is my Home. I can even show the papers of this house.”I maintained my calm , gave him a smile and said ”I have come to sell this property”. Before he could say anything, my fathers friend intervened and said to him,” He has not come to disturb you, he will have a look at this house and leave”. The occupant of my home agreed half-heartedly.
I knew this is a very common problem, which Kashmiri Pandits are facing in Kashmir. I recalled when I had met a senior politician of Kashmir, I was told that the people who oppose most, the return of Kashmiri Pandits into the valley ,are those who have illegally occupied their properties. Even my friend Sunil is also fighting a case in Kashmir as his property has also been occupied illegally.

I have made my mind to sell the house in Kashmir. I have changed in the last 23 years ,but so has my house in Kashmir. It is not the same place which I had left 23 years back. If my neighbors had been living there, like in the past, I would not have thought even for a second to come back and live there. The neighborhood temple Whom we called Bod-Mandir has also changed, no longer the temple bells remind the people in Rainawari, of the existence of Bhairava .Had I heard even one ringing of the temple bell, I would have stayed without a second thought, but that is not the case.

Will I be interested in coming back to Kashmir? My answers is “yes” I will, when my neighbors will be filled with that much love, which they showered me pre 1990.I will come that day when I will have freedom of choosing and practicing my religion without getting hounded again. Until then, I will choose to live separated from by beloved Homeland.

Yesterday, I had also visited Hari-Parbat and Vizarnaag. Though Hari-Parbhat is maintained to some extent, Vizaarnag is in a very bad state. It has turned into a archeological monument surrounded by marshy land. A virtual quagmire both physically and literally.

Overall, I am enjoying my stay in Kashmir, I will stay in Kashmir for some more days and hopefully untangle many knots both physically and emotionally…..