Adhyasa-Advaith vedant


Adhyasa is the core or central thought of Advaith vedant. One of its meaning is superimposition-i. e wrongful imposition of thoughts and memory. It also means Imposing thoughts based on memory(faulty) on something , which is not what it looks like.

The theory of Adhyasa leads one to the correct knowledge (Brahman). Thinking oneself to be a body or mind is Adhyasa. Thinking or imagining oneself to be anything is Adhyasa. Believing happens because of the coincidence of different events happening together. In yog vashisht, one anecdote-that shows to some extent the nature of Adhyasa- has been cited.

A crow was sitting on the top of the coconut tree. An observer was watching it. As soon the crow flew, a coconut fell down on the ground. The observer thought that because the crow flew, a coconut fell down. Whereas the reality was that even if the crow wouldn’t have flown, still the coconut would have fallen down at that time.

Imagination or wrongful imagination – because of the occurrence of different independent events happening simultaneously – leads to Adhyasa.

An example of wrong knowledge has been cited by another example that proves that whatever we term ourselves or others as-is not so. This is more often used by the neo-vedantis. (though, it looks like more that of dependent origination of Buddhists to me).

Whenever, we have to refer to ourselves; we put our index finger towards our body, indicating that we are a body. On further inspection, However the theory of Adhyasa leads us to the conclusion that there is no thing – that we call Body.
The discussion to explain this further goes on like this:
A-is this your body?
B-Yes, this is my body.
A holds the hand of B. Pointing towards the hand, A asks B;
A-is this your body(holding and pointing the hand of B)
B-No, this is my hand.
A asking surprisingly;
A-but you just said, you are body and now you are saying that this is hand. Can you show me, what do you call a hand?
Pointing out towards fingers and thumb. A asks B( holding and pointing towards the thumb of B.)
A-is this your Hand?
B-No, this is my thumb and that are my fingers.
A again getting surprised.

A-you just said that it is your hand. And now your are saying that you have fingers, thumb and skin. And none of them is Hand!

In other words, there is no hand in hand, likewise there is no body that can be called body.

On further inspection, it is further proved that even the thumb is a name given to the collectively assemblage of skin, bones and blood. On further inspection, the bone is a combination of chemicals that includes calcium too. On further enquiring, a conclusion is reached upon ;
The conclusion is:
Whatever we call a thing or body is not so as it probably seems to be . We have given names to different things, and we are lost in those names.

Though a body is an assemblage of different limbs as well as the conscious mind; yet none of the part is the whole. The mind is not a thumb, the mind is not blood, the blood is not a thumb. All these are a part and yet different from the body. Yet the assemblage of all these is termed as body. And then wrongfully we call the body as ‘I’.


There is no I or me. But still different limbs put together is given a name-body; and yet all the limbs are different from each other as well as from the body. Nobody or no part in the body, can be said with certainty as ‘I’. Yet, everyday, everyone says that I am (the body). And that is Adhyasa.

The same rule applies to all the nouns we know of. Breaking down the noun into parts dissolves the idea of the noun (body=assemblage of limbs) A part (of the noun) on further deliberation too dissolves(thumb is made of bones, blood, skin and muscle tissues) ; as it was previously known to us. The theory of Adhyasa along with Neti-Neti(not this, not that) is used to lead oneself to one’s own real nature-which according to Advaith vedant is – Brahman.

Advaith vedant recognizes 6 means of valid knowledge. The foremost among them is Sruti or the Vedas. Rest of the five means are based on logic. They are:
Pratyakṣa (perception),
Anumāṇa (inference),
Upamāṇa (comparison and analogy),
Arthāpatti (postulation, derivation from circumstances),
Anupalabdi (non-perception, negative/cognitive proof)
To be continued….


Matrikachakra – Kashmir Shaivism. 

In kashmir Shaivism, the sanskrit/Hindi Vowels represent Shiv, and the consonants represent the Shakti. Shiv is allegorically termed as light and Shakti as its luminosity. Shiv is static, Shakti is dynamic.

Param shiv, like the Brahman (of Advaith)  can not be defined, though the creativity, both non dual and dual of paramshiv can be expressed by the 36 elements or tattvas.
The first tattva or element according to Kashmir Shaivism is Shiv – an synonym for Chaitanya or Consciousness. All the activity goes on in this first element.

The sixteen vowels of KS are represented by the first Tattva-shiv.

Everything is Shiv-shakti. Even our language. When shiv(vowels) and Shakti(consonants) meet, a word is formed and when many words combine, a language is formed. The language is the expression of thoughts. The mind is nothing without these thoughts and they act as a support for mind. At the same time, it makes the mind to forget its  non-dual nature  and engages it in the world of duality. Thus, This language binds a pashu (empirical being) or liberates him/her. Every word is thus a manta for the Yogi.

The first alphabet अ represents Chaitanya. आ represents Anand or Bliss. A desire arises in Shiva to experience its nature-Ananda in duality as well. For that Shiva has to create Duality,  as to begin with there is nothing except shiv. This desire is represented by the next two alphabets इ  ई. The first one represents Iecha and the second one Ishan. As soon as the desire arises, the knowledge of duality too arises instantly in the heart(consciousness)  of Shiva. They are represented by the next two Vowels उ ऊ. They are known as unmesha and unnata.

At this point, an apprehension arises in Shiva, that what if Shiva forgets its real nature, once he manifests as duality(universe). Fearing that it might forget its real nature I. e Consciousness – bliss, he rests back in its nature that is अ आ( Consciousness-bliss). Retracting from knowledge to first stage(consciousness bliss) gives rise to the next 4 vowels

ऋ(r)  ॠ(r)  लृ(lr)  lrii(could not find the sanskrit alphabet on my phone). These are the four stages of void.

After retracting to the initial stage of अ आ, it strikes Shiva that it can not forget it’s real nature and Shiva comes out from the apprehension and carries forward from where it has stopped.
अ आ mixes with the Iecha इ ई thus giving rise to the next two vowels ए ऐ. Again अ आ now mixes with Gyan उ ऊ, and gives rise to the next two vowels ओ औ. These four vowels ए ऐ ओ औ represent the four stages of kriya or action of Shiva. ए ऐ ओ औ represent the least vivid, somewhat vivid, vivid and the most vivid action of Shiva.

The next vowel अं represent that though desire, knowledge and knowhow has risen in the heart(consciousness) of Shiva, yet it is still at the level of non-duality (represented by point). The next vowel is represented by two dots : The upper dot represents shiv and the lower dot represents shakti. In fact, it also signifies that at this level, it is the shiva that becomes the shakti.

From this point on, everything becomes shakti. It has been termed that the projection of shiv on shakti happens inversely,  that is, the first element appears as the last and the last tattva which is prithvi(Earth) appears as first. In other words, it implies that the subtler elements appear last and the grossest first. Thus the projection appears first as the
Panch Mahabhutas(five gross elements) represented by कvarg, then

Panch tanmatras represented by चvarg.

Panch karmindreyas(organs of action) represented by टvarg.

Panch gyanindreyas by तvarg

Antahkarn(5 internal organs) by  पvarg

5 kanchukas+maya(sheaths) by य र ल व


5 shuddh tattvas(pure elements) by श ष स ह.

The first vowel- which is Shiv is अ, and the last consonant is ह. When they combine with each other, they become अंह or Aham-that means  ‘I’  or ‘I am’. Whenever we say anything that has ‘I’, or wherever we refer to the first person, it is Shiv(and shakti) , to whom we are referring. Shiv is always the first person and thus we all are ‘Shiv’. Thus  ‘Aham’  is also a mantra which is meant for the contemplation for the sadhakas of Kashmir Shaivism as not only all the 36 elements are present in this mantra, but its philosophy as well.

The first vowel अ (Siva tattva) when joins with the last consonant ह(shakti tattva) , Aham अंह is formed. The expression of shiv-shakti tattva is This Aham or I (I am).

The third tattva Sadashiva denoted by स in Matrikachakra has an expression asअहं ईदम or I am this or thisness. The classification of first person with respect to thisness(universe or objectivity) is clear.

The fourth tattva is Isvara  represented by ष in Matrikachakra. This stage is represented by ईदम अहं or Idam Aham meaning  I am this or thisness. Idam or thisness has become the first person here and Aham has been relegated to inferior stage. The stage of objectivity is clearer to another degree.
The fifth tattva is Shuddh vidya represented by श in Matrikachakra and its expression is अहं ईदम ईदम अहं. Meaning I am this/thisness and this I am. The sense of duality is much more clearer than the previous stages.

From Aham at Shiv-shakti to Aham Idam Idam Aham at Shuddh vidya in the decreasing order of the subtleness or the process of subjectivity to objectivity has been displayed lucidly in the philosophy as well as epistemology of Kashmir Shaivism.

The attributes  of Shiva which is

Chaitanya (Consciousness)



Gyan(knowledge) and


apply in this order in the 36 elements(but inversely)

The 36 elements in their order and as denoted by Alphabets according to Matrikachakra is given below.
1.Panch Maahaabutaas-five Gross elements
1.Prithvi(Earth) क  (Kriya)

2.Jaala(water) ख (Gyan)

3.Tejas/agni(fire)  ग (Iecha)

4.Vaayu(air)    घ  (Anand)

5.Akasha(ether)  ङ  (Chaitanya)
2.Panch Tanmatras-Five Subtle elements

1.Gandha(smell)च (Kriya)

2.Rasa(taste)छ (Gyan)

3.Roop(form)ज (Iecha)

4.sparsha(touch)झ (Anand)

5.Shabda(sound)ञ (Chaitanya)
3.Panch Karmendriyas-(five organs of action)

1.upastha(creation/reproduction)ट (Kriya)

2.paayu(excretion)ठ (Gyan)

3.paada(foot)ड (Iecha)

4.pani(hand)ढ (Anand)

5.vaak(speech)ण (Chaitanya)
4.Panch jnanendriyas-(five organs of cognition)

1.Ghraana-(nose, organ of smelling)च (Kriya)

2.Rasaana-(Tongue, organ of taste)छ, (Gyan)

3.Chakshu-(eye, organ of seeing)ज (Iecha)

4.Tvak-(Skin, Organ of touching)झ (Anand)

5.Srotra-(ear, organ of hearing)न  (Chaitanya)
5.Antahkarnas-(3+2 internal organs)

1.Manas-(mind)प Kriya

2.Buddhi-(intellect)फ Gyan

3.Ahamkara-(ego connected with objectivity )ब  Iecha

4.Prakriti-(nature/three Gunas i.e satvic,rajsic and tamsic)भ Anand

5.Purusha-(ego connected with subjectivity-reacts to prakriti)म Chaitanya
6.Sat Kancukas-(six coverings)

1.niyati-(limitation of place)य (Kriya)

2.Kaala-(limitation of time)र (Gyan)

3.raga-(limitation of attachment)ल (Iecha)

4.vidya-(limitation of knowledge)र (Anand)

5.Kala-(creativity)ल (Chaitanya)

6.maya-(illusion of individuality)व (Consciousness gets contracted in case when  subject becomes object and vice versa I. E object dissolves in subject)
7.Suddha tatvas-(pure elements)

1.Suddha vidya-(iness in iness—–thisness in thisness)श Kriya

2.isvara-(thisness in iness)ष Gyan

3.sadasiva-(iness in thisness)स Iecha

4.shakti-(iness)ह Anand

5.Shiva-(iness-being)-(अ आ इ ई उ ऊ ऋ ऋृ लृ lii ए ऐ ओ औ अं अः)

To continue..

Reference – Kashmir Shaivism books(mostly translated by Swami lakshmanjoo)

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Beware of fake Gurus

the fake trika guru

The word ‘Narcissism’, has a very interesting etymological history. Narcissus was a handsome Greek youth who fell in love with his reflection in a pool of water. It is also a synonym for a self-ntered person.
Well, Does that have any connection with what I am about to write.
Yes, It does have. Read Patiently.
KP’s are a very Humble community. They have been struggling to save their identity since King ‘Shahmir’ established his dynasty in Kashmir. They were brutally tortured by the progeny of Shamir. Sikander Butshikan, it is believed burnt down 7 mounds of ‘janau’ (sacred thread) of those KP’s who refused to convert, he burnt another 6 mounds of ‘Janau’ of those KP’s whom he had forcibly converted.
KP’s had been ousted 7 times from Kashmir. The seven exoduses took place because KP’s followed their ancient Religion and Tradition. In spite of all the hardships, Kashmiri Pandits have protected the esoteric philosophy of The Trika, also known as Kashmir Shaivism .
Brief History of Trika
This ancient philosophy is primarily non-dualistic . The philosophy was taught by Lord Shiva to Maharishi Durvasa-who taught this philosophy to his disciples :Trambkaditya, Aamardak, and Srinath.The knowledge imparted to Trambkaditya is essentially what in modern times is known as ‘Kashmir Shaivism’.
Not much is known about this knowledge until 8th-9th A.d. It is during this time that Lord Shiva guided the sage Vasugupta to go to ‘Shankar Pal’ and see once again the ‘Shivsutras’-The aphorisms of Shiva-inscribed on a Boulder. The boulder is known as Shankar Pal.In a way, It was Sage Vasugupta who revived Kashmir Shaivism.
This philosophy produced great saints like Kallata, Bhattpradymun, PragyaArjun, Mahadev Bhatt, Srikanth Bhatt, Bhaskar, Divakar, Lakshmangupt, Somananda, Utpaldev,Kshemraja. But it was Acharaya Abhinavgupta-The multitalented Genius who probably worked most to present this Philosophy as we see it today.
This philosophy engulfed whole of Kashmir not as a sect but way of life , and was practiced and passed over to next generation of Guru-Shishyas secretly by the KP’s . Never in the History of Trika, any attempt to dilute this philosophy was made.The last modifications were done by Acharya Abhinavgupta who merged the philosophy of Krama, Kaula, Pratibijya and Spanda into what is now known as ‘Trika’. And it still has maintained its sanctity and the order of Guru-Shishya Parampara. This parampara is known as Trika Parampara.
In recent times, Trika Parampara has produced Gurus like Swami Ram, Swami Vidyadhar, Mahtabkak .But arguably the greatest of them in the last century was HH Ishwar Swaroop Swami Lakshmanjoo. Swamiji laboriously worked on this philosophy and under his tutelage; many translations of the crucial texts took place.
It will be pertinent to mention here Swami Muktananda. He is accredited with taking the philosophy of Trika to the west. But he too had to learn this philosophy in company of HH Swami Lakshmanjoo. Many westerners showed interest in this Philosophy and headed to the Ashram of Swamiji at Ishbar, Srinagar. All these Western Scholars give credit to their understanding of Trika to Swamiji and these Scholars meticulously have so far worked to save the originality of ‘Trika’.
I would like to mention one person in particular here-Mr. John Hughes. He had recorded many teachings of Swamiji; and he presented the teachings as it is. He didn’t even change a Comma(,). Now that is what can be termed as a true practioner of Trika. And that is why he commands so much of respect from all the students of Trika.
But lately, some people are trying to sell the philosophy of ‘Trika’ and trying to modify it by coming out with new texts that they have copy pasted from Trika and Advaith Vedant. This is plagiarism as they have not given credit to the original texts from which they have made their so-called-sutras.
Brief Explanation of our sacred Texts
Be it Mahabharta, or Bhagwat Geeta, or Vijnan Bhairava Tantra or Yog Vashist, or for that matter any other religious text of Hindus. In most of the cases, it starts with a dialogue. Like in Vijnan Bhaiva Tantara, there is a dialogue between Shiva and Parvati, and Shiva explains the techniques of meditation. Yog Vashist starts with a dialogue between Sage Sutiksna , sage Agastya and sage Agnivesya and then Agnivesya narrates the dialogue that took place between Sage Vashist and Bhagwan Ram.
Hindu religious texts have almost always quoted from the conversations that took place between two sages or Dieties. It is believed that whatever a devotees asks from his Guru in modern times has already been asked in the past by a Devotee to his Guru.
Whenever any genuine Disciple asks the question to the Genuine Knowledgeable Guru; the Guru always refers to some dialogue that took place in the past and explain by quoting from our ancient texts. This is the parampara of the Hindus since time immemorial.
But fake gurus are exceptions.
This is the story of One such Pseudo-Guru , who is trying to enter Trika and use KP’s for his own personal and Business gains.
The Story
I and my friends had a first hand experience of one such Fellow. He calls himself ‘Guru Gabriel Pradipika’. He has a facebook page as well as a website.
Since Trika is known to a small circle; Hence whenever A follower of this philosophy sees someone following the same philosophy; an instant bondage is created. Gabriel was contacted by a KP known to us. Then some more KP’s started following him on his FB Page. He had told his KP acquaintance that he is from Argentina and now living in Russia. He claims to come from the lineage of Muktananda.
His website is full of Kashmiri Shaivism details which are all copied from different books & texts and it seems he has sheepishly copied all works of many scholars and hence does not give any source to his research. Seeing his work we few people who are studying kashmiri Shaivism decided to Host a programme for him on Trika at New Delhi, Jammu and Srinagar. Having a Satsanga and propagating Kashmir Shaivism seemed to be a good idea.
Here comes the twist.
In Delhi
This friend of mine who was incharge of organizing the programme, incidentally met him at Delhi Airport ( Both were coming back from Mumbai). My friend was delighted to see him along with his wife Natalie Ambika along with one south Indian boy. He accosts Gabriel, extends his hand, and warmly greets him and introduces himself as one of the organiser of his Delhi programme. Gabriel reacts coldly and does not show any regard for him. My friend briefs him about the programme , that was to be held the next day. Without listening to what my Friend is conveying them, The wife of Gabriel announces that they will be bringing their donation box with them. She tells that she wants to collect the donation. My friend is taken aback, but he composes himself and agrees his head in approval. My friend had arranged an interview of Gabriel with Editor of India’s leading newspaper. The same was conveyed to Gabriel who looked puzzled and showed his disapproval. He conveyed to his south Indian disciple sai that he is interested in Press conference but not in an interview. Having said this he did not communicated with my friend however my friend also told him that other scholars like Dr Rajnish Mishra HOD kashmiri Shaivism from JNU, Dr Ravi Dhar from Sri Aurbindo will speak along with Dr Anusheel Munshi from Swami lakshmanjoo Ashram. By hearing this Gabriel looked non interested however he reacted when my friend told him that a small video footage from Sri Sri Ravi Shanker shall be played to this he said, “Who is Ravi shanker”? His face turned red. However my friend again conveyed to him that you shall be given 2 hours to speak to this he turned towards Sai (his so called disciple) whether he has some notes ready so that he can read them and speak it next day. Later my friend left.
This first interaction makes him uncomfortable and he starts to doubt their credibility. He calls me in the late evening and apprises me about the whole incident. I console him by saying that Gabriel may have been tired. We hang up.
He again calls me next day, early morning, and announces that Gabriel has refused to come without giving any logical explanation. Gabriel had told him that he will not share the Dias with anyone. He was pondering whether inviting Sri Sri Ravi Shankar pissed him off, or whether the presence of the two other Trika scholars agitated him. Or the combination of all these pissed him off.
Or was it that He might have got exposed in the company of the Kashmir Shaivism Scholars like Sh. M.L.Pandita and Dr. Rajneesh Misra.
My friend had guessed right as on enquiry from our KP friends in US who called Gabriel it came out that he had certain demands like he did not want any Swami lakshmanjoo devotees or other scholars in the program. He laid out that it should be only him and his selected few devotees. This last minute demand made the organizers drop him from the panel and they proceeded ahead without this fakester.
The programme was a success. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar too sent his blessings to this programme in the form of his Video Message. This is what is called Humility. The 3 hour satsanga was intense and the Audience enjoyed the satsanga profoundly.
Later on, we were provided sufficient evidence , that proved it beyond Doubt that Gabriel had come to India in order to project himself as a Guru in the order of ‘Trika Parampara’. His self-centered nature, and his lack of knowledge of Trika parampara deterred him to attend the programme. Attending a Programme where Spritual Guru like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar too had a presence would have dwarfed him as a so-called-Guru.And since he is being watched by some of his friends from Argentina and Russia ; The respect that Sri Sri would have attracted would have deflected those friends of his to the Indian Guru.He wants to use good name of real trika guru and the sublime tradition without having any respect or even acceptance for the existing scholars and practitioners of the lineage. Hypocrisy, falsehood and treachery at its best.
In spite of spending many days in Delhi and Jammu; he did not visit the Ashram of HH Swami Lakshmanjoo even once. See his duplicity, he blatantly uses the picture of Swamiji in the background, wherever he does a programme with his coterie .He is so particular to be called a Guru, but refers to HH Swamiji as just Lakshmanjoo. He just wants to use good name of HH Swami Lakshmanjoo and the sublime tradition for his selfish designs . He also does not have any respect or even acceptance for the existing scholars and practitioners of the lineage. Hypocrisy, falsehood and treachery at its best.
It was a divine plan not to get Trika polluted by a Pseudo-Guru. Gabriel later moved to Jammu to project himself as a Guru.He spent some days in Haridwar and Rishikesh too before coming to Jammu.
At Jammu
He had got a programme booked for himself at Jammu from one of his devotees. This KP devotee had accompanied him to Haridwar.After observing him closely, he realizes that he is no Guru and quietly distanced himself from him. In order not to dilute the Trika Parampara, he cancels his programme that was to be held at Sharda Mandir, Jammu.
Gabriel becomes desperate now. He wants so desperately to use any of the Ashrams of the KP’s in order to to get legitimately accepted by his so-called-followers. A few naïve KP’s are still helping him in a good faith. They manage to get another KP Ashram booked for him at Sed Bab Ashram, Paloura. By now, he has got himself exposed as a pseudo-Guru, some of his earlier –admirers-turned –detractors warn the management of Sed Bab not to give him space as it would be an insult to the Saint Sed Lal-who was an epitome of simplicity and Bhakti. Unlike the Narriscist-Pseudo-Guru.
He manages to manipulate his gullible KP devotees again and pressurize them to find a new venue for him. This time they manage to convince the Management committee of Anand Ashram, Purkho. Again they are warned by some KP’s not to let him use the facilities of this Ashram. They too cancel his programme after finding him as a controversial person.
The inflated- ego of Gabriel is hurt beyond his expectations. He somehow manages to organize his programme with his coterie of 5-6 people at a secret location, most probably at the house of his KP host. He has posted pictures on his FB wall, where in he is getting his ‘Aarti’ done by a young unmarried Girl. This is another example of his Egomaniac mind and shows his blatant disrespect for Trika and Hindu parampara.
Pravachans of Gabriel
A Guru is an epitome of Humility. He does not beg to be called a ‘Guru’.The Gurus of Trika had always used a language that reflected their gentleness and compassion.
Some Students of Trika, after realizing that he has come to do ‘Business’ on the name of Trika, tried to confront him. Gabriel opened the gates of Billingsgate, and hurled invective on them. His language reflected the state of mind he is in.
He might have realized his folly, and managed to remove most of the profane language and abusive adjectives , he used for those who questioned him.
But, some people, who were keeping a watch on him, managed to save some of the screen shots and will be shared with you all. They are all self explanatory.
Gabriel wants Kashmir!
In order to get himself accepted as a ‘Guru’, He is so desperate to go to Kashmir, pose some photos at those places that are associated with Hindu-Religion, and fool his western followers, by making them think that he is a Guru from ‘Trika Parampa’.
I think he should be stopped. KP’s have protected the philosophy of ‘Trika’ since time immemorial . We have the highest regard for all including those western practioners who are genuinely interested in this philosophy and who respect the tradition of Trika.
But there is no room for Egoists .There are two schools of Trika existing in Kashmir.The major one is Ishwar Ashram Trust founded by HH Swami Lakshmanjoo and another is Ram Trika Ashram, Paloura. Gabriel is not associated with any of these schools .
My conclusion
Trika Parampara that has produced some of the most knowledable saints and Gurus from Utpaldeva, to Somananda, from Acharaya Abhinavgupta to Kshemraja to Swami Lakshmanjoo can not be diluted for the satisfaction of someone’s inflated ego..
This Schools of thought is not meant for those people who does not respect the Parampara. This pseudo-Guru should be exposed completely.
There should not be any room for Narcissists in Trika.
I would ask so called “ Guru Gabriel” to show one evidence of his paramparic connection with Swami Lakshmanjoo or other school of Trika . When was he initiated and by whom in Trika tradition ?
When and Who from the tradition appointed him to be Guru ?
Why is he creating delusion in masses by propogating new parabhairava yoga by falsely claiming his Trika connection ?
I am ready to debate and reason . Does he have an answer .

Kashmir Police Radicalized!

It was 9.00 p. m.

The phone was ringing, yet Yasir was not picking up the phone.

Well, he was my neighbour and we had spent our childhood together , like many Kashmiri children of our genre did. As part of our tacit understanding, we talked to each other occasionally, and in our discussions, we covered almost all the subjects pertaining to us and to Kashmir.

He is working in the Police department in J&K Government.

I tried again after 10 minutes, just after two rings, he picked up the phone. “Jenab Aadab! How are you doing Brother?” said he warmly. “I am fine. How is your family?”, I asked him routinely. We inquired about the general well being of our family and friends for some time-like we always do-and then our conversation veered towards the more sensitive and somewhat uncomfortable issues.

Yes . it was Kashmir.

“Hurriyat won’t let the peace prevail in Kashmir”, I ingeminated .” They get huge kickbacks from Pakistan”, I further stated. “You are right” said he without inflection. “ In fact, they are funding  the stone-pelters too”, I emphasized. “The militants too get paid for the attacks they carry out on the Indian soldiers”. I further elaborated. He was listening very patiently, without interrupting me. “what do you think?”, I wanted to get his reaction-which always starts with a neutral judgement about India and ends with an inexplicit yet pro-pakistan stance.

“These militants are doing, what they are paid for. They are not bothered about kashmiris or Kashmir. They are like us-policemen. They too are doing their duty. So is Hurriyat. And in this whole process, we- common kashmiris- are getting crushed physically, mentally and emotionally”, said he in a rather angry intonation.

“we are living in a Big Jail. An open-big-jail” His tone was Sullen. “Though, I am a policeman, yet, I try my best to come home by 7 p.m. We  have to go through so many security checks. And sometimes the questions asked by the security personnel is rather annoying and filled with implicit chagrin towards us”. He said in a dreary voice.

I had heard this earlier too. Phrase like “Open Jail” have been often used by Pak-Backed-Hurriyar as a part of their usual propaganda against the Administration. I could have protested, But, I choose not to chime in while he was talking to me.

He was saying something, but I was not listening. His statements had put me in a reverie . I was thinking about our previous interactions on Social Media.

Based on my previous conversations with him, I knew, when we talked about our families and friends, he would be sincere. so was I. But, when we talked about Kashmir, our perspectives would not match at all. Somehow, till date we have managed to put a balance between sincerity and our mutually unctuous narration of our feelings for Kashmir or rather Kashmir imbroglio.  We know for sure that there is a divide between our perspective and the way, we look at Kashmir.

All these facts were flashing in my mind.

There is a Hindu version of Kashmiri Pandits and there is a Kashmiri Muslim version. And they never match.

I was thinking that often, Yasir sends me Face book messenger messages and Whatsup messages. Most of the messages sent to me are forwards pertaining to Kashmir-imbroglio. Much of the content of the forwarded messages consist of the greatness of Islam or in other words the Hegemony of Muslims and their great personalities. The messages also included Zakir Naik’s disparaging videos about Hindus or how ridiculous Hindus and Hinduism is. He had also sent me a link on Godara, or what Arundati Roy said, or Osho’s message on Beef Eating( can you believe it!). On Dalits, Maoists and what not. I could not condone the fact that, till date, he has never once sent me a message which shows the glory of India or the tolerance of Hindus or Hinduism.

I was also thinking that If anyone reads the messages, he sends me, it would definitely look like as if the messages are being sent from the Hurriyat headquarters and not from a JK policeman.

I also wondered if my friend knew or he deliberately ignored the fact that After all, India is the 2nd most Muslim populous country. They have the right to follow Shariah. Being minorities, they have reservations and even a Hajj-Subsidy. On Fridays, they convert highways, busy market places, offices, Government buildings etc. into the praying Ground-that too without impunity.

I was tempted to think that just a day before yesterday, as I was going through the whatsup messages, I had seen a couple of message from Yasir.He had sent a message that showcased-how great Islam is.The other message read-Hindu terrorists did the blast.

It came to my mind that during all these years, I never reacted to his posts. I would like or comment on only those videos, that were more balanced or funny and that were apolitical. I had never emphasized on my being a proud Indian – which I am, or sent any message or video that belittled his faith. But, he on the other hand had made his desires and intentions clear, by sending anti-India and anti-Hindu messages. His innate desires and his tilting towards Pakistan and Hurriyat was too conspicuous. Just because, I tolerated his messages, didn’t mean that I didn’t understood the purpose and his intentions.

I was forced to think, if JK Police personnel, are indoctrinated so radically as his messages suggest. What will be the condition of othe Govt. employees-who don’t have the responsibility to impose law and order. No wonder, there is a rise in the number of incidents wherein not only the quisling-policemen of JK have snatched the rifles of their own elected Government, but they have become active terrorists.

” Isn’t it the responsibility of the JK Government to check such personnel and make it sure that at least the mindset of the policemen is Nationalistic and pro-India. With such policemen, how can the administration deal with the Pakistan sponsored terrorism? “, I was thinking loud.

I was also forced to think, if 70000 more police men are recruited from Kashmir, whom will it benefit? How can I forget that in 1947, the role of the renegade armed forces of poonch/Rajauri played a very important role in snatching POK from Maharaja Hari Singh!
“Are you listening, Sandeep!, hello! Hello!, are you there”, Yasir’s voice woke me from dwam. “Yes”, I cleared my throat, and feigned to be attentive. Our discussion lasted for some more minutes and we bade good bye and Good night to each other.

I was trying to sleep, but I could not stop thinking that Whenever, I had a long discussion with Yasir over phone, I many a times wondered whether GOI, has any plans to tackle this issue?

if they don’t have or if they still are in a deep slumber, Time has come to wake up and tackle this unpleasant reality.

And act fast.

I was reminded of what once John. F. Kennedy said
“We must use time as a tool, not as a crutch.”

And then, Sleep came from somewhere and put a haitus to the medley of thoughts and feelings, I was encountering…..

(Sandeep Raj koul)

Treaty of Amritsar-1846

Treaty of Amritsar March 16, 1846

The treaty between the British Government on the one part and Maharajah Gulab Singh of Jammu on the other concluded on the part of the British Government by Frederick Currie, Esq. and Brevet-Major Henry Montgomery Lawrence, acting under the orders of the Rt. Hon. Sir Henry Hardinge, G.C.B., one of her Britannic Majesty’s most Honorable Privy Council, Governor-General of the possessions of the East India Company, to direct and control all the affairs in the East Indies and by Maharajah Gulab Singh in person – 1846.

Article 1 The British Government transfers and makes over for ever in independent possession to Maharajah Gulab Singh and the heirs male of his body all the hilly or mountainous country with its dependencies situated to the eastward of the River Indus and the westward of the River Ravi including Chamba and excluding Lahol, being part of the territories ceded to the British Government by the Lahore State according to the provisions of Article IV of the Treaty of Lahore, dated 9 March 1846.

Article 2 The eastern boundary of the tract transferred by the foregoing article to Maharajah Gulab Singh shall be laid down by the Commissioners appointed by the British Government and Maharajah Gulab Singh respectively for that purpose and shall be defined in a separate engagement after survey.

Article 3 In consideration of the transfer made to him and his heirs by the provisions of the foregoing article Maharajah Gulab Singh will pay to the British Government the sum of seventy-five lakhs of rupees (Nanukshahee), fifty lakhs to be paid on or before the 1st October of the current year, A.D., 1846.

Article 4 The limits of territories of Maharajah Gulab Singh shall not be at any time changed without concurrence of the British Government.

Article 5 Maharajah Gulab Singh will refer to the arbitration of the British Government any disputes or question that may arise between himself and the Government of Lahore or any other neighboring State, and will abide by the decision of the British Government.

Article 6 Maharajah Gulab Singh engages for himself and heirs to join, with the whole of his Military Forces, the British troops when employed within the hills or in the territories adjoining his possessions.

Article 7 Maharajah Gulab Singh engages never to take to retain in his service any British subject nor the subject of any European or American State without the consent of the British Governnent.

Article 8 Maharajah Gulab Singh engages to respect in regard to the territory transferred to him, the provisions of Articles V, VI and VII of the separate Engagement between the British Government and the Lahore Durbar, dated 11 March 1846.

Article 9 The British Government will give its aid to Maharajah Gulab Singh in protecting his territories from external enemies.

Article 10 Maharajah Gulab Singh acknowledges the supremacy of the British Government and will in token of such supremacy present annually to the British Government one horse, twelve shawl goats of approved breed (six male and six female) and three pairs of Cashmere shawls.

This Treaty of ten articles has been this day settled by Frederick Currie, Esq. and Brever-Major Henry Montgomery Lawrence, acting under directions of the Rt. Hon. Sir Henry Hardinge, Governor-General, on the part of the British Government and by Maharajah Gulab Singh in person, and the said Treaty has been this day ratified by the seal of the Rt. Hon. Sir Henry Hardinge, Governor-General. Done at Amritsar the sixteenth day of March, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty-six, corresponding with the seventeenth day of Rubee-ul-Awal (1262 Hijri).

(Signed) H. Hardinge (Seal) (Signed) F. Currie (Signed) H. M. Lawrence

The scenic kashmir…

Kashmir-A religious war!

The whole world knows that Kashmir is on the boil from the last 27 years. An organised , well-thought attempt , backed by Pakistan is carried out in Kashmir. And a name coined for it is -Jihad.A religious war.

In the Muslim world, the easiest way to galvanize Muslim population is on the name of religion.And  Jihad is that wing of religion, that legitimizes the atrocities committed on their perceived opponents without compunction.  Pakistan backed by OIC is fully following the centuries old formulae and its foot soldiers who have commited the most heinous crimes are being promised Heaven and salvation by the religious Scholars.

The carrot and the stick policy by the proselytizers of Islam have had their share in Kashmir too. This policy has been responsible for the seven exoduses of Kashmiri Hindus from Kashmir.

In 1947,during partition of Pakistan, the macabre dance of death was going on with impunity in  whole of Indian subcontinent .Muslims were killing Sikhs and Hindus in the newly established country called Pakistan. And in the retaliation, Muslims were being killed by the Hindus and Sikhs in India.Even J&K was not spared.Jammu region too witnessed violence.

But not Kashmir.

In Kashmir, the Muslims protected the lives of Hindus and Sikhs. Some of them even laid down their lives in order to save the lives of their minority counterparts.All this happened because of the Charismatic leader -Sheikh Abdullah.He championed the cause of accession of J&K with India.And projected himself as a mass leader with a secular outlook.The majority of the Muslims stood and backed the decision of Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah -who pressurised the King of J&K, Mahraja Hari Singh to accede with India ASAP.

The secular credentials of Sheikh Abdullah proved to be a Masquerade, and he worked relentlessly against India , once he was dislodged from Power.But that is a different topic.

The leadership of Sheikh Abdullah during the partition  and the image of India among the masses of Kashmir  was positive and accession was by and large , accepted by the local masses.

Such was the confidence of Sheikh Abdullah and Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru on the masses of Kashmir- some scholars opine- that on the behest of Abdullah, Pandit Nehru approached the U.N for the resolution of J&K. Nehru wanted U.N to pressurize the Pakistan to give back -what is now known as POK .And it seems , from their actions that they were pretty much sure of getting back POK.

As it proved to be, they had underestimated the power of Religion over secular- Politics.

U.N came up with the formulae of Plebscite .But for the plebiscite to be carried out and implemented on both sides of J&K( in India and pakistan), it laid down some points or conditions. The first and the most important of them was to withdraw the armed forces from POK by Pakistan .But Pakistan never really followed any of the points laid out by UN.Not only that, It also changed the local demography of the POK and gave away Aksai-Chin to China unconstitutionally.

All these points have made the U.N resolution to settle the Kashmir dispute redundant.

The secular fabric of Kashmir that prevailed in 1947 was totally Islamized by 1989-90 and the same people who had protected the Hindu minorities in Kashmir, became the perpetrators of Genocide and forced exile of Kashmiri Hindus.

And it was not impromptu.

Pakistan was created for the disgruntled Muslims of Indian subcontinent and the partition was purely religious based. An attempt is being made to replicate the formulae by Pakistan in Kashmir. The name given to Kashmir-imbroglio by the Muslim  countries and their media is Jihad-The religious war.

But is it really jihad?

The whole minority Hindu community was forced to flee their Hearth and Homes by the terrorists-who call themselves Mujahids.The word Mujahid means a religious warrior. These so-called-religious warriors carried out the Genocide  of the Hindu minority of Kashmir without  Qualm.

The masses of Kashmir who were primarily following the Sufi-Rishi tradition, have been brainwashed by the Mullahs and Maulivis to follow the more puritanical, and strict form of Islam in the form of Wahabi-Islam; that does not tolerate any form of religious pluralism or dissent.

The Maulvis and Mullas funded by the Wahabis and backed by Pakistan and OIC have successfully changed the religious and social fabric of Kashmir and have Brainwashed the common masses of Kashmir not only to denounce the ideology of any religion, but to make an atmosphere , where there can be no room for the florishment of any other religion except theirs.  To motivitate the masses in doing so; They have literally killed the thinking and logical faculty of their followers.

The height of mental-corruption can be gauged by the recent statement of one of The self -claimed Muslim intellectual of Kashmir , who just a few days back termed the Hindu minorities of Kashmir as ‘Cancer’.This merely reflects the moronic thinking and the view point , that of a medevial Bigot bereft of sanity and logic.

The point here is, there is no room for dissent or debate and there is no question of Religious equality in present day Kashmir.The so-called Muslim intelligentsia have devised fallacious theories based on their interpretation of Islam not only to  justify the atrocities commited  on the minority Hindu community by a section of the majority population, but to term them as real justice.

And , all this is happening on the name of Religion.

It will be foolish of India to think that this religious war will be localized only to Kashmir.Turning a Blind eye to the internal security, and the minority appeasement of some political parties of India have already paved in the way for Global Jihad .

Time has come, when a proper strategy should be devised to counter the terrorism activities on the name of Religion.

And to term it as it is-“A religious war”

Kashmir…some photos.

Baisaran…a Highland meadow in Pehalgam Kashmir

An evening view of Habba Kadal, Srinagar

An engraved image of the Hindu Devi at the ruins of Avantipura, Kashmir