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Jodhpur temple stampede kills 200

Posted in religion by Sandeep on September 30, 2008

200 People have died today, and over 350 people injured in a stampede in Chamund devi temple in Jodhpur.Today is the first day of Auspiscious Navratra(Auspiscious Nine days of divine Mother).It is estimated that 25000 people had gathered at The premises of 15th century A.D Chamunda temple.This temple is situated in Mehrangarh fort of Jodhpur.

The Mehrangarh fort is one of the town’s biggest tourist attractions with its huge walls, ornate interiors and views overlooking Jodhpur’s “blue city.”

The devotees had gathered at the Chamunda Devi Temple situated on a hill top of Mehrangarh Fort when the tragedy struck at around 5.30 am after some devotees slipped on a slope causing the stampede. Officials said that the stampede occurred as the devotees along the 2-km-long route to the temple tried to rush towards its door as soon as it opened. There was a scramble on the narrow 2-km path for gaining entry to the hillock shrine in the Mehrangarh Fort run by the family of erstwhile ruler Gaj Singh. The casualties occurred in the queue meant for men while that for the women and children was unaffected, officials said.

The majority of people who died were in the age group of 18-30 years.

Rajasthan’s Principal Secretary (Home) S N Thanvi from jaipur said . “As some devotees slipped on the slope on the temple path, others gathered there started falling on each other causing the stampede. A majority of those killed died due to suffocation as a result of the stampede,”