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Protest by Kashmiri Pandits(19/01/2015)-Holocaust day

Posted in genocide, hinduism, JAMMU & KASHMIR, kashmir by Sandeep on January 20, 2015

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19 jan 2030,kashmir and kashmiri pandits

Posted in kashmir by Sandeep on February 24, 2011

19 jan 2030————-Place-Srinagar,Jammu,Delhi,
Venue of first scene-Jantar Mantar, New Delhi,19 jan 2030

It has been 40 years, since the largest minority of Kashmir migrated to different parts of the Globe due to the terrorism which had killed tens of hundreds of their Brethren , rendered them homeless and had left a deep scar on their psyche, bruised their heart and soul. The largest concentration of KP’s which used to be Jammu in the 1990’s has lost its numero uno position, the exact population of KP’s is not known as they are scattered all over India, Besides their vernacular has also changed making it extremely difficult to detect them. However, there is still a minuscule group of erstwhile pundits, who protest on this day and remind us all about their glorious, which now can be termed as insignificant past.
National newspapers tend to ignore this news, This is not a spicy news at all from Media point of view ,but a start up newspaper Journalist cover the report of protest held by Kashmiri Pandits and publishes it in the Newspaper, not out of concern , but because of its incapability to find more news, As a matter of fact, the editor of this start up Newspaper happens to be its only journalist . The news will appear something like this:
19 jan 2030,A group of five Kashmiri Pandits organised a peaceful protest rally today at jantar mantar, as a mark of respect for those who were killed and ousted from Kashmir some four decades back,on eve of their 40th year in Exile, a pakistani flag was also burnt down as a symbol of protest.Those who attended the protest were Mr. X-President Kashmir-xxx, Mr. Y-president-Kashmiri hindu-kkk, Mr.Z-President-Kashmiri Brahmin-zzz, Mr. K-Kashmiri pandit-yyy and Mr. DDD-President-Koshur Batta. A candle light procession was also taken from Jantar Mantar to Hanuman Mandir before they dispersed in the motley crowd.
Venue of second scene, partap park,Srinagar,19 jan 2030

Since last forty years, Kashmiri Muslims who are below forty years have not seen Kashmiri Pandits around , This has made them susceptible to believe that Kashmiri Pandits never existed in Kashmir, and they sincerely feel that it is a rumor of RSS agents and Government of India, who keep popping up this dead issue. A protest rally has been organized by the students of M.A History, University of Kashmir to create a mass awareness about this Government sponsored Fallacy.
All the major newspapers of world , including top Indian national newspapers are present to cover this so called momentous occasion. There is a total chaos in Partap park as it is jam packed, people who didn’t find a place in park have smartly climbed the nearest trees and buildings, The chief minister of the state is watching this program live on his T.V , In fact, he has given his tacit approval to this epiphany of the history Students. Next day ,most of the newspapers report this news on their front page and the news appears something like this:
19 jan 2030,Srinagar, The students of M.A history, Kashmir University organized a protest rally at partap park and virulently attacked the agents of Government of India for spreading rumors about the history of Kashmir. Noted Anthropologist and professor of History, Mr. QQQ told the media persons that RSS backed agents and Government of India had previously also tried to distort history by changing the name of Takht-e-sulaiman hill to Shankaracharya Mandir , Islamabad to Anantnag and Lalla Arifa to Lal ded. Professor alleged that In the same line of misinformation and distortion of history, GOI is planting this theory of Kashmiri Pandits, who never existed on this holy land of sufis. The noted Professor also told media persons that they should ask themselves and their conscience that, if ever, Kashmiri pundit existed on Kashmir, then , there should be some sort of proof which will make it evident that they actually lived in Kashmir valley in the recent past .He also reiterated that Kashmiri Hindus once lived in Kashmir and some 100 years back all the hindus of Kashmir, including the Pandits voluntarily embraced Islam.
Venue of third scene, Durga nagar,Jammu,19 jan 2030

Durga Nagar had seen a dense and probably largest concentration of Kashmiri Pandits in Early Nineteen nineties, However , today that scenario has also changed and only 11 KP’ families are now left in Durga Nagar.As a matter of fact, jammu region as a whole, has seen a sharp decline of Kashmiri Pandits who once had swelled to almost 3 lakhs in the early nineties of 20th century. Due to the discrimination of the subsequent state governments, lack of jobs for the youth of this community and step motherly treatment of central government, this beleaguered community has moved to more greener pastures. Reports suggest that at present not more than 10,000 K.P’s are now left in Jammu.
Some Kashmiri Pandit Sexagenarian and Septuagenarians have organized a havan to appease their ancestors , gods and to purify the valley of Kashmir. A press meet has also been organized on the sad occasion of their 40th year of mass exodus. Some other veterans of the community had also joined them from different places of the Jammu city and they are all waiting for the media to come. The press meet is held at the home of a community leader, who was very active in his hey days and was even jailed for allegedly being right-wing opinionated, invitations had been sent to all the major News papers of Jammu but only couple of journalists come for this press meet.
Next day only one newspaper reports about this press meet, the journalist reporting happened to be a Kashmiri pandit in his sixties, he writes the news with a bit of emotional touch, something like this:
19 jan 2030,jammu:The pundits of Kashmir observed their 40 years in exile, in a country which has pushed them into a limbo and erased them from the memory of the nation of 1.5 billion people, while paying homage to those killed during last forty years, It somehow became evident from the body language ,that the pandit community has come in terms with their fate and realized that Kashmir is forever lost for them .A KP gentleman at the function said Philosophically:
“The fire of the Havan
reminds me of conflagration ,
burning deep in my heart ,
The smoke of Havan,
reminds me of melancholy ,
which has engulfed me
the ash reminds me
of my soul less body,
my soul has left long ago,
to meet the beloved
and is waiting,
inside the temple of shiva,
for shiva to open his third eye
and become one with him”

This is the Future reality of Kashmiri Pandits dated 19, jan,2030…unless… we make a sincere effort to change, or get wiped out as a community, which once was the pride of Kashmir….