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open letter to Anna hazareji/India against corruption

Posted in kashmir by Sandeep on October 15, 2011


                                                        Sh. Anna Hazareji/India against corruption




Respected Shri Annaji,


My name is Sandeep koul and I am internally displaced person/Refugee from Kashmir .


Sir,Day before yesterday when I switched on the T.V, I was surprised to see Mr. Prashant Bhushan being slapped by young Inder verma, Though I don’t support any form of violence, at the same time one cannot condone the  anti-national statement of Mr Bhushan. I was surprised even more when they showed the pictures of other two accused-Tejinder pal singh Bagga and Vishnu Gupta, surprised because I can recall vividly meeting Tejinder at jantar mantar, when you were on fast ,so that Lokpal could be tabled in next session.He was there managing the long queues along with other volunteers. Prashant Bhushan’s statement offended them so much that they took law in their own hands, which was off course wrong, But don’t we eulogise Chander shekhar and Bhagat singh, even though they choose different path than Gandhiji, for the same goal.

I was present when you-Annaji- were Fasting at Janatar Mantar,  I also fasted  that day as a mark of solidarity with you Sh. Annaji.I could not attend at Ramlila, But I did pray to God for the success of anti-corruption movement, I also prayed to God for your good health  and all those who fasted with You.I participated in the solidarity marches as well as candle light processions with my neighbors. I bursted crackers when You proved Your mettle again. I also went to Medanta city hospital where you was recuperating. Since then I started to keep a photo  of you in my wallet and admired it whenever I opened my Purse. When people compared You to Mahatma Gandhi, I used to feel that you deserves that epithet.


Like many, I was feeling that a new dawn will make India emerge stronger and more prosperous, But the gods above had different plan. My dreams were shattered when I heard the Team Anna’s Prashant Bhushan openly advocating plebiscite on Kashmir. It was as if I have been stabbed on my back by my loved one, I could not sleep whole night as I was haunted by the memories of my childhood which I spent in Kashmir, Suddenly I could hear those clarion calls for killing of my brethren in the name of jihad, The cacophony of loudspeakers from the nearby mosque of my locality kept ringing in my ears wherein  the Mullahs termed my community of Kashmiri Pandits as traitors, the strident noise of stones falling on the roof top made of tin sheets, that  shriller could pierce anyone’s heart and make even the strong shudder with fear. Those unpleasent reminiscences were re-created by the statement of Prashant Bhushan-Noted lawyer of India.

I felt I have been wronged and cheated yet again!


But There are some questions which  needs a answer and Justification from those whom I trusted-Team Anna.


sir,as we Know ,Last two days have put Kashmir back to the center stage, this time though from someone whom the Nation considered to be a torch bearer of new-renaissance-Mr Prashant Bhushan-core team member of Team Anna. While you are trying to re-unite the whole nation , your colleague is trying to break our nation by his blatant utterances on Kashmir. Mr. Prashant Bhushan’s  obnoxious  statement on Kashmir  is what Pakistan and its stooges -the separatists of Kashmir-have been advocating since last many decades.


Is the responsibility of plebiscite only India’s obligation? How can we forget the other half of Kashmir  which is illegally occupied by Pakistan since last may decades! Isn’t Mr. Bhushan aware of the fact that Pakistan has changed the whole demography in P.O.K on the same lines as China has done in Tibet! How can Mr. Bhushan forget  Pakistan’s obsequiousness to China, by illegally  gifting Aksai chin, which is a part of unified Jammu and Kashmir. Doesn’t  India give people of J&k right to  participate in referendum  every five years in the form of General elections!

Pakistan has changed all the equations which existed in 1947,  it has also tactfully used the religious sentiments of majority community in Kashmir to alienate them from India, thus making it a definite possibility that in case of Plebiscite, Kashmir accedes to Pakistan.


The results of Plebiscite in Kashmir will be detrimental to people of India and I fear that if it happens ever, India will witness probably the worst carnage, and I fear  most of the minorities will be at receiving end. We have already seen the India-Pakistan Partition wherein it is estimated that at least a million people lost their lives. Are we preparing ground for another holocaust by  advocating  Plebiscite on Kashmir!


What about the families of all the Martyr’s of India who gallantly fought the wars with Pakistan in 1947,1965,1971 and 1999.They must have been filled with chagrin by the statement of Mr. Bhushan. Had Mr. Bhushan, not been associated with Anti-Corruption Movement, His statement would  have hardly raised so many eye brows,It seems Mr Bhusham has forgotten the fact that that with the anti-corruption movement spear headed by you, His stature has also grown mammothly, his statement on anything will be seen as the statement of his whole group, hence he should have been more careful .

Adding fuel to the fire, he still stands on his stance on plebiscite on Kashmir thereby putting a big question mark on his Patriotism and also the group which he represents. The other members of the group –,Mr Arvind Kejriwal and Mr Kumar Vishwas have clarified their stand on Kashmir and termed it as an integral part of India with you-Annaji- saying that “ Kashmir was a part of India,is a part of India and will remain so”..


The Question arises “ If other members of team Anna feel so strongly about Kashmir, why haven’t  you and your team ousted Mr Bhushan from your team?” From my point of view any remark on anti-corruption or patriotism by team Anna will be an unctuous statement till Mr Bhushan remains a part of the core team. we, the people of India will have to prioritize our issues between anti-corruption and National integrity, we can fight corruption only when we remain together as a Nation, Otherwise we can keep on fighting corruption and in this process we may have to wash our hands from North-East, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Maoists infested states of orirsa, chattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Bihar and Many more and not just Kashmir…


Best regards

Sandeep koul



omar,Anna Hazare and KP’s

Posted in JAMMU & KASHMIR, kashmir by Sandeep on September 1, 2011

Anna Hazare did it again! Once again he was able to galvanize people from all walks of life, he was able to merge their voices into one voice-voice of India- His non-voilent way of protesting against Sarkari Lok pal Bill proved to be too much for the Government and the “sarkar” yielded to the sentiments of the People .As Anna Said,”This is not the full victory but Half victory”, full victory will only be achieved once the government clears the bill proposed by the civil society or should I say “Anna Hazare”. For two weeks people from all walks of life supported Anna, I saw common man coming to streets in villages, towns as well as in cities, The “anna Effect” was seen everywhere, with many scholars terming this movement as an epoch for young India. It was a very disciplined movement and everyone irrespective of their caste, creed or religion participated, no one was disparaged at least on the basis of their caste or religion.

Not too far away in Kashmir, politicians and religious leaders were keeping an watch on this whole movement and thinking hard to use the present “Anna Effect” for their use. Chief minister of J&k  tweeted on Anna in a very diplomatic way, But things changed a bit when High court of Tamil Nadu stayed the execution of three convicts  for killing late Mr. Rajiv Gandhi in May 1991.Mr. Omar Abdullah tweeted “If J&K Assembly had passed a resolution similar to the Tamil Nadu one for Afzal Guru would the reaction have been as muted? I think not,” There was lot of hue and cry especially from BJP, Who have strongly advocated that the death sentence of Afzal guru should be carried out as soon as possible.

Afzal Guru was incriminated in Parliament attack ( 2001) and was sentenced to death by both high court as well as supreme court of India. The majority of Kashmiri muslims have a soft corner for Afzal Guru and his execution or saving his life will have a huge effect on the vote bank of Jammu and Kashmir. The question remains “ will Afzal Guru be hanged? Ever?”.I think “NO”….Never, Not even if BJP comes to power.

Afzal guru is a “hot potato” and no politician will open this Pandora box. During last 9-10 years he has become a hot political point both with the ruling party as well as the opposition. The ruling party seems to have given a tacit approval for delaying his death sentence whereas the opposition have raised his issue several times vociferously.

Another Omar- the Maulvi, in the eid celebration gathering has emphatically urged “Anna” to lend his support for the alleged “mass graves” of Kashmir.!Is it possible that behind the curtains, Arundhati roy may have played the role of pedagogue to sepratist think tank and thus  the  political appeal to Anna Hazare by Maulvi Omar!It is a known fact that she supports the separatist movement of Kashmir . She has not digested the huge following of masses for Anna  and  thus alleged that Anna movement was run by the RSS and the media. God save the world from megalomaniacs!!!  the role of another “judas” Swami Agnivesh(fraud swamy) also can not be ruled out in this whole episode ,as he is also a known supporter of the Kashmiri separatists .I have heard the he has slipped quietly into “vipassana ” , well,it may be an excuse after all that happened which exposed him as a “black sheep”, good for him to introspect…

Are there any mass graves in Kashmir? I don’t know but if there are any such graves, it should come in the notice of general public. Let truth prevail. …..by the way,Some of the leaders like Sajjad lone, and Maulvi Omar faroq have in the past directly or indirectly accused the separatists for killing their Father while as Prof. Abdul Ghani Bhat accused the separists of killing his Brother.What keeps these bigot leaders away from raising their voices and getting justice from the law, when they know who killed their father and brother! Has the prospect of coming to power politically, choked their voice of truth and their conscience..

The forced exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from their motherland by these separatist leaders is a stark reality for me, I was a witness to one of the most shameful acts by these demagogues. The house where I was born , the house where I spent my childhood, That house was snatched from me .Those temples where I  genuflected and prayed to god are in ruins now, the schools run by Pandits were burnt by these so called freedom fighters, But no body stood by me because I was a Kashmiri Pandit.

The initial years after I became a refugee in my own country, were worse, I was a witness to the misery of my brethren, I was a witness to the old generation’s yearn to see their motherland at least once, I was a witness to Shame on being a Kashmiri Pandit,I was the witness of that frustration and helplessness of the youth,I was also the witness of Government apathy towards my community for leaving away Kashmir and not saying “Pakistan Zindabad”

Now after more than 21 years in exile, Kashmiri Pandit has learned to live without physically being in Kashmir, But that does not mean they have altogether forgotten Kashmir,  the return may take another deacde or even decades , but the terms and conditions for return will be my own .By given jobs to Kashmiri Pandits the government of J&k is  confusing the government at the center ,as this will not facilitate their permanent return to Kashmir.The government at the state and the centre need to retrace that path through which a KP fled Kashmir. It should be noted that not a single Kp left Kashmir because of lack of government jobs for them, The mass exodus of Pandits had nothing to do with jobs, Their exodus was the result of Target killing of Pandits by the so called Islami Jihadis ,and JKLF tops the list of that terrorist organization which hunted down the pundits for the sheer pleasure. Give Kashmiri pundits Justice first!

Call to  “Anna” ,by the anti-India separatist  leader,  to unearth the so called mass graves in Kashmir is a way to grab the attention of the nation as well as media.some of these so called leaders even claimed that two lakh kashmiri people got killed, and others exaggerated on the number of women raped by the armed forces,But these separatists have alwaysremained mute spectators, when  people were killed by militants or when women were raped by militants.This cunning duplicity is a blot on the character of these so called leaders, in fact calling such people leaders is  a misnomer.These people who yearn and live to see the Balkanisation of India need to introspect -especially those who are responsible for the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits.Let them first muster the courage to fight against their own who are responsible for the death of their kith and Kin….

but above all let truth prevail…..

At jantar mantar-In support of Anna Hazare-some pictures

Posted in india by Sandeep on April 9, 2011

Corruption is undoubtedly the greatest menace which is eating up our Nation from inside, For a change, I have included some photographs which says a lot about the sentiments of the general public of India.Some photographs shared by Mr. M. Zijoo as on 8-04-2011……