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A conversation on Kashmir with an ex-army man…

I and my friends Manish and Sunil were going to Garh-Mukhteshwar for a dip into the holy Ganges. As soon as we reached Garh-Mukhteshwar, we took a boat to go to other side of the river for a swim. The rays of the sun were shimmering in the waters of Ganga , intermittently blinding our eyes. The garland of flowers floating nearby shielded our eyes briefly, thus giving us some respite. That Garland may had embellished an idol of god or it may had been a final gesture of reverence to the dead by a family member. Who knows! Anyway, We reached the other side within minutes. A Panditji was offering prayers for his clients, who were repeating the hymns chanted by the Pandit.

I have always believed that the cool waters of the Ganges rejuvenates my body and mind and Manish could not disagree with me .After the Bath/Swim, we sat on the wooden planks nearby. And Manish started about his favorite topic-Kashmir and Kashmiri Pandits. An elderly Gentleman, who was sitting opposite,just a couple of meters away, on the other wooden plank approached us and asked, ”Are you Kashmiri Pandits?” I said, ”yes we are”. He said,” My name is Singh, I have served armed forces and I was Stationed at Kashmir in the nineties”.

Our conversation started…..

Manish-what is your present assessment of Kashmir?

Singh-It is better than nineties ,but it is still not Normal. When I was there, it was like a guerilla war, we never knew when, where , how and who will attack us. We had to be prepared at all times. Had we been given powers, we would have normalized the situation within a day. It is the politicians, who are doing the macabre dance on the cost of the lives of their soldiers, just to enhance their political career.

Manish- You must have heard the cacophony of pro-jihadi , anti-India, and anti-Hindu slogans, that was voiced from the loudspeakers of the Mosques across the valley?

Singh-Yes, I did and so did my colleagues.

Manish-Did you met Kashmiri Pandits there?

Singh-Only in the early 1990.You fled to jammu and other parts of India as the terrorists were killing you.

Manish-It was all pre-planned. The majority of the Muslims, in the valley, were privy of the plans and intentions of the Terrorists. But they maintained a sinister silence.

Sunil-In 1947, the army of the Maharaja sided with Pakistan and thus helped Pakistani army to annex POK. This all happened on the name of religion. The same happened at the time of Sukh Jiwan Mal, when his army deserted him. Yaqub shah, being a shia muslim was also deserted by his army. History repeated itself in 1989-90 and Kashmiri Pandits were rendered homeless.

Singh- The lack of political will is a deterrent for the return of Kashmiri Pandits. you are not a vote-bank and you did not even raise your armed unit to counter your hostile contemporaries in Kashmir .The political will is a must for the return of Kashmiri Hindus. Kashmiri muslims are being heard because they talk not only diplomatically masquerading peace, but when the need arises ,they restore to violent methods also. They know how to be heard.

Manish-We are a peaceful community. But that does not mean that we are naïve. At the same time, I have to agree with you. Our peaceful nature has become a hindrance. The govt. too knows this fact, that is why they have not been able to make inroads for the kashmiri pundits into Kashmir. Pakistan has a Plan for Kashmir and Kashmiri Muslims. National conference, PDP and congress has plan for Kashmiri Muslims .The plan for Kashmiri Hindus is to appease Kashmiri Muslims by marginalizing KP’s socially, financially, religiously and politically . As you said it is vote-bank politics.

Sunil-The valley-centric political parties are playing dirty politics. They have over years, successfully sown the seeds of hatred against India. The frequent outbursts of Mustafa Kamal against India is not new. The recent obnoxious statements of NC MP Ghulam Nabi Ratanpuri is also not new. Attaullah suhurwardy,a senior NC Leader, the former minister and Deputy speaker had said in a speech in State legislative council that he is first a Muslim then an India and that It is the fundamental duty of a Muslim to strive for conversion ,any muslim who forgets this duty is not a worthy Muslim. The Kashmiri Hindus were proving to be an impediment for the religious zealots and bigoted politicians.
PDP is also no saint. Their patron Mufti mohammed syed instigated riots and violence at Anantnag, which led to migration of many Kashmiri pundits in the mid 1980’s.It is a known fact that when he was the chief Minister of the state, he did not used to salute the National Flag of India on special occasions like 26th jan or 15th August. It was a clear indication to his vote-bank that he does not care about India. These gestures by the valley-based mainstream political over the years have poisoned the minds of majority of Muslim minds. This propaganda has lead a Kashmir Pandit to a point of no-return.

Manish-That is why we demand a separate homeland for Kashmiri Pandits. we have seen seven migrations. Enough is enough .We can not live anymore at the will and whim of Islamist fundamental jehadi mindset politicians, who use us whenever it suits them and discards us when it suits the emotions of their vote-bank.

Singh-The politicians should consider this option. As I said a political will of the government is a must to facilitate the return of Kashmiri Pandits.

Manish –If Govt. is not serious to facilitate our return on our conditions then, let them formally announce us as Refugees. There are many countries who have special laws for refugees. We will also find one such country. At least we-the kashmiri Pandits can live as a community and preserve our ancient heritage and culture.

Singh-Govt. should ponder over this point too. You see, Kashmir matters for me as well!

Sunil-How does it really matter to You or rest of Indians .Majority of Indians are still oblivious to the plight of Kashmiri Pandits. Majority of them still believe that we live in Kashmir even today.

Singh-You may be right! But I too have given my blood for Kashmir. I was hit by the bullet in my right leg. My colleague was killed in the Gun battle with the terrorists, in front of my eyes. I too faced trauma-physically , emotionally as well as mentally.

He folded up his trousers to the thigh. There was a livid Scar above the right side of his right knee. I looked at the face of Singh. It was livid as well. The sweat drops on his forehead made me realize the conspicuousness of his Curled white moustaches that still had some shades of black. Just like his personality.
Calmness descended on his face as he curled down his trousers.. He was again composed .Manish was looking at him intensely.

Manish-Singh Saab, I appreciate your patriotism. You are also one of our many unsung heroes, who gave their blood for Kashmir.

Sunil-I agree with Manish. Where will you go from here singhji?

Singh-I live in Gajraula. I will reach there within half an hour .Where are you going?

Manish-Lucky you. You have a place to be called as Home. My home is illegally occupied by some Muslim men in Kashmir. By the way, we are going to NOIDA.

We exchanged our mobile numbers, with this hope that we will remain in touch with each other and share some more information and incidents on Kashmir. Before he left he said, ”you should ask Govt. for a place of your own in Kashmir”

Singh fared good bye to us. We watched his back as he walked with a limp towards the Boat. His family was already in the Boat. A man grabbed his hand and pulled him into the Boat. The boatman paddled the Boat away from us. we waved with our hands at Singh. He waved back. He alighted from the Boat, ascended the stairs , looked back at us and again waved. we waved back.
Singh Saab was gone but there are thousands of singh saab’s who have fought for Kashmir. Kashmiri Pandit’s fight for the restoration of their rights and justice is long, arduous with little support from the Government machinery. For some, it may look impossible to restore our basic fundamental rights in Kashmir. At times, it feels that a Kashmiri pandit is fighting a lone battle. But then we meet some people like singh, for whom Kashmir still matters. And hope floats. Just like that garland that floated in the Ganges and shielded our eyes from the blinding reflections of the Sun…..


Hang Afzal Guru!!!!

Today it marks yet another anniversary of Parliament attack.11 years back on this day, the temple of Indian constitution was attacked by the Lashkar-e-Toiba/Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists.12 people died including 5 terrorists in that Gun Battle. Investigations revealed the hand of Afzal Mohammed AKA Afzal Guru behind the attack and after a long trial, he was sentenced to death by the High court as well as Supreme court. His mercy petition is pending with the President of India.

Should he be hanged to death is a topic that has been discussed over and over again, with one section demanding vociferously his death, and other section opting for lifelong incarceration. There is a third section which alleged that the trial for Afzal guru has not been just. The politicians of Kashmir belong to the second section as Afzal Guru is a Kashmiri and kashmiri muslims empathize with Afzal. A large section of people in Kashmir believe that he has been framed.

Earlier it was Kasab, that needed to be hanged to death, now that Ajmal Kasab is dead, many politicians in the lok sabha, want the head of Guru.

Is there any guarantee that after the death of Kasab, there will be no terrorist attack on India?And suppose if Afzal Guru is Hanged to death, will it guarantee that the terrorist activities will cease to exist. The Politicians opine that the death of Guru will be a victory of justice especially the justice mentioned in the law of the land!

May I toss a question to all these intellectuals, law makers and politicians?

Why are the killers of Kashmiri Hindus roaming free and enjoying the security cover given to them by Government of India? why are the conspirators of killing and mass-exodus of Kashmiri Hindus sharing the dais of Indian politicians, law makers, Human Right activists as well as intelligentsia. Shouldn’t they be sentenced to death on the same lines as Afzal Guru?

I am sorry to say, this rhetoric is nothing short of melodramatic acts performed by maudlin stage actors. Remember Balwant singh Rajaona! His death sentence was not carried out by the Govt. of Punjab even though he openly confessed of conspiring to kill Beant singh-former Chief minister of Punjab.On the other hand the mass killer of Kashmiri Pandit-Bitta Karate is roaming free like a bird although he had also openly confessed of his crime, or for that matter Yasin malik.

The List is long , the message clear, the perpetrators of genocide of Kashmiri pundits will remain free and rule the land.

Is there some personal vendetta between the politicians and Afzal Guru!

Is the life of Indian politician more valuable than an ordinary man of India! definitely yes, that is why they want Afzal Guru to be dead. They want to send a clear message to terrorists-Don’t mess with politicians, because there are two tacit laws operating in our country-one for them and one for us….

Killing of Afzal will have livid repercussion in the Kashmir valley. Militancy will get the much needed impetus and there will be more damage to the lives of common kashmiri. The hurriyat, the mercenaries and the Pakistan will be praying for the death of Guru ,the macabre dance will give another bloodline to the precarious predators such as the Hurriyat and its coterie.

Personally, I don’t think hanging Afzal guru will serve any purpose, Afzal jailed for life will also give the message to the world, I hope that President Pranab Mukherjee will save the life of Guru although he may stay in jail for life for the crime.

Let the justice follow a chronological path …

Petition to UN Secretary General..

A National Democratic Think Tank on Minority Issues
3145 Gilbert Ave., Roseburg , OR , USA
Fax & Tel: 541-9578414

Mr. Ban Ki-moon
Secretary General
United Nations Organization Date: April 12, 2012

Sub: United Nations betrayal of the people of Jammu & Kashmir , India

Ref: UN demand that India repeal the Armed Forces Special Powers Act
(AFSPA) from militant and terrorist infested areas.

Dear Secretary General,

In a recent public statement Mr. Christof Heyns, a U.N Special Rapporteur, has demanded that India repeal its security related law, “The Armed Forces Special Powers Act” (AFSPA), from militant and terrorist infested areas in Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) State and in its other States in the North Eastern Region since such laws had no role in a democracy. Like scores of other UN officials who previously visited Kashmir from the West Mr. Heyns also ignored the existing ground realities and favored Jihadists and terrorists as against the people craving for peace and normalcy. Here we would like to deal with J&K since the UN has been debating and dealing with the Kashmir issue ever since the formation of India and Pakistan . To state briefly, the role of the world body relevant to this issue during the past 63 years has been disgustingly poor, irrational and hugely guided by the wishes and desires of the cold war antagonists. In its latest initiative asking India to repeal AFSPA, which in actuality means restoring the freedom of terrorists, Islamists and militants, the UN has betrayed the peace loving people of Kashmir who have waited for more than six decades for the removal of occupation of their territory by the external aggressors that include Pakistan and China and for unification of the State. The patriotic people of Kashmir have suffered enormous losses of lives and properties at the hands of terrorists yet the UN wants India to restore their freedom. It is clear from this policy that the UN does not hesitate to support terrorists, Islamists, murderers and plunderers if its manipulators ask it to do so. The history of UN betrayals in Kashmir runs deep but here we produce some noteworthy examples:

The UN betrayed Kashmiris by not recognizing the accession of J&K State to the Republic of India legally and constitutionally executed by Maharaja Hari Singh, the ruler of the state, on Oct. 26, 1947. The accession enjoyed over whelming support of the people and their leader Sheikh Abdullah. The instrument of accession was executed in accordance with the provisions and processes of the Independence of India Act duly adopted by the British Parliament.

The UN betrayed Kashmiris by not removing the illegal occupation of J&K territories by Pakistan and China . Both of these countries in collusion like land grabbers and expansionists had committed unprovoked aggression against the J&K State and occupied nearly half of the State;

The UN betrayed Kashmiris by not acting against the aggressors for radically altering the status quo in the occupied territories. The maintenance of status quo was a binding requirement under the provisions of the Security Council Resolution passed on March 30, 1951;

The UN betrayed Kashmiris by not demanding Pakistan, the epicenter of Islamic Jihad, first demolish and destroy the terrorist training camps, Jihad factories and militant organs set up throughout the PoK and Pak frontiers for destroying peace and tranquility in J&K. Osama bin Laden who resided in Pakistan was the number one enemy of the United States and was one of the front line generals of this civilizational war;

The UN betrayed Kashmiris by not stopping and punishing Pakistan for merging Kashmir’s northern territories with Pakistan and placing that entire area directly under Islamabad administration. By doing so Pakistan had seriously violated the directive of the Security Council;

The UN betrayed Kashmiris by not wiping out Pakistan led Mujahideen, Taliban, Al Qaeda, locally built Huriyat and other Islamist organizations for infiltrating in to J&K, launching Islamic crusade, ethnic cleansing, genocide, expelling more than a million ethnic minorities, becoming instrumental for killing more 100,000 Kashmiris with terrorist, Jihadi and militant attacks;

The UN betrayed Kashmiris when it did not stop Pakistan led Islamists from taking forcible control of all movable and immovable properties, businesses, institutions, jobs and professions belonging to ethnic minorities in the Indian part of Kashmir . The world body did not give a damn when the Islamists destroyed and looted hundreds of temples and places of worship belonging to non-Muslim minorities and took control of their estates and institutions;

The UN betrayed Kashmiris when it did not recognize the ousted non-Muslim minorities of Kashmir as refugees and/or internally displaced persons. It did not provide them necessary aid and relief as it had done in other places nor did it take any action towards restoring their human rights, civil, property, religious and political rights. Even now a large number of them survive as homeless wanderers around India and the globe. Countless appeals, petitions and representations to various organs of the UN including your office and the Human Rights Commission brought no relief;

The UN betrayed Kashmiris when in 1998/99, Mr. Feodar Starcevic, Director UN Information Center stationed at New Delhi, India, declined to take action on an appeal by a delegation of the victims of terrorism and Islamic Jihad for UN Secretary General’s intervention and for recognizing them as IDPs on the pretext that such action would amount to meddling into the internal affairs of India. But now like a hypocrite Mr. Christof Heyns, the special UN Rapporteur, in asking India to repeal its security law did exactly the same.

The UN betrayed Kashmiris when it completely disregarded and violated the emphatic declaration of Mr. Kofi Annan, the former UN Secretary General, to the effect that UN resolutions on Kashmir had lost their force and that the issue of plebiscite was redundant. Clearly a junior official of the UN seriously violated and contradicted the public statement of the Ex-Secretary General yet he was neither disciplined nor was he corrected.

The UN betrayed Kashmiris when it did not direct Pakistan to stop ethnic cleansing in PoK where the population of non-Muslims (Pandits, Sikhs, Dogras, Christians, Buddhists, Jains and others) used to be 20 to 25%. Today there is not a single member of these communities left there. In characteristic Islamist method they were killed, driven out of the country or forcibly converted to Islam;

The UN betrayed Kashmiris by not taking stern action against Pakistan when in 1963 it concluded an illegal boundary agreement with China and bartered away more than 5180 square kilometers forming Kashmir territory to gain Chinese support against India . Islamabad ignored the fact that Kashmir, presently under its illegal occupation, was well within the sovereign domain of India and it had no right to hand over its control to yet another expansionist country. This act of Pakistan constituted a serious breach of the UNCIP resolutions of 13th August, 1948 and Jan. 5, 1949. These serious violations did not bother the lords of the Security Council who deliberately remained hibernating;

The UN betrayed Kashmiris when it did not punish and extract a heavy price from Pakistan nor clipped its wings after it launched one after the other unprovoked wars against India in1948, 1965, 1971, and 1999 to take forcible control of Kashmir . The single ground for Pakistan’s claim upon Kashmir is the Muslim religion of its people yet Islamabad showed no hesitation or reluctance in handing over to China more than 5180 square kilometers of Kashmir’s land without bothering to ascertaining the views of Kashmiris;

The UN betrayed Kashmiris when it did not condemn, intervene and punish
Pakistan for transferring de facto control of Gilgit, Baltistan, Hunza and Nagar regions, (72,971 Km) parts of J&K State within the Indian sovereignty but under the illegal occupation of Pakistan , to China for crushing a strong autonomy movement by Shiia Muslims. These non-Sunni Muslims had launched a popular rebellion against Pakistani iron fisted Sunni rule. To oblige its partner in crime, according to the available reports, China has detailed an estimated 20,000 members of its People’s Liberation Army (PLA) not only to bring rebellious Shiias under control and through brutal means bring them to their knees but also to build a fast rail link, Old Silk Road and Karakoram Highway . These roads will enable China to extend its grip on the region and speed up its tankers from China to the Persian Gulf in 48 hours as against 25 days it takes now. Pakistan has condemned this portion of the Kashmiri Muslim population to be ruled by Chinese PLA (military rule) and democracy, freedom, government of the people and Islamic rule all have been bid good-bye. Furthermore, the Chinese are building some 22 huge tunnels on these roads without disclosing their dimensions and purpose. It is believed that they would be big enough to house missiles and other modern weaponry. For maintaining the occupation uninterruptedly the PLA personnel are building permanent enclaves for housing the occupation authority and administration;

The UN betrayed Kashmiris by tricking India in to accepting its nuclear disciplinary regime thus prohibiting New Delhi from producing and or deploying nuclear weapons for its defense. On the other hand China and Pakistan both possess nuclear weapons and are free from the nuclear disciplinary regime of the UN. Therefore, they can move their weapons freely on the newly built Old Silk Road and Karakoram Highway from Tibet to Baluchistan, very close to the boundaries of J&K State . The presence and close proximity of these deadly weapons to Kashmir and India ’s volatile region seriously jeopardizes the security of the rest of J&K state and India . Clearly the world body has acted absolutely irresponsibly by allowing the Sino-Pak partners to militarize and nuclearise this region.

The UN betrayed Kashmiris by ignoring these extremely important factors and asking India to repeal AFSPA without realizing its consequences in the region. The Islamists, separatists, Pak-agents and militants who welcomed and celebrated the UN announcement are already enjoying freedom to function without any restrictions as long as they remain peaceful and non-violent. Accepting the UN demand would mean allowing them to convert the Kashmir Valley into yet another Islamabad, Kabul and Kandahar. That should not be unacceptable to freedom loving and anti-terrorist people any where in the world.

The above stated instances establish that the UN has done nothing to render any type of support, assistance or action which could provide any kind of aid, relief or support to the peace loving Kashmiri and victims of Islamic Jihad. And in its initiative under discussion the UN has also disregarded and trampled upon its own aims and objectives and provided support and legitimacy to the very people who have set Kashmir on fire and who are committed to building an Islamic world order in a “world Caliphate”.

We demand that the UN should be supporting the victims of Jihad, militancy, terrorism and those who genuinely aspire for a durable peace and tranquility in the region. If the goal of the UN is to crush and defeat terrorism then despite the short sighted ideas of its keepers and the temptation of petro-dollars the world body’s present policy must be turned upside down.

One of the major steps forward in defeating terrorism in Kashmir would be to resettle the victims of Islamic Jihad back in their traditional habitat, in a territory carved out for their homeland under their own authority and away from militant Wahabi fundamentalism which has been the root cause of communal upheaval and genocide. The creation of such a territory among other things will most certainly serve as a front line fortress for combating Islamic Jihad and terrorism. For the realization of this noble goal the United Nations should stand by the patriotic Kashmiris who are determined to defeat and bury Wahabbism and its Jihadi arms.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely yours
Dr. Jagan N Kaul, Chair

Kashmir resolution introduced in the House of Representatives

pasted below the Kashmir resolution introduced in the house of representatives by Frank Pallone….

 HRES 387 IH


1st Session

H. RES. 387

Recognizing that the religious freedom and human rights violations of Kashmiri Pandits has been ongoing since 1989.


August 1, 2011


Recognizing that the religious freedom and human rights violations of Kashmiri Pandits has been ongoing since 1989.

Whereas Jammu and Kashmir has an ancient culture of religious tolerance and pluralism, where Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, and Christians practiced their faith freely in an atmosphere of mutual respect and peace until 1989;

Whereas Kashmiri Pandits are the original inhabitants of Kashmir, tracing their heritage and culture back several millennia;

Whereas Kashmiri Pandits have been the victims of documented human rights violations resulting in the severe curtailment of their religious freedom for more than two decades;

Whereas the Kashmiri Pandit population has declined from 400,000 in 1989 to a current level of less than 4,000 in the Kashmir valley and many Pandits continue to live in refugee camps;

Whereas international human rights organizations have noted the campaign of intimidation and violence directed by foreign militants and foreign terrorist organizations against Kashmiri Pandits;

Whereas thousands of Kashmiri Pandits, elected officials, and military personnel have been killed in terrorist attacks; and

Whereas numerous groups that have claimed responsibility for these attacks have been designated as foreign terrorist organizations by the United States Department of State: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the House of Representatives–

(1) condemns the extremist violence, lack of religious freedom, and human rights violations committed against Kashmiri Pandits, which they have endured for more than two decades; and

(2) insists that terrorist infrastructure in the region must be dismantled and terrorists should be held accountable for their actions.



European Union

European Union

Kashmir—this name brings mixed emotions and reactions from all over world. Some reactions are based on religious emotions especially from Muslim dominated countries, some based on the fact that it is a part of world’s largest democracy, or at present it is one of the world’s most dangerous places to work and live. Majority of the population of the Kashmir valley is Muslim Dominated with may be 10% minority comprising of Kashmiri Hindu or popularly called Kashmiri pundits and Sikhs. Kashmiri pundits were forced to leave Kashmir valley 18 years back by the so called Islamic jehadis or Islamic terrorists.

Religion was used as a tool to kill innocent Kashmiri pundits-the original inhabitants of Kashmir. Hinduism and Buddhism were the two main religions of Kashmir for more than thousand years and both these religions were equally respected and followed by the masses and both religions flourished side by side till the coming

of Islam in 13th century.

Since December 1989 everything changed for peace loving Kashmiri pundits who were and still are believers of peace and non-violence. Harmony, peace, and non-violence are like food, air and water to Humanity as a whole and it becomes more relevant to the present scenario as the world has virtually shrunk with the coming of internet.

Kashmir valley has been used as a laboratory by Muslim jihadis backed by Pakistan and they have left no stone unturned to infect the common Kashmiri people with violence and hatred towards the minority Hindu community of Kashmir. Although Muslims are majority population of Kashmir and the total population of Muslims in Kashmir will be 5-6 million but compared to the total population of India it is still a minority. The total population of Muslims is around 140-150 million which is roughly 14% of the total population.

India is probably the only country where you have president from minority religions

Especially Muslim presidents. This is primarily because of the fact that Majority populations of India-Hindus are by and large a very peaceful people. India has not attacked any country since last 1000 years. Religions like Islam came to India with Moguls from central Asia. And from Persia.

Coming back to Kashmir, Kashmiri pundits have been uprooted from their motherland and have suffered physically, mentally and financially the most as compared to the Muslims of Kashmir. The efforts of Indian government are not sufficient as India is still a developing country and vote bank politics of India is probably the worst form of Democracy and the biggest cause of uprooting Kashmiri pundits from Kashmir. At the time of Forced migration by the Muslim fundamentals ordinary Tents which were not even weather proof were provided as an accommodation to Kashmiri Hindus. And after many years were upgraded to one room apartments which looked more or less like cattle sheds than an apartment. Livelihood of Most of the Hindus was snatched by this religious terrorism, Thousands of people from Minority Hindu community were brutally murdered, properties looted and women raped by these so called Islamic Jihadis.

Every organization in India is politically backed and that was the main reason for the Human rights organization in India to keep mum on the plight of Kashmiri pundits and the government at the center kept the news of Forced migration under wraps and very-2 secret. That type of secretness is shown mostly by the communist countries. If majority population would have known the reasons of forced migration and killing of kashmiri Hindus It could change the results of the general election held every five years to choose the chief ministers and Prime Minister of India.

It is very unfortunate that kashmiri Hindus who are peace loving people, Crime free society and have a literacy rate of 100% and who have given some of the famous world leaders like Pundit jawarlal Nehru and Mrs. Indira Gandhi have suffered so much and are still suffering as so called humanitarian organizations like United nations or Human rights organizations, have constantly kept an blind eye on the suffering of kashmiri Hindus.

It is not only the policies of India and Pakistan to blame for the plight of kashmiri pundits; But UNHRC and European union members are equally responsible. Terrorist’s leaders like Yasin Malik in an interview with Tim Sebastian-BBC Hard Talk-Telecast-june-july 2001.admitted of killing number of people in Kashmir. It is disgusting, humiliating and a shame to Mankind when he is being welcomed in Discussions by European union members. It shows double standards of European union and United nations Human rights commission. I am very sorry to state here that E.U is preaching something and practicing something else. Discussing sensitive issues like Social and economic progress,Freedom,Security and Justice with organizations and Terrorists who follow the path of violence and who have lived most of their life killing innocent people and promote hatred among different sections of society can do very little for noble causes like freedom or justice or any of the objectives of European union. Not only this, It also encourages the young generation to follow the foot steps of terrorists to use violent ways of attaining objectives.


hidden facts about kashmir

Facts you must know!!!

Last Year India celebrated its 60th year of Independence. What does Independence means to me and my friends! We were not born before 1947 so we can’t really say how much really India has changed. But still in some ways I can say yes! India has changed …for good or bad ….may be both….. Earlier it was congress (I) …and only congress (I) ….with very little opposition before 1947- till Pundit Nehru’s death… Almost all freedom fighters that fought for independence were from congress and the ideological guru was Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi was no doubt an extra-ordinary human being and he gave new meaning to non-violent ways of achieving objectives…

Majority of Kashmiri Muslims supported Pakistani support to militancy because they felt Pakistan is a Muslim country and they felt more inclined to their religion. They believed everything which Pakistan radio and Pakistan news reported. Once I asked my friend about the reason of successive defeats of Pakistan’s army by Indian Army? He replied”wo to America ne Pakistan to fuss bomb diye the,is liye Pakistan har gaye”Meaning U.S.A had sold fake bombs to Pakistan and that was the reason Pakistan lost.These guys believe they are fighting independence struggle.

Kashmiri pundits or kashmiri Hindu’s were targeted because of our religion and our strong feelings towards India. Most of the children of kashmiri Muslims of low income group were sent to madrassas instead of normal schooling and brought up by their parents in such a way that they grew up hating Hindus and Most of the people who took to arms in early nineties belonged to this section of society. The seeds of hatred sown by Muslim parents can be seen clearly in Kashmir. One such instance was a Muslim child may be of 3-4 years old .This child said to a kashmiri Hindu without any provocation ” Batta goye cancer” meaning “Kashmiri pundit! may you be infected with cancer” without any reason and His mother was also there with him and instead of teaching him, she just laughed hysterically as if she had won a gold medal.

At another instance, My drawing teacher whom we used to call “faroq sir” was once asked by my friend”parvez”…..”Sir! You have started aging. One of your hairs in beard has turned white” He replied prophetly….”Yeh iman ka Baal hai” Meaning this single white hair denotes divine sincerity.

“Nizam-e-mustafa” is like what we call”Ram-Rajya”.But as usual everyone believes that” my religion is the best and only my religion is true” It is mainly because of the ignorance about other religions, their teachings and their principles. Once I had an argument with my Muslim friend. He told me something which secretly every Muslim beleives.He said” Neil Armstrong had heard the voice of Allah when he was at moon and he later converted to Islam.” Another gossip which every Muslim believes is “Islam is the fastest growing religion in U.S.A” I don’t know their source of news and I don’t care as it is not actually the news, it is the faith which they want to believe in. Same is true with us Hindus also. But I must add here Hindus are much more tolerant than all the other religions. Because Hinduism is a way of living life in harmony with the nature. That is why we worship almost everything which follows circle of life and death; we worship Living and non-living because we believe that God is in everything. He is in life and death, in good and bad and we worship god in form as well as in formless.

Coming back to Kashmir issue, Pakistan has outscored India in Kashmir. Common Kashmiri Muslim look to Pakistan for instructions and emotional support .At the same time they look towards India for monetary support. India could not do much in Kashmir and they failed in all fields. Main reason for militancy in Kashmir was long support of Pakistan towards separatists of Kashmir. Routing of foreign militants from Afghanistan and other Muslim turbulent countries to Kashmir with the  active support of Pakistan .The other main reason for deteriorating condition in Kashmir was inclination of national leaders towards Muslim leaders of Kashmir after the death of Mrs. Gandhi. In nut shell Indian leaders from center were misleaded by the Muslim leaders of Kashmir. At the time of Mrs. Gandhi, Things were better as she more head strong and politically more active and was in constant touch with the Hindu leaders of Jammu& Kashmir including Kashmiri pundits and Dogras.

You will find it very interesting that for any political party(except congress and BJP) to grow and sustain in Kashmir valley… have to follow one proved formulae——-Speak anti-India, act anti-India and make people of Kashmir  believe that we will bring ”nizam-a-muztafa”.


Kashmiri pundits have seen it all and are victims of Minority vote bank politics of India.

I don’t know whether Muslims of India are living as second grade citizens of India or equal citizens, But in Kashmir, Kashmiri Hindus are living as second grade citizens because of our religion and Indian Nationality. exploitation can be seen very clearly Between Muslims and Hindus of Kashmir. As all of you know There is a property boom all over India. But in Kashmir valley there is boom only for Muslim properties. Properties of Hindus are underestimated because Muslims think that “yeh property to aaj bi hamari hai or kal be hamari hooni hai,kharidani ki zaroorat kya hai”and even If a Hindu property is bought, It will be usually half the prevailing  market price.  All this has happened and is happening in Kashmir and govt at center knows everything but they are helpless to solve this problem as  they think about their minority vote bank and they don’t want these things to be known publicly as this tarnish their image and will create a threat to minorities of India.

This is definitely the double standards of Indian democracy.If hindus who constitute the majority population of India are treated in such a step motherly way, just for the sake of vote bank, Then Definitely time has come when Indian constitution needs amendment.In Kashmir… politians and terrorists run a nexus and work jointly to ensure that Kashmiri hindus are kept outside the valley..An organised lobby is trying its best to illegaly capture the properties attached to  various temples and religious shrines of Hindus by tampering with the original documents…. 

I sometimes wonder”What will happen if Majority population of India behaves same way as Kashmiri Muslims  behaved with Hindus of Kashmir?”




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Eighteen years have passed since Kashmiri pundits migrated to different parts of India and leaving Kashmir. Last year one of my friends went to hari parbat.While coming back he saw small children playing. He spoke to them in Kashmiri asking them their names but instead of answering their names they looked back to my friend with a surprise. They ran away and said to each other”yem hai koshur boolan” meaning they are speaking Kashmiri. Well eighteen years is a long time and the new generation (Muslims) who were born in Kashmir and kashmiris who were born outside Kashmir (Hindus) have no idea about each other. Religions have created a very deep rift among the Hindus and Muslims of Kashmir. When Muslims started jihad against India 18 years back, they were sure that they will get azadi(freedom) very soon and they also believed Pakistan will help them. On the other part kashmiris pundits were also very sure that in hour of crisis India will help them. Well today kashmiris-both Hindus and Muslims know India and Pakistan are not really interested in them. But they are interested in Kashmir-Both want Kashmir and nobody is bothered about kashmiri people. India and Pakistan have started talking about Kashmir under pressure from U.S.A. Interesting part is kashmiri Hindu and kashmiri Muslims leaders are not involved. I don’t know how are they going to resolve this problem without taking into confidence common kashmiri people-whether Hindus or Muslims!

India says It is secular! But the question is whether India is really secular?

I have earlier written in my blogs about the double standards of Indian Democracy. It is believed that Muslims constitute about 14% of the total population of India which means there are around 14-15 crore Muslims in India. Like kashmiri pundits Indian Muslims are also victims of democratic set up of India. Majority of Muslims feel alienated from India because of the drawback of democratic set up of India. Like Kashmiri Hindus It matters very little whether they vote or not not. And since they don’t form majority vote bank of any party, they get neglected. It is a high time when constitution and Judiciary system of India get updated. True democracy is where each and every citizen of India should have equal say in representing Member of parliament, Ministers, Prime minister and President.

From 60 years there has been very little amendment in constitution and judiciary system of India. Caste based politics is very harmful for the harmony among different castes and even states. Reservation based on caste is even more harmful. There should be reservation for economically weaker section but the criteria should not be caste based rather it should start from poorest of poor. But the present democratic system cannot allow this because of vote bank politics.

Poorest of poor in India don’t come under any vote bank. This section of society is illiterate and they struggle for the very basic needs like food and shelter. Every now and then I read in Newspapers India is shining! Rich are getting richer and poor are getting from bad to worse. but who cares! Middle class is also silently suffering. The boom in real estate is only for builders and estate promoters. Some 5-6 years back housing was in reach of middle class. One could think of buying land in Metros and cities and construct a house. But today it is impossible. India is not shining it is disintegrating. Division between rich and poor is getting wider and wider.

The basic needs of food and shelter have become more difficult  and the present govt and India is Shining. India is shining only for politicians and economically higher class.

The primary teachings of all the religions are more or less same. Every Religion teaches love, harmony, peace, Kindness, non-voilence discipline and self control. But in present India and world religion is mixed with politics and the basic meaning has been deformed. Religion has not even spared even animals. A dog in Christian gets a Christian name, In a Muslim household gets a Muslim name and in Hindus he become Hindu and he is even applied tilk on forehead. nature is same for all and nature has same laws for everyone. Bodily functions of all humans irrespective of their religion, caste and race are same. The feelings are also same .Mother-child love is same for every religion, caste and race. Blood is red for every human being. Everything is same essentially. Nature does not favor or disfavor anyone. But everything changes for all when religion comes into picture.

Every religion says about heaven and hell, Swarg and nark, Jannat and jahanum ….basically different terminology for same thing i.eAfter death worlds! Muslim will go to jannat after death, Hindu will go to swarg and Christian will go to heaven. What will happen if a Christian accidentally goes to jannat after death? He will definitely feel a misfit. Similarly when a Muslim dies and accidentally he reaches heaven he will also feel misfit primarily because he does not know English!

Nature does not discriminate but religions do. If we speak to a priest, A moulvi or a Pundit one will definitely come to conclusion that there is a war between Allah, god and Bhagwan.Every one wants more and more devotees. But the question is what for? Different names such as Allah, god and bhagwan are same but names are different, but the basic element is same. Roman”>Writing above lines has only one motto-We are all same irrespective of our nationalities, religions, caste and race. Same laws apply to kashmiris also but again religion has divided them. Kashmir belongs to kashmiris whether Hindus or Muslims .But who will come forward to bridge the gap between the two communities as there is no communication between these two. We have same ancestors if we go back to may be eight hundred years. But see the present scenario! We hardly know each other. We look towards each other with suspicion. We don’t trust each other! Who is responsible for all this? Is it Religion or politics? Is it India or Pakistan or is it you and me——-common kashmiris?


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Kashmir…..the paradise… birthplace had a very rich history and culture. It was the most peaceful and non-violent region of India. I remember when I was a boy; I used to play with my Muslim friends and classmates. I remember particular one friend His name was Nasir.He used to throw his weight around and threaten other boys of the class.Though he was not the strongest of the boys. He used to brag about his connections and relations with notorious rogues. He used to say that he knows “phila”.I once asked him “who is phila”? he said” He is the most  powerful rogue and gangster of Kashmir at that time(late 80’s).He also told me that phila had once attacked his rival with a knife and scratched hid shoulder. Though it was a scratch and not a stab, but still that was enough for the common Kashmiri to create fear in their hearts. Rapes and murders were unheard in Kashmir.Although there used to be minor scuffles sometimes and exchange of fists and blows and thrashing of kangries(traditional fire pot), but murders were very-2 far.

  Up to 13th century .It was a seat for learning sharda and Sanskrit .Many rulers ruled Kashmir like Kambojas and Panchals.13 th century saw the dominance of Islam in Kashmir. Sufis and rishis were respected, worshipped and followed by all.  There was a syncretic culture where Hindus and Muslims revered the same local saints and prayed at the same shrines. Sikandar Butshikan changed it all and he  persecuted the Hindus and issued orders proscribing the residence of any other than Muslims in Kashmir.Silver and gold idols of gods were broken on orders of sikander.He forcibly converted hindus to muslims and number of hindus migrated to different parts of Present India.The torture of Kashmir hindus continued till the coming of Dogra rulers. 

Come Jan 1990, V.P.singh as prime minister and Mufti Mohammed sayyed as Home minister of India. Same Kashmir turned into a virtual hell especially for Kashmiri Hindu pundits. Mosques which are place for worship was used as a platform to terrorize Hindus. Announcements from loudspeakers from  the local mosques said that either you support us or you die. In fact Hindus were selectively massacred by the local terrorists. In just 3 months Local terrorists with the active support of Pakistan’s I.S.I killed hundreds of innocent Hindus and usually they targeted the main bread earner. This selective killing of Hindus by the Muslims virtually wiped out the entire population of Kashmiri Hindus from Kashmir. It was an ethnic cleaning of Hindus from Kashmir with the active support of Pakistan.

Even sufi-rishi tradition could not withstand the violent ways of terrorist killing.


Some terrorists in Kashmir dramatically declared after years that now they had a divine transformation of hearts and now they have shunned violent ways. Prominent among these pseudo-prophets are Farooq Ahmed dar alias Bitta karate who had self confessed on local television of killing more than 22 innocent Hindus and Yasin Malik-chairman of JKLF.


. The strongest of the species survive. This is a universal truth. And this applies to both animals and humans. History is like statistics or should I say statistics is like history.

Statistics is all about numbers. It is about forecasting of numbers. History is also like forecasting, but it is not the numbers here but events……past events…..number of past events….. Which are responsible for our present and the present events are pillars for the future events to happen. History says that Kashmir pundits are intellectuals, although we are less in number but our community has produced some of the genius and world class leaders like Pundit jawahar lal Nehru and Indira Gandhi

It is practically impossible to return back to our natives place in present scenario. There are number of Kashmiri Hindu organizations and groups who are struggling and fighting for the rights of Kashmiri Hindus. The demand for a protected area or a separate Kashmir within Kashmir under Indian jurisdiction is a very practical solution for sufferings of Kashmir Hindus as that will protect both their culture and religion and will also protect their birth land for future generations to come.