Kishtwar’s communal clashes….

Kishtwar-The mountainous town of Jammu division is burning in violence. Officially two people-Arvind Kumar and Bashir ahmed sheikh have been declared dead. Hundreds have been reportedly injured in these communal clashes. Allegations and recriminations are being hurled by the mainstream political parties and the Pakistan-sponsored separatists on each other as well on Nationalist -Indian –political- parties.

I remember it vividly how my Muslim friends were galvanized to revolt against their own brethren on the name of Jihad. A Muslim friend who had later on became a terrorist had once confessed to me that He was told by his seniors that all the Kashmiri Pandits have magazines in their Houses and the pundits have acquired huge arms and ammunition, which they will eventually use to kill the Muslims .
In 1989-90, The mosques across the Kashmir valley were ranting against India. The loudspeakers in shrilled tones were inciting the Muslim mobs to act against India and Hindus. The houses of Kashmiri Pandits were stoned. Kashmiri Pandits were killed selectively that finally led to the mass-exodus of Kashmiri Pandits.

Using the mosques as a base to incite the mobs was successfully carried out in Kashmir to cleanse the ethnic minorities. Usually the Maulvi acted as a Bellwether.Same strategy is/was used to flare up the communal conflagration in Kishtwar too. First it was at Gool, when a Maulvi incited a mob to attack the BSF Camp. Now it is Kishtwar. This time on the eve of Eid, the Muslim-fundamentalists aroused the feelings of Muslims to attack the minorities and burn down their shops and properties.

The role of Minister of state for Home-Sajjad Kitchloo is also under the lens. It has been alleged that he turned a blind eye on the whole incident, in spite of being present in Kishtwar on the eve of Eid. The minorities also blame him for masterminding the whole act. The policy of using the minorities as scapegoats has in the past given desired result to the Ruling political party. The policy has been in vogue since last many decades. National conference has many-a-times used the support of Religion to garner some more votes. In the past they had even approached the Muslim-voters with a book of Holy Quran, just to show themselves as core-religionists. The tweets by J&k chief minister is yet another proof of polarization based on Religion. When leader of opposition Smt. Sushma swaraj asked J&K C.M about the Kishtwar communal clashes, Omar responded divisively. The content is reproduced below:
Twitter user with the handle @A_Ashish14 tweeted to the BJP leader alleging atrocities during clashes in the eastern side of Kashmir. The following exchange ensued:
@SushmaSwarajbjp (03:16 pm): @abdullah_omar This requires immediate attention. @A_Ashish14
@SushmaSwarajbjp (03:35 pm): I have checked up from Kishtwar. Many injured. Houses and shops burnt. Pl do something immediately. @abdullah_omar
@abdullah_omar (03:38 pm): @SushmaSwarajbjp injuries & damage has taken place on both sides. Situation is being rapidly brought under control. Adequate forces sent.
@SushmaSwarajbjp (03:45 pm): @abdullah_omar I am not referring to any side. Every person injured there is a Hindustani.
@abdullah_omar (03:46): @SushmaSwarajbjp exactly my point. But the lies on …Kishtwar are designed to inflame passions & polarize people
With such people at the helm, these incidents are bound to happen again and again.

The minorities of J&K are not safe at all. The two mainstream political parties have failed to give a sense of security to the Hindus of J&k. Omar Abdullah who was a critic of the armed forces was all praises for them after the communal clashes of Kishtwar .It was the armed forces that swiftly controlled the violence in Kishtwar.JK police yet again failed to deliver .

Even today the situation is not totally under control and 8 towns of jammu are under curfew. The internet has been snapped in Jammu fearing it may fuel up more tension(or to conceal the truth and causalities of the Hindu minorities of Kishtwar)

Kashmiri separatists are also cashing on the Kishtwar communal clashes. Syed Ali shah Geelani had been advocating for long to disband the VDC. He and his coterie want the minorities of Kishtwar to be hapless and helpless. They want to repeat the sadist approach of violent deaths in Kishtwar, after their success in Kashmir-that forced the indigenous community of Kashmiri Pandits to leave their Hearths and Homes.They want to repeat Kashmir in Doda,Kishtwar and Bhaderwah.

KP’s were sitting ducks with no arms to defend themselves against the Pakistan-backed armed terrorists. Had KP’s been also provided arms and ammunition like the VDC’s, the situation would have been different. The step taken to arm a group of Indians in Kishtwar to defend honor and lives is applaudable.

I dare all the separatists to give a call to Pakistani to disarm the terrorists. Show us all that they genuinely believe in peace.How come, not a single call has been given by the separatists to the armed -youth known as militants, to follow peace, and give-up guns and violent ways. The dichotomous policy followed by separatists speaks their devious intentions in volumes.



  1. rahul
    Posted August 12, 2013 at 1:29 pm | Permalink | Reply

    The whole episode of Kishtwar is the handiwork of Pakistan.They want to islamize the whole state.They want to convert the whole sate so that J&k becomes difficult to govern and accede to pakistan….

  2. rahul
    Posted August 12, 2013 at 1:41 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Pakistan ko bum se udao.Yeh behan c— kashmir me ungal karte rehte hain.Pakistan udao india bachoa…na rahega baas na bajeygi bansuri……

  3. admin
    Posted August 12, 2013 at 1:44 pm | Permalink | Reply

    just now Minister of state for home sajjad kitchloo resigns….

  4. kawal
    Posted August 12, 2013 at 2:34 pm | Permalink | Reply

    The Centre on Monday said it is seeking a report from the Jammu and Kashmir government on the incidents of violence in Kishtwar and adjoining areas where three people lost their lives and 75 business establishments and 35 vehicles were damaged in incidents of arson.
    Click here!

    Talking to reporters outside Parliament House, Minister of State for Home RPN Singh said the Centre is also providing all possible help to the state to bring calm in the Jammu region.

    “We are in constant touch with the state government. We are giving them all support to bring calm in Jammu. We have also asked the state government to arrest all miscreants so that normalcy can be brought about in the areas of Jammu and regions adjoining it. We are seeking a report from them,” he said.

    Curfew has been clamped in several districts in Jammu region as tension prevailed following outbreak of communal violence in Kishtwar on Friday that left three persons dead and scores injured.

    Authorities have imposed curfew and deployed army in the Jammu and Rajouri districts after some incidents of arson and communal tension.

    Additional forces have also been deployed in sensitive areas to avert any untoward incident.

    Leader of the Opposition in Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley was on Sunday detained in Jammu and was not allowed to visit Kishtwar.

    “A total of 68 shops, 7 hotels and 35 vehicles have been damaged during the untoward incident and 3 casualties have been reported so far (in the communal violence in Kishtwar district),” Divisional Commissioner Shantmanu said.

    The state government has ordered an inquiry by the divisional commissioner into the incident and promised severe punishment to those found responsible for death and destruction in Kishtwar.

    “Authorities have already started the process of assessment of damages to the property in Kishtwar and videography has been completed,” the divisional commissioner said after a meeting late on Sunday night.

    “General condition in the division is stated to be under control and efforts are on to restore rule of law,” he said.

    Deputy Chief Minister Tara Chand along with senior Cabinet ministers had last night called the meeting of civil society members, representatives of different political parties, social organisations, trade unions and prominent members of the society to discuss the situation in the violence-hit areas.

    The deputy chief minister said, “All necessary steps would be taken to ensure restoration of peace and confidence among all sections of society.”

    He said the state’s economy is heavily dependant on tourism sector and such incidences adversely affect the backbone of economy.

    Communal clashes broke out in Kishtwar area of Jammu province on Eid which later spread to other parts of the region including Jammu city and Rajouri town.

    Curfew has been clamped in several districts in Jammu region as tension prevailed following outbreak of the communal violence on Friday.

    Image: Minister of State for Home RPN Singh addressed media over Kishtwar violence outside Parliament on Monday
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