Assam and Kashmir ethnic cleansing…

Assam –has notoriously and conspicuously grabbed the News Headlines for the ethnic( read religious) conflict between the Bodos and Bangla muslims(read Bangladeshis) which has taken more than 75 lives so far in the last month or so. The area of conflict was the Bodoland where Bodos constitute more than 90% Hindus .Bodos and majority of Hindus in Assam attribute this violence to the influx of Bangla Muslims(read illegal).The indigenous Assamese muslims have so far refrained from any provocative statement on this conflict.
The name coined for this Violence is ethnic violence(It is religious)

In Kashmir the indigenous Kashmiri Hindus(Kashmiri Pandits) were forced by the Muslim Jihadis to leave by selectively killing them .the cold blooded murders led to the mass exodus of kashmiri Hindus.

In the case of Assam violence, there has been reported a mass exodus of around 5lakh people. The displaced people constitute both Bodos as well as Bangla Muslims.

In the case of Kashmir,at least 4 lakh people got displaced from their homes .All the displaced people were Kashmiri Hindus.

The repercussions of Assam violence resonated in whole of India and the people of North-East particularly Assamese were targeted in Pune, Mumbai ,Bangalore, Hyderabad .People from Assam thronged to their nearest Railway stations and fled to Assam fearing more attacks from the Muslims.

No such repercussions as Hindus are peace loving .It has been thousand years since India attacked any country. In fact majority of Indians are still oblivious to the ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus.

The Bangla Muslims constitute more than 30% of the total population and their votes are extremely important for political parties, they can bring into power at least two Lok sabha M.P’s(Member of parliament).There are rumors that certain political have given their tacit approval to the influx of illegal Bangladeshi Muslims.

It is believed that in early 20th century the numbers of Kashmiri Hindus were one million, which declined to 4-7lakh, as they have been migrating to other parts mainly because of the lack of religious freedom in Kashmir .However 1990 proved beyond doubt that those who had migrated in 40’s had taken the right decision, At least they didn’t suffer the ways their successors suffered in 90’s.
Kashmiri Hindus have no voice in the political arena of J&k. Even the central government have so far behaved invidiously with them.

The governments at the state and center have refrained to use the word communal in the case of Assam Violence and have blamed the repercussions and retaliatory action of Muslims on Pakistan and ISI.

In the case of Kashmir ethnic cleansing, It was said by the Government that Pakistan ,ISI ,Muslim terrorists brainwashed by Pakistan were responsible for the killings and mass exodus of Hindus. As a Kashmiri Hindu I know who are responsible for my exodus and I remain witness to the blatant lies and blatant injustice of my own successive governments.

There has been ethnic violence between the Bodos and the Bangla Muslims in the past also and once the violence subsided, the bodos and Muslims have moved back to their homes. This time also they will repeat the same.

Last year many Kashmiri Hindus came back to Kashmir, this year thousands of Kashmiri Pandits came back to Kashmir. But Alas, they came back as tourists to see their motherland, where they and their ancestors had lived from last 5000 years.
23 years have passed since Kashmiri Hindus left their homes….
Returning to their native land is still a dream……………………..a distant dream..

The pain has been expressed in the following lines..

In my Dreams
I saw my childhood
happily screaming
and running
up and down the stairs
of my erstwhile home
when I opened my eyes
I saw my Childhood
mauled and Chocked…

In my Dreams
I saw my Happiness
blooming in the flower
that embelleshed
the kitchen garden
of my erstwhile home
when I opened my eyes
I saw my happiness
withered and crumpled…

In my Dreams
I saw my Grandparents
playing with me
in my erstwhile home
When I opened my eyes
I looked sadly
at the photo of my
Late Grandparents…

In my dreams
I saw my freedom
roaming around the
chinars and in the brooks
i saw my freedom
riding the kite above
my erstwhile home
when I opened my eyes
I saw my freedom
incarcerated and in shackles…

In my Dreams
I saw my soul
in the erstwhile home
of my loved ones
drinking the nectar of love
at the feet of lord shiva
when I opened my eyes
I did not see my soul
for, I have not seen my soul
since that day
when I was forced to
leave the home where
I was born………..



  1. Murtaza
    Posted August 21, 2012 at 2:18 pm | Permalink | Reply

    This is absurd post….Those muslims are bangalis but they are not bangladeshis…Bodos have long ago felt alieanated from the mainland India..Muslims have been branded as troublemakers by the enemies of Islam as it is the fastest growing religion.

  2. Debojit
    Posted August 21, 2012 at 3:06 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Assamese are peace loving people,At they same time tey also know how to safeguard their land and lives from the intruders.The indigenous muslims are also peace loving.The problem however is because of the illegal bangladeshis who have grabbed large chunks of land that belong to the Assamese.Also these muslims are the product of wahabi mindset and hence are intolerable….

  3. vimal mohan
    Posted August 21, 2012 at 3:30 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Sir, Assamese rebels like paresh Barua and many others had been hobnobbing with ISI and Bangladesh Army and Intelligence . They had their bases in Bangladesh . They have been welcoming Muslims to work in their fields n other menial work since ages. Bodos were not part of this attitude .

    It is unfortunate that situation is bad there . Bodos are suffering .



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    • admin
      Posted August 22, 2012 at 5:08 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Yes sir,It is very unfortunate that bodos are slowly but steadily on the verge of becoming minorities in their own land.
      Rebels like Barua are equally responsible for the present chaos as ULFA is working closely with ISI and Bangladeshi intelligence…..
      The role of ULFA should also have been highlighted by our intelligentsia as well as the media.
      Thanks and Regards

  4. Debojit
    Posted August 22, 2012 at 10:52 am | Permalink | Reply

    The police in their secret report has termed it as communal violence insted of the following that appeared in times of India..


    Non-Bodos feel BTC ignoring them

    Secret Police Report Puts Kokrajhars Bodo Population At 30%,Muslim At 25.15%

    Kokrajhar:Making a case for deployment of more police personnel and strengthening the force in Kokrajhar,a confidential report by the Assam police meant for internal circulation,says part of the reason that the ethnic violence spiralled was the pathetic manpower at their disposal.It,however,adds,that the policemen it managed to deploy,failed to act in sheer fear.
    The secret paper,called Brief on communal clash,bearing the insignia of the Assam police on its opening page,says in a section titled Learning from the incident that there was fear of cutting edge to take prompt action.This is something that happens often during communal clashes when cops,for fear of political reprisal,allow the situation to deteriorate so much that any action taken thereafter seems late.
    The report,a copy of which is with TOI,says in Kokrajhar,four new police stations and five additional outposts are needed.There is also a plea for 40 prefabricated barracks for platoon strength and 10 for company strength.It says it needs eight deputy superintendents of police,75 sub-inspectors,150 male and 50 female constables.The police-population ratio stands at a measly 79 per lakh.They also want 120 light motor vehicles,75 medium and 15 heavy motor vehicles,and 100 motorbikes to cover an area that is 2,700 sq km of both plains and hills.The report gives a demographic break-up that shows Bodos at 3.10 lakh (30%) and Muslims at 2.36 lakh (25.15%): something the tribals have been repeatedly pointing out as a cause for worry and evidence that illegal migration from Bangladesh into Bodo areas is happening unabated.
    The deputy chief of the Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC),Kampa Borgoyari,mentions how in the last census the Muslim population,of largely Bengali-speaking people,stood at 15%.But this is so sensitive and can have such political repercussions that the Assam government steadfastly chooses to maintain silence over it,refusing to go into any details.
    Of the nearly 10.50 lakh people in the district,the Rajbongshis account for 1.65 lakh,the adivasis 1.86 lakh and others,mainly Nepalis and Bengalis,another 1.33 lakh,making a deadly cauldron of conflicting interests and a present marred by a tumultuous,dark history.Since 1993 alone,there have been seven major communal clashes in Kokrajhar involving adivasis,Bodos,Muslims and others.While 61 were killed in 1993,according to police records,it was 113 in 1994,198 in 1996,186 in 1998,and close to 80 now.
    It is also not just a fight for land that is at the heart of repeated skirmishes and unrelenting unease in these parts.The BTAD (Bodoland Territorial Area Districts ),also called BTC,was formed on February 10,2003 after years of bloody struggle launched by the Bodos for a separate homeland.But now,the police report says,there is acute feeling among non-Bodos that their socio-economic-political issues are not being addressed properly.And that there is a feeling of apathy by the present BTC leadership towards the non-Bodo populace.
    Of course,there is also continued tension among the various communities regarding encroachment of forest land 71,988 hectares by the polices reckoning but what is of the greatest concern to the administration here is the growing and strident involvement of outfits like the All Bodoland Minority Student Union and the Assam Minority Students Union in agitational politics in BTC areas.As a home ministry report says,some extremist groups are already looking to fish in troubled waters.That for a region which has just come out of a debilitating and years-long fight for identity and space is not good news.

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