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Contrition of a separatist leader….

Posted in JAMMU & KASHMIR, kashmir by Sandeep on January 4, 2011

21 years may not be a long time in History but for a mortal like man it is a hell lot of time. One entire generation is born and raised in 20+ years. Time provides a tough challenge and makes or breaks sprit in men. For some It gives them courage to speak truth which though looks very easy, but in reality ,is one of the most difficult virtues to stand for. Not everyone can be like Mahatma Gandhi who makes Truth look so easy and who practices non-violence in form of thought, word and deed. But at least one can always try to stand for Truth. Recently Separatist leader Prof. Abdul Ghani Bhat also showed some courage as he spilled the beans,and spoke that truth, which for long ,pro-pakistani separatists were hiding in their hearts.
His stark revelation was long known to Indian administration, but in this phase of unrest ,nobody would have believed them. It may come as a shock for some to know that their beloved religious leader Moulvi Faroq and Separatist leader Abdul Ghani lone were cold bloodily murdered by their own men!!! Prof. Bhat revealed, that even his brother, Mohammed Sultan Bhat, was also killed by those who were espousing the separatists cause.

From his speech, I have extracted some of his statements..
““We have to first accept and speak the truth about ourselves. We can’t build a movement on lies,”
““This movement started with the assassinations of thinkers and the people who held an opinion,”
“If you want to rid people of Kashmir of sentimentalism bordering on insanity, you have to speak the truth.”
“India didn’t kill him either.”

Prof. Bhat also flayed the idiosyncratic dictum of chronological hartals, forced by “G” faction of Hurriyat, which affect common man the most and termed it as a result of “no thinking” and “no strategy” on the part of Hurriyat Hawk syed ali shah Geelani. Geelani was also imputed for the death of 114 innocent lives as his faction was spearheading the 6 month long agitation.

Some blame, definitely lies with Indian administration also because ,they are also responsible for the imbroglio in Kashmir. If Kashmiri Muslims feel alienated, from rest of Country, It is the responsibility of Indian administration which includes both governments at state and centre to dispel their fears of alienation.
Sometimes,I wonder if the problem of Kashmir has been created by India? Is article 370 mainly responsible for the sense of alienation as far as Kashmiri Muslims are concerned! Because that article somehow, somewhere has created a division of inequality in the minds of Kashmiri Muslims. Mainstream Political parties speak of “Self Rule”And “Greater Autonomy” which further strengths the idea in Kashmiri Muslims that they are unequal to rest of the Indians. I would definitely like to ask the mainstream political parties of Kashmir about the concept of “self rule” or “Greater Autonomy” and how it can dilute the fears of alienation faced by Kashmiri Muslims!
At the time of India-Pakistan Partition, we all know that J&K was under the monarchial rule of Maharaja Hari Singh who acceded to India by his own will. Since Pakistan was not even born before 1947, there was not any uprising based purely on religion, as is in the case of today’s Kashmir. It was not any “epiphany” for common masses , as was stated by noted Novelist Arundati roy, But a heavy dose of lies and conspiracy coated with religion, which has made the” Kashmir”, of today.
Coming back to Prof. Bhat’s catharsis and contrition of heart, His revelations have uncovered the ugly facet of so called Kashmir Freedom struggle , which was draped otherwise in a thick layer of lies. This whole episode also implies the struggles and war of pride, prejudice, envy and personal aspirations of those who claim to be at the helm of the struggle. Another thing which became clear from this episode is that, there is lot of rivalry between different separatists, for supremacy, of becoming “the Alpha” among leaders of Kashmir.

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  2. himansgu said, on January 4, 2011 at 6:46 pm

    This is an ugly face of demagauges and politicians who feed on the sentiments of common people.But one thing surprises me about Prof. Bhat, the timing of these whole revelations.We all know that his height has been curtailed from kashmir separatist politics since last 3-4 years…I hope we will hear some more truths from some other quarters.

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