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Jagmohan behind Exodus of one million Muslims in Swat valley

Posted in kashmir, Uncategorized by Sandeep on May 12, 2009

Pakistan is buckling under the pressure of Islamic jihadis created by its intelligence agency I.S.I, A group of unemployed, unethical, blood thirsty lechers
Who probably have nothing to do with Sufi philosophy of Islam, and who call themselves Taliban are conveniently using Islam for killing and torturing innocent people in SWAT valley of Pakistan.ISI’s baby has grown monstrously to swallow even the present Pakistan.
As a Human being, I have soft corner for one million Pakistanis who had to fled from Taliban controlled Pakistan. One million Pakistanis have become refugees in their own land exactly the same way as Kashmiri Pandits who are spending their 20th year in Exile.
In both cases it is the Pakistan’s ISI who is primarily responsible for the exodus.
ISI had conveniently used Islam as an effective tool to eliminate the Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir by employing the local Kashmiri Muslims as terrorists to kill
On the name of Islam.
For last twenty years we have been asked the following question a thousand times
As to why did KPs leave Kashmir”?
Many people have answered this question on our behalf without even asking us.
First and at the forefront to answer it on our behalf was the propaganda machine of JKLF who spread the rumour that Jag Mohan wanted to annihilate KMs and as such asked KPs to clear Kashmir so that his such a plan could be acted upon. This of course was trash but what is important is that this vicious thought was cooked in the ISI’s rotten cooking pots just to drive a wedge between well meaning KMs and KPs as these KMs(very few though) could have otherwise questioned targeting innocent KPs.

The second group to ask this question is the Pakistanis who we meet at neutral venues of the world. These people are so blindly awash with Paki propaganda that they can not separate chafe for the grain.

The third group who asked this question is the unconcerned sections of Indian population, these people are so comprehension less that even if a Bangla Deshi illegal Immigrant was to become their CM or even the PM they would not even notice or find anything untoward in it.

But my KP brothers and sisters, this question has finally been answered by none other than the God Almighty himself, who is the most merciful and just.

We were just 600,000 who were made to run for our lives and the Honor of our womenfolk by the conditions that prevailed in the then J&K. Today over 1,000,000 Muslim Pakistanis had to run away from Swat and Bunker and these numbers are swelling by the minute.
Now what has
i) ISI machinery and its stooge JKLF or Hurriat Conference to say as to why 1,000,000 Pakistani ran away form their own lands.
ii) What have overseas Pakistani to say about the same and can they compare this scenario with KP’s plight.
iii) What have Pakistanis in general to say about the ejection of one million fellow Pakistani swatis from their home and hearth.

Things have come a full circle, “Bakre ki Maa kab tak Khaair manayege”.
Time of reckoning (Kayamat ka din) for the perpetrator of Kashmiri mayhem may not be far away.

Inputs by MR. Satya Prakash

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  1. Dr Shoaib Abrar said, on May 25, 2009 at 4:42 am

    Well, I don’t know what exactly went wrong in the early 90s. I was quiet young at that time….

    But I have come across two theories… One is that Jagmohan was responsible, the other is that Pakistan appointed some hooligans to do this job…..

    Whatever the cause, let me tell you one thing….. I have observed that KMs generally are not happy with the KP’s exodus. I have my own family as an example. My family members are still longing to see their old Pandit friends. We all want to see them come back peacefully and live here forever….

    Another opinion among KMs is that the KPs left Kashmir to avoid the sufferings that KMs faced. They argue that KPs should have stayed back as did the KMs. The situation was equally bad for both of them…… Then why only KPs moved???

    Just to mention, when President Clinton visited India, some Sikhs were massacred in Chhatisinghpura….. The army claimed to have killed the”Pakistani millitants” responsible for the massacre…. However, it became suspicious & the matter was probed….. The forensic reports (from Chandigarh or Hyderabad) came & it was ultimately proved that those killed were not Pakistani millitants but some Gujjar labourers!!!!!! After further probing it came out that the Sikhs too were killed by the Indian Army!!!!
    Now you don’t need to be a genius to guess who took advantage of all this at a time when US President was on a vist to India & was going to visit Pakistan!!!!

    And the Sikhs were also thinking of migrating, though they ultimately decided to stay back because they already suspected the Army’s hand in all this.

    With such a background, I don’t think one can simply reject the “jagmohan theory”……

    When it comes to Kashmir, things are not so simple as they look!!!!

    So far as Pakistan is concerned, it is reaping what it has sown!!!!

    • Dharmas said, on June 28, 2009 at 11:40 pm

      one swallow does not make summer,
      If there are more KMs like you , how come no protests to request safe repatriation of KPs. Why is it so convenient to enjoy all the jobs without competing , 99% reservation for KMs wasn’t good enough, KPs were too much to take on!!

  2. Mushtaq said, on July 23, 2009 at 2:48 pm

    For quite sometime it has been seen, almost 10% posts are exclusively filled up by scheduled castes (Hindus) from Jammu in all districts of Kashmir including Kupwara. If these SCs do not find any danger in Kashmir why the KPs do. If KPs apply for Valley districts they too find place among selectees. The KPs seem to have taken for themselves the only job of anti KMs and in any case want to hurt their sentiments. Historically, it were the KPs, at times, who played a major role in inviting foreigners for ruling the independent kingdom of Kashmir and have always tried for safe pastures whenever there was trouble in the valley and left others to bear the trouble for the KPs to return back. KPs though know the love the KMs have for them but still spread venom against the KMs on instigation of unknown powers that be. Everybody knows love begets love and hate……?

  3. B.L.Kaul said, on August 30, 2009 at 2:35 pm

    In Kashmiri there is a saying, “Anim Soi, wavum Soi, Lajim soi panasei”. I brought poisonous grass, sowed its seed and reaped the cosequences namely injury on my own person. Pakistan created the terrorists to bleed India and is now bleeding herself at the hands of the same terrorists. Terrorists have no religion much less Islam-indeed a religion of love and compassion. Kashmiri Pandits have suffered in the process and crave for their return to land of their birth and land of their fore-fathers. Allah will definitely punish the perpetrators of crimes againt humanity. Amin!

  4. Juni said, on June 30, 2010 at 6:55 pm

    The recent rxn of dogras to amitabh matoo’s proposed selection as vc of cu in jammu vl hve put 2 rest the misconception of sme kp’s dat dogra’s r their frnds.
    My dear elders nd frnds, kashmiri’s r only made 4 kashmir be it hindus r muslims.
    We vl ve 2 fight united.

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