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politics and Mumbai terror attack

Posted in india by Sandeep on December 4, 2008

Mumbai terror attack….. The biggest terror attack of India has shaken every ordinary Indian. People of India are shocked by this horrible incident and are angry with the system in general and politicians in particular. Yesterday many peaceful protests were seen in almost every major city in India like Mumbai, Delhi, and Lucknow….The crowd applauded the real heroes of Mumbai terror attack like Nsg Commandos, Marine Commandos and Mumbai police.

Ordinary Indians are very annoyed with the politicians who are constantly trying to use Mumbai terror incident for their personal political benefit. Although this incident cost Mr. shivraj patil(ex-home minister),Mr. R.R Patil (Dy. Chief Minister, Maharashtra) and Mr. Vilasroa deshmukh(Chief Minister, Maharashtra) their seats for being irresponsible and in-sensitive to terror attacks, but still people feel that more stringent actions should be taken.

This incident also reflected the sick minds of some politicians like Mr. Mukhtar  Abbas naqvi, now confirmed by public in general as being obsessed by the lipstick and powder of urban lady protestors of Mumbai. Kerala Chief Minister V.S. Achuthanandan was not allowed to enter the house by the father of late Martyr Sandeep Unnikrishan who felt the Minister only came to house for political gain as he was being pressurized in Kerala by the opposition BJP for not showing respect to the Martyr.

Kerala chief minster had given an statement that not even a dog would have visited their house had it not been the house of late Martyr Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan.After being hounded by the media for more than 24 hours for this derogatory statement against the Martyr, he had to apologize and take back his controversial statement…“I feel extremely sorry for the anguish my remark had caused to Sri Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s family and others, and I express regret for the same,”.

People in general also don’t believe that the Mumbai terror incident was carried by only ten terrorists!!! I also don’t believe that only 10 terrorists can do this much of devastation..and this type of incident was not possible without some local support…

Well…This was not the first terror attack and this won’t be the last..Statistics say that there will be again an major terror attack in India within next 2-3 months….The big question remains whether we have really learnt anything from these barbaric, inhuman violent attacks and whether we can prevent these types of attacks in future??

photograph source:news agencies

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  1. R.R.Pandey said, on December 5, 2008 at 2:06 pm

    The opportunity given to the terrorist to attack on Mumbai is a very pertinent question. Why the terrorists choose this period?
    Because entire police force of Maharashtra under the guidance of the then Home Minister of the state govt. Mr.R.R.Patil was busy in helping the unconstitutional and anti Indian cause of the Raj Thackeray . Police force was busy in torturing and killing North Indians and Biharies. Mr. Desmukh,s Govt. was indirectly helping Raj Thackeray for getting Marathi,s votes in the forthcoming elections.
    The terrorist choose this as an appropriate time to attack on Mumbai.They got success.
    After the terrorist attack R.R.Patil resigned and went to his native village without bothering about the pathetic situation of Mumbaites. Raj Thackeray did not come out of his house. The MNS goondas locked up themselves in their houses.
    In fact Raj Thackeray and R.R.Patil should be held responsible for this act of terror in Mumbai and Govt. must initiate legal action against them( the real culprits)

  2. littleindian said, on December 10, 2008 at 10:41 pm

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