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pictures of mumbai terrorist attack(26,27,28-11-2008)

Posted in india by Sandeep on November 27, 2008

“I was  here in Mumbai  when 1993 blasts took place…but this is something bigger, uglier and more terrifying than 93 blasts” said my friend sanjay, who has been living in Mumbai from last 20 years.  “I can see frustration, suspicion and fear among the people around me” are some lines which my colleague told me over phone.

Terrorists strikes, which started on November 26, 2008 at around 8.30 p.m local time has not stopped yet. According to sources so far more than 150 people are dead and at least 400 injured in these terrorists strikes. These terrorists killed people at Hotel Taj, oberai hotel and Nariman house and chhatrapati shivaji terminus.In shivaji terminus alone at least 47 people were killed and more than 60 people were critically injured. Some of the well known faces like ATS (Anti terrorist squad) Chief Hemant Karkare, DIG Ashok Kamte and encounter specialist Vijay salaskar also lost their lives in these terrorist strikes. Also among the dead was a Greek Millionaire Andreas Liveras(owner of Liveras Yatch).

In Nariman House Jewish sect was targeted and the terrorists exactly knew what they are doing. Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife Rivika have been held hostages. According to police sources 14 foreigners have been killed in these attacks. According to sources 40 foreign nationals have been kept hostages by the terrorists.

Deccan Mujahideen, an unknown terror outfit before nov. 26, 2008 claimed responsibility for these attacks.

“Hindus should not think that the Indian ATS, Army are well endowed with hi-tech weaponsand are brave too.We can see how brave they are in the Naxalite infested areas.This attack is in reaction to the attacks started by the Hindus from 1947.Now, There won’t be any action but only reaction and It will happen again and again till we avenge all the atrocities committed against us”

“Hindus should not think that by demolition mosques, inciting riots, weaking the economic condition of the Muslims and putting educated Muslim youth behind bars can demoralize us.No, Never…” this is the e-mail sent by so called Deccan mujahideen and they claimed to be from Hyderabad, but sources said that their accent was more from Punjab or from POK. There are clear indications that Pakistan is backing these terrorists…




photographs source:news agencies

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  1. Rita said, on November 28, 2008 at 4:57 pm

    This is something that has to be highly condemned. ITs a shame for our nation. Its time we stand together and fight this back. I came across a number of videos on the attack in the link below. They are really disturbing and making us feel for our country…


    These coverages give us the real picture. If you see the below coverage, we get the feel that the mission to help the hostages has taken longer.


    We cannot leave this to keep happening. These people will face it one day. The day cannot be too far. As Indians we need to stand together as one to battle the ugly face of terrorism.

  2. Zacky said, on November 30, 2008 at 2:24 pm

    Its a Shame to have such qualified people run our country, take care of its safety and security…. Last 3 days i was simply grinning with anger on the politicians, who are so called our care takers… I guess we are mistaken they can be called Undertakers. As so many lives continue to perish and citizens feeling the fright of moving out nothings gonna change except the speeches which will be puked out to keep us calm for some time. But as many of us said Its really HIGH TIME.. We have lost all faiths in all the political parties, whether its a ruling govenrment or opposition.

    People you know what before another terror attacks being plotted. Our Government would be sitting put their voices in finding ways to blame eachother. They will fight with opposition on he/she said that, they did this and we are going to do this and so many stupid stuff. But no one will concentrate on the figures and facts from sources or any indications which would be vital and strong enough to take necessary step to foil such attacks. It is appalling that Some parties were taking these heart shaken incident to get more numbers of votes. It is shameful act! this clearly indicates that politicians are worst than these terrorist.

    During these horrific incidents taking place i was glued in front of TV and getting every updates as most of my friends are employed in Taj Hotel. I kept praying that by any means i would get to know how r they…. every moment was sobbing.

    What if these politicians have any of their loved ones inside that terrible sitution, what if they were at taj or oberoi. Will they concentrate on their election campaign. Such Fools like some politicians giving us an excuse tht they just left their elections campaign somewhere and came directly to see whats going on. Well excuse us sir, its not a movie or a show, and not even we need your sympathy. Just keep your selves away from our City. We are enough for our selves. No body no political body would o anything for we the citizen of our country. Mumbai for that matter has always been targetted one time, second time, third time evrytime they are excused but now its enough…. Citizens its time to get our answers from these people, we need to question them as to where we stand today! are we still free or slaves. is our lives just controlled by terrorist attacks? ANGER AND FRUSTRATION IS GROWING IN US……….. WHEN WILL WE BE SAFE

  3. littleindian said, on November 30, 2008 at 6:11 pm

    I read, “As Indians we need to stand together as one to battle the ugly face of terrorism.” and ask, who are these “Indians” who will stand together?

    What Mumbai teaches us is to open our eyes and recognise the dishonesty in our claims of secularity. For we are NOT, and never have been.

    This is from An Interview With Koenraad Elst

    That it isn’t secular.
    As a political framework, secularism requires that all citizens are equal before the law, regardless of their religious affiliation. That is a definitional minimum. An Indian secularist would therefore first of all be found on the barricades in the struggle for a common civil code, against the existing legal apartheid between Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Parsis.

    But the only major party to demand the enactment of a common civil code, as mandated by the Constitution, happens to be the BJP.

    On election eve, the others run to the Shahi Imam to pledge their firm commitment to the preservation of the Shari’a for Muslims. In the West and in the Muslim world, the upholding of religion-based communal legislation is rightly called anti-secularist.

    I have often discussed this point with Indian secularists.
    Their usual argument is that, you see, India is a peculiar case, the uniform civil code issue has been “hijacked” by the Hindus, and for now the country needs these separate civil codes. I am not convinced, but even if we concede that India is better off with the present system, that still doesn’t make it secular.

    The opponents of the common civil code, the upholders of discrimination against the Hindus in education and temple management, the defenders of a special status for states with non-Hindu majorities — they should have the courage of their conviction and call themselves “anti-secular”.

    Incidentally, this is one thing you have to concede to Ashis Nandy: he has criticized the very notion of secularism.

    No wonder the “pseudosecularist” hates Mr Elst.

    @ Zacky,
    like you read my comment on another site last night – WE WILL ONLY BE SAFE when the 7th century Islamic Laws of Jihad are forever deleted from the Quran.

    It is for every muslim to stand up an denounce such barbaric passages in a religious book; and to confirm that those, who in this 21st century, choose to be non-believers do not become a legitimate target for the Islamic Jihad.

  4. sarika said, on December 2, 2008 at 7:32 am

    Now its time to take quick action against terrorism.Our politicians should come together to fight against terrorism.It not only destroy our historical things but also our mental balance.

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