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pictures of Assam bomb blast(30-10-2008) » assum

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  1. Suman said, on October 30, 2008 at 1:51 pm

    The savages have struck again, this time in my beloved home state. The roads of terror you see today used to be my playground in the good old times, I used to stroll along these same lanes in my sweet past. My state was always a disturbed one but the troubles of the past seemed to have a meaning. But now this depraved and senseless violence. Why ??
    Are these terrorists to be considered as part of the human race? They kill and maim innnocents with gay abandon and destroy families without batting an eyelid. What do we do with such creatures? Every act of cruelty and devastation they have caused in this country has created a deep hole in my heart but I am left helpless by the impotent politicians whom we have elected to rule this country. Assam politicians have considered illegal Bangladeshis as their crown jewels while the genuine Indians have been turned into second class citizens in their own country and state. What hope can we have for our country and state except despair and ruin. Precious lives will keep on getting lost and nobody will care except their loved ones.

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