jet airways lays off 1000 employees

Jet Airways has laid off up to 1,000 employees to rationalise its operations. Indian aviation inustry is one of the badly hit industries, due to economic slowdown which has hit almost every country directly or indirectly..Recently jet airways headed by Naresh goyal joined hands with Vijay mallayas kingfisher airlines and together they control 60% market share.

Earlier while announcing the alliance, both Goyal and Mallya had said that the coming together was in tune with the global practice of reducing killing costs and clarified that there was no equity involvement.The entire force of unconfirmed staff is being laid off on a 30-day compensation package..The airline is laying off employees from the cabin crew, pilots, ground staff, airport services and management departments.
This is the third time that Jet Airways is cutting its workforce. After acquiring Air Sahara in 2007, the carrier had cut staff by 1,200 and in August 2008 JetLite offered a voluntary separation scheme to over 700 employees. In September, Kingfisher Airlines had pruned 300 jobs, of which five percent were from Kingfisher Airlines, and the rest were from the erstwhile Simplify Deccan. Kingfisher Airlines and Jet Airways have a combined strength of around 19,000 employees with 189 aircraft for 927 domestic and 82 international flights.
The alliance would work together on seven fronts, including route and code sharing as also sharing of crew, a move that would help them cut exorbitant cost that had been putting enormous pressures for the last 4-6 years.


Jet airways has reinstated its sacked employees.jet airways had laid off 1000 workers…

this decision came after pressure was built by the laid off employees,the media and politicians…


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    Employees’ unions of government banks in India have been going on all-India strikes frequently. They have already brought Indian economy to standstill five times in the past 7 weeks.
    Now, the State Bank of India employees want to go on an indefinite strike from 2008 October 20. SBI is the biggest bank in India that disburses all government salaries and pensions, and finances all the major enterprises in India. The strike will cause a daily loss of Rs 700 bn to the public apart from causing unimaginable hardship to millions of small businessmen and pensioners.
    The employees are not with the strikers emotionally, but they fear union bullying; and are forced to strike. The Union leaders want the PSBs weakened so that private new generation banks might prosper. Frequent whimsical strike calls are aimed at bringing PSBs down to reduce them to mere shell companies bereft of funds and public trust.
    In the interest of India’s public sector and the banking public, we request the unions to desist from going on more strikes. Do not pursue this treasonous course of action and weaken your country’s economy further in these times of global economic disaster! We appeal to your patriotism

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