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sepratists v/s nationalists(amarnath land row)

Posted in Uncategorized by Sandeep on August 19, 2008

SASS V/S SEPRATISTS (Amarnath row)

The two month old Amarnath land row has clearly unmasked some of the so called mainstream politicians of Kashmir including Mehbooba Mufti and Omar Abdullah.

The people of Jammu have been protesting from last 40-45 days under SASS(Sri Amarnath sangrash samiti).Never in the past has Jammu witnessed such passionate protests and at this magnitude. “Bharat mata ki jai”, “jai hind” and many more Patriotic slogans can be heard in every protest.

In Kashmir valley, the protests spear headed by the separatists from Hurriyat have different slogans mostly anti-Indian and Pro-Islam. Situation is out of control in Kashmir as well as in Jammu. “Azadi” is the slogan most used by Protestors of Kashmir. Indian Flags are being burnt as a mark of protest. The game plan of  all the Muslim leaders has been clearly exposed in Kashmir, whether It is the separatist group(Hurriyat) or So called mainstream parties(National conference and PDP).Hurriyat leaders are more sincere in their approach for so called “Azadi” as they have not changed their stance since early days of terrorism in Kashmir. At least we know they are “anti-Indians”. The main problem is basically so called main-stream parties, who for their selfish motives keep changing their stances over the name of Kashmir. The leaders of main stream parties whether “Abdullah’s” or “Mufti’s” have always misguided our national leadership.

One more fact has been exposed by this whole Amarnath row, the tag of so called “secularism” in Kashmir. The truth is that Islamic state can never be “secular”. Talibanisation of Kashmir is one of the main motives of Hurriyat and its leaders have definitely made inroads for Talibanisation of Kashmir.

I am also a witness to the present situation of J&K. Being a kashmiri and a Hindu, I have witnessed similar situations in past.4 lakh Kashmiri pandits were uprooted from their motherland 18 years ago, by the same concept of “azadi” and “Islam”. That time also our central leadership maintained complete silence and this time also their approach is same.

The people of Jammu are coming to streets for what they believe is “injustice” and it surely is “injustice”. Why can’t we have land in our own country? As state subjects of J&k, Hindus have full rights to buy or sell land anywhere in the state.

It is a great tragedy for all Indians, People of Jammu, who are   ready to fight for India and who breathe and live India are subjected to tortures by our own central leadership. Most of the protestors who were shot dead in Jammu by Para-military forces were shot right in the head, just to create more sense of fear among the protestors, those protestors who are sacrificing their lives for India. Nationalism is in the air..” bum bum bole”,”bhara mata ki jai”

Can be heard everywhere in Jammu region.

Mehbooba mufti has created different sort of history in Jammu. She has become a name in Guinness book of world records for being a person whose maximum number of effigies has been burnt anywhere in world.

“Langars” has been organized in different parts of Jammu for feeding poor and for those who have been affected by his ongoing nationalist movement. People of Jammu are whole heartedly supporting this ongoing agitation against injustice. “Jail baro Aandolan” has started yesterday and tens of thousands of people came forward for this agitation. It is estimated that 3lakh people will voluntarily court arrest in next couple of days. Administration has to convert colleges and universities into jail, just to accommodate these nationalists whose number is in lakhs and who live for India. People across all political parties of Jammu have joined this agitation, irrespective whether they are from congress, National conference,PDP or BJP.The Sikh community as well as Muslims from entire Jammu region are actively participating in this agitation for “Justice”

Appeal for Donation

The donations can be made in the form of Cheque/Demand Drafts favoring:
1. Shri Amarnath Yatra Sangarsh Samiti (SAYSS) – Shaheed Fund in A/C no. 3965000100147291 

2. Shri Amarnath Yatra Sangarsh Samiti (SAYSS) – Ongoing Agitation in A/C no. 3965000100147282

with the
punjab National Bank in all branches of the country.

You can also contact at following numbers for clarifications, Mob:09419188057,09419141408

Convener-Sh. Leela Karan Sharma


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  1. shankar swamy said, on August 19, 2008 at 8:29 am

    Our central leadership is responsible for the present unrest in J&K. Mufti and his paty had targeted Amarnath yatra 2 years back for extending the duration of journey…Polticizing of Amarnath was started by Mufti and his party 2-3 years back…It was Mufti who masterminded the infamous migration of Kashmiri pandits when he was Home Minister of India in 1989-90. Congress is equally responsible for this tumoil..as they could not Handle this Issue in their 54-55 years of Raaj….Minority vote bank politics,Caste politics,naxalites and moaists are result of mismanagement of congress…..

  2. manan said, on August 20, 2008 at 8:05 pm

    Till recently all seperatists and Mainstream polticians including locals were making efforts to make safe return of Pandits of Valley.But what you will people have done in past weeks.Now if ever I saw Pandit in valley I myself would kill him.
    Not even a single Pandit and Hindu was touched when protests where on in valley against amarnath land transfer.But when you bastards protested you burnt many muslim people living in Jammu and muslim drivers on NH1.Many students were forced to flee from Jammu.
    I know you wont post this commet.So keep in mind your future.Let this protests subside and let elections happen.Leave alone mujahids ,Farooq Abdullha who will become cheif minister will kick your asses.


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