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Amarnath land row

Posted in Uncategorized by Sandeep on August 14, 2008

Nationalist’s v/s secularists
Jammu & Kashmir is boiling from last 2 months over Amarnath land row. The processions
in Kashmir valley
was led by Hurriat.The moderate faction led by Moulvi Omar and Hardliner Group led by Geelani,
sorted out their ego differences and pressurized the Azad led Congress-PDP coalition Government
to revoke the transfer of 100 acres of land to Sri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB).
The real reason cited by
the Hurriyat was that Indian Govt. is trying to make a permanent settlement colony for
Indians as Israel have made in Gaza strip in
Palestine. However Fact is that Baltal is at the height of 2700 meters above sea level,
with extreme cold climate and thereby not fit for Any Logical human settlement.Anyway, SASB used
to occupy around 300 acres of land every year for two months, and It was absolutely fine with
The Muslim leadership in Kashmir. However the fact is the terrorists backed by Pakistan and
funded by middle east don’t want Hindus to be present anywhere in Kashmir and that explains why
4lakh kashmiri pandits were forced to leave Kashmir valley in early 1990.
Jammu and Kashmir is one state, but not many people outside the state know that Muslims can come to Jammu
and buy properties and make houses in Jammu, but not a Single Hindu from Jammu region dares
to buy properties or make a house in Kashmir, This fact certainly makes one think who is really communal
and real threat to India as a country. Why is it that a Muslim from Kashmir can work and
do business anywhere in India and not a single Indian can do business and live in Kashmir.
The magnitude of protests which we have witnessed in Jammu was previously unknown. People of
Jammu have been victims of whims of Muslim leadership of Kashmir.Jammu, also known as city of temples
has been always very kind to refugees whether refugees from Pakistan in 1947-48 or Refugees from
Kashmir, popularly known as Kashmiri pandits.One more thing is common between the refugees of
Jammu and the similarity is that both have been victims because of being Hindus.
Our central leadership is certainly under doubt, as they could not handle the J&K situation
in a dynamic way partly because of their inclination towards the Muslim leaders of Kashmir.
Omar Abdullah was applauded for his passionate speech in parliament, and I felt pity for my country
and countrymen. He confessed of being an Indian and a Muslim but at the end said” hum apne zameen
ki hifazat kar rahe the” referring to Amarnath land row. Nobody bothered to ask him that
“how is it possible for an Indian to guard his land from fellow Indian?” Which land was being protected?
and from Whom? Musharaf recently said”Kashmir pakistan ki ragoon me doodtha hai” meaning Kashmir
runs in Pakistanis blood, but our leadership is so weak and vote oriented that till now, not a single
leader has said anything positive about Kashmir. Recently one of my friend said
‘secularism is a tool to wipe out Hindus from India” and I agree with him. Does Kashmir runs
in Blood of India is a big question. and an important one…There is no word as “secularism”,
There is only one word” Nationalism” “Indian Nationalism”…Nothing matters but India..
Happy Independence day…

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  1. arun joshi said, on August 14, 2008 at 9:03 am

    vote bank politics of India is the root cause for present turmoil in J&k.It is a real pity that people of jammu who are ready to die for India have been treated in such a step motherly way just tp please muslim sepratists of kashmir.It is also pity for fellow Indians,who choose to remain ignorant about this whole issue

  2. rpm said, on August 14, 2008 at 6:08 pm

    first of all hands off to our jamuhindus& tribute to the brave people who died for the cause. v can expect nothing from this govt except keep watching the situation and simply discussing-a formula adapted by
    gandhi and nehru.see russia how it reacted against
    georgia and that too whithin couple of days.
    here what happend when kashmiri separatist oppose
    -d land transfer and start agitation, govt should stand
    its position and anti indian people should be pusnihed but in contrast hey r wooing them.
    watch out ! all hindus are waken and v vil also counter.
    thanks to the jamu hindus-keeping us united.

  3. Amarnath Land Row said, on August 14, 2008 at 9:55 pm

    Vote bank politics will rule the roost in a country like india till the entire hindu population is reduced to a minority.

    Muslims are not that so called “secular” or broadminded that they would appease hindu minority for votes like the way hindu leaders do. Hindus are their own enemies.
    Leaders like Sajjad Lone , Sheikh Abdulla father of Farooq Abdulla whose lineage is Hindu are more islamic than other hurriat leaders.

    Logically speaking India needs just one week to set right things in India and Pakistan but the leadership and media here is more worried in power politics compromising on morals and religion (read Hinduism).

    Hindus in Pakistan do not have the right to vote, can we imagine the samething for muslims in India.
    Here muslims are the king makers and enjoy more previlages in the form of reservations and other minority benefits.


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