hidden facts about kashmir

Facts you must know!!!

Last Year India celebrated its 60th year of Independence. What does Independence means to me and my friends! We were not born before 1947 so we can’t really say how much really India has changed. But still in some ways I can say yes! India has changed …for good or bad ….may be both….. Earlier it was congress (I) …and only congress (I) ….with very little opposition before 1947- till Pundit Nehru’s death… Almost all freedom fighters that fought for independence were from congress and the ideological guru was Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi was no doubt an extra-ordinary human being and he gave new meaning to non-violent ways of achieving objectives…

Majority of Kashmiri Muslims supported Pakistani support to militancy because they felt Pakistan is a Muslim country and they felt more inclined to their religion. They believed everything which Pakistan radio and Pakistan news reported. Once I asked my friend about the reason of successive defeats of Pakistan’s army by Indian Army? He replied”wo to America ne Pakistan to fuss bomb diye the,is liye Pakistan har gaye”Meaning U.S.A had sold fake bombs to Pakistan and that was the reason Pakistan lost.These guys believe they are fighting independence struggle.

Kashmiri pundits or kashmiri Hindu’s were targeted because of our religion and our strong feelings towards India. Most of the children of kashmiri Muslims of low income group were sent to madrassas instead of normal schooling and brought up by their parents in such a way that they grew up hating Hindus and Most of the people who took to arms in early nineties belonged to this section of society. The seeds of hatred sown by Muslim parents can be seen clearly in Kashmir. One such instance was a Muslim child may be of 3-4 years old .This child said to a kashmiri Hindu without any provocation ” Batta goye cancer” meaning “Kashmiri pundit! may you be infected with cancer” without any reason and His mother was also there with him and instead of teaching him, she just laughed hysterically as if she had won a gold medal.

At another instance, My drawing teacher whom we used to call “faroq sir” was once asked by my friend”parvez”…..”Sir! You have started aging. One of your hairs in beard has turned white” He replied prophetly….”Yeh iman ka Baal hai” Meaning this single white hair denotes divine sincerity.

“Nizam-e-mustafa” is like what we call”Ram-Rajya”.But as usual everyone believes that” my religion is the best and only my religion is true” It is mainly because of the ignorance about other religions, their teachings and their principles. Once I had an argument with my Muslim friend. He told me something which secretly every Muslim beleives.He said” Neil Armstrong had heard the voice of Allah when he was at moon and he later converted to Islam.” Another gossip which every Muslim believes is “Islam is the fastest growing religion in U.S.A” I don’t know their source of news and I don’t care as it is not actually the news, it is the faith which they want to believe in. Same is true with us Hindus also. But I must add here Hindus are much more tolerant than all the other religions. Because Hinduism is a way of living life in harmony with the nature. That is why we worship almost everything which follows circle of life and death; we worship Living and non-living because we believe that God is in everything. He is in life and death, in good and bad and we worship god in form as well as in formless.

Coming back to Kashmir issue, Pakistan has outscored India in Kashmir. Common Kashmiri Muslim look to Pakistan for instructions and emotional support .At the same time they look towards India for monetary support. India could not do much in Kashmir and they failed in all fields. Main reason for militancy in Kashmir was long support of Pakistan towards separatists of Kashmir. Routing of foreign militants from Afghanistan and other Muslim turbulent countries to Kashmir with the  active support of Pakistan .The other main reason for deteriorating condition in Kashmir was inclination of national leaders towards Muslim leaders of Kashmir after the death of Mrs. Gandhi. In nut shell Indian leaders from center were misleaded by the Muslim leaders of Kashmir. At the time of Mrs. Gandhi, Things were better as she more head strong and politically more active and was in constant touch with the Hindu leaders of Jammu& Kashmir including Kashmiri pundits and Dogras.

You will find it very interesting that for any political party(except congress and BJP) to grow and sustain in Kashmir valley…..you have to follow one proved formulae——-Speak anti-India, act anti-India and make people of Kashmir  believe that we will bring ”nizam-a-muztafa”.


Kashmiri pundits have seen it all and are victims of Minority vote bank politics of India.

I don’t know whether Muslims of India are living as second grade citizens of India or equal citizens, But in Kashmir, Kashmiri Hindus are living as second grade citizens because of our religion and Indian Nationality. exploitation can be seen very clearly Between Muslims and Hindus of Kashmir. As all of you know There is a property boom all over India. But in Kashmir valley there is boom only for Muslim properties. Properties of Hindus are underestimated because Muslims think that “yeh property to aaj bi hamari hai or kal be hamari hooni hai,kharidani ki zaroorat kya hai”and even If a Hindu property is bought, It will be usually half the prevailing  market price.  All this has happened and is happening in Kashmir and govt at center knows everything but they are helpless to solve this problem as  they think about their minority vote bank and they don’t want these things to be known publicly as this tarnish their image and will create a threat to minorities of India.

This is definitely the double standards of Indian democracy.If hindus who constitute the majority population of India are treated in such a step motherly way, just for the sake of vote bank, Then Definitely time has come when Indian constitution needs amendment.In Kashmir… politians and terrorists run a nexus and work jointly to ensure that Kashmiri hindus are kept outside the valley..An organised lobby is trying its best to illegaly capture the properties attached to  various temples and religious shrines of Hindus by tampering with the original documents…. 

I sometimes wonder”What will happen if Majority population of India behaves same way as Kashmiri Muslims  behaved with Hindus of Kashmir?”





  1. Posted January 11, 2008 at 12:26 pm | Permalink | Reply

    well now u r under the 123 nuclear agreement run by washington and itsdeath to ghandism and yr secualrism/freedom and the usa will control u now haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, stupid lilltle hindussssssss.

  2. Vamsi Mohan
    Posted January 24, 2008 at 5:34 am | Permalink | Reply

    Hi Tanjvi (akel ke ande)

    we Indians will buy out kashmir and pakistan any day because we are honest, hardworking and intelligent. we will control us you see we have
    an indian as governer of a state in usa.next it will be president of usa.

    God bless indian kashmiris


  3. Posted April 1, 2008 at 6:18 am | Permalink | Reply

    those who think that kashmir is a part of india they are liars and they are misguiding the people,nce it has happened this time it will be more disasterous for both the countries…………
    so, save ur self…….
    bye take care

  4. kashmirblogs
    Posted April 2, 2008 at 5:11 am | Permalink | Reply

    can you tell me how do you think kashmir is not a part of India?India has more muslims than pakistan.Pakistan is just trying to create disturbances all over india as india is very fast emerging as an economic superpower.
    trying to create a rift between hindus and muslims of india is a very serious offence against humanity as whole.Can you just tell me why pakistan is opposing india”s membership in OIC? Always bear in mind that india has 140 million muslims.If the majority population of india treats the muslims in similar way as kashmiri hindus were treated,I promise you within 10 years all 140 million will change their faith and religion.India is a secular country and everyone is free to follow one’s chosen religion and unlike muslim dominated countries, muslims have equal rights as non-muslims.

  5. manish zijoo
    Posted April 2, 2008 at 9:20 am | Permalink | Reply

    how dare youi said this that Kashmir is not the part of India Kahmir is Intergal part of india and will remain the part of india .Dont worry see the dream we will not take it any way .But clear one thing that you cant get the kashmir for another 20000 Years .
    You are the coward people thats why having guns in hands you have forced the KP to leave the valley.
    Have you ever thought what is your presence without India You even cant eat a single Chappati without india .
    We are not liars .Liars are those who had shown you the dream that we will drink tea in the Nishat bagh next friday and since then its 18 years .Have you got that .
    Still you are suffring this is time for all of you come in main stream and give slogan Hindustan Zindabad .
    And still if you think you have some thing to say let us have open debate on KASHMIR E-MAIL ID MANISHZIJOO@GMAIL.COM

  6. manoj
    Posted April 2, 2008 at 9:29 am | Permalink | Reply

    Kashmir Problem can be solved by creating manpower in
    Kashmir who will offer volunteer service in repairing

    damaged temples , regain for kashmir hindus their

    properties , help in setting aside distressed sale of

    kashmiri hindu property . These volunteers should be

    provided training in arms handling for self protection and

    should be provided additional security by government.

    This awareness drive as Human Rights protection

    program is undertaken by some hindu and indian organisations. I am myself a volunteer and ready for going to kashmir to offer

    help in building up and repair damaged temples and help

    in restoring property of Hindu Kashmiri people.

  7. bharat
    Posted April 2, 2008 at 10:13 am | Permalink | Reply

    We indend to inform About many issues which are not given prominence in the mainstream media further inform people of the facts relating to the crisis which will enable people to make an informed decision. We need your support and help in this regard. You can assist in one or more of the following ways:
    a) Assist to distribute information, newsletters and pamphlets in your local area to inform people about the true situation. Please call us if you wish to set up a local sub-chapter of an anti-Terrorist coalition in your area. (Act Now to Stop Terrorism .A.N.S.T)
    b) Assist by supporting the collections for humanitarian aid to Kashmiri Hindus.
    c) Participate in a “National Conference on Human Rights” in which various organizations will be asked to deliberate over a period of 2 days to prepare a comprehensive well formulated plan of action to assist towards ending what amounts to shameful atrocities against the innocent Kashmiri Pundits

    mail at bharat.714@rediffmail.com

  8. shankar swami
    Posted May 7, 2008 at 5:03 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Hindus have become 2nd grade citizens in India…

  9. Inquilab Zindabaad
    Posted July 3, 2011 at 4:16 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Hey wat u mean by Kashmir is nt a part of India……..Its d intergral part of India which is captured by Pakistan……..Pakistan spends a lot on his army/war control. Dnt u think if it spends a fraction of wat spends on dis war, it ‘ll b somewhere else.

    I dnt understand 1 thng: India has to spend a lot on his borders coz due to China/Pakistan or US bt y Pakistan spends a lot on it, since it doesn’t hv ny prob wit India, India is never gng 2 capture Pakistan(although it has d capability 2 do so)…….Well for Pakistan, if dey wanna tk kashmir, tk it bt rem:

    U can take an Indian part out of India but U can’t tk India out of it. Jai Hind

  10. Hussain
    Posted March 9, 2012 at 5:20 am | Permalink | Reply

    Why r u people fighting like cats here..may b we hv done some mistakes in past..dont repeat again in future..behave like a friends..otherwise oneday will cm when china wikk rule kashmir..

  11. kawaldeep singh
    Posted April 30, 2012 at 2:08 am | Permalink | Reply

    same is the condition of kashmiri sikhs in kashmir,,,,
    demanding for rights……

  12. Ahmad Najeeb
    Posted March 14, 2017 at 1:39 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Mr writter
    Im surprised by your article .I read it just now and felt to reply through my comment .so dear tell me have you ever read history of Kashmir ( political/ cultural) , have you ever had a glance of any Kashmir conflict book which can give you a perfect understanding of the conflict . On seeing the facts presented by you in above article I think you are the most intolerant person towards your nations history and background . Coming on to the “believing Pakistan radio & news reports ” that is because only doordarshan (DD) was the source of news in valley and what they presented or present you must be aware of that .DD was the mouthpiece of govt. Of India and were supporting govt propaganda which people never accepted neither in Kashmir nor in other parts of India that is reason behind believing on Pakistan media as they were presenting a fair dose of daily information diet.
    Yes I also accept that Pakistan is supporting Kashmiris by emotionally as well as morally that is because of the disgusting policies of Indian govt , the blunders & cheating in partition policy . According to the partition policy all Muslim majority states should have fell in pakistani hands & you are well aware of that it didn’t happen.
    Before talking about miseries of Hindu people in the valley , my dear Freind please have look at demolished Mosques of jummu region by your so called poor ” Hindu people”. The Hindu community living in Kashmir are in much better condition than that of migrant Pandits living in jummu & rest parts of India.
    Now at the last no lobbyism is not practiced in Kashmir . History is providing a single incident of lobbyism which is when central govt & state govt along with governor sold the land of sonamarg ( amrnaath land ) to the central shrine board illegally flowing which people protested for 60 Days …

    • admin
      Posted March 14, 2017 at 5:09 pm | Permalink | Reply

      The accession of J&k into India by the Mahraha was expedited by the Kabali-raid of Pakistan; which we all know was an peremptory effort of the Pakistan to annex JK.
      According to the U.N resolution 1948, there was an option of plebscite, but that is totally redundant now as Pakistan never followed the first and the most basic point , needed to implement that resolution.Also, giving a part of Aksai-Chin to China is illegal and that has changed the demography and geography of the J&K.Hence the question of plebiscite is impossible at this point.
      It must be noted that it was Sheikh Abdullah that was the most instrumental in pressurizing the Maharaja to sign the treaty of accession with India.He had the suport of the entire Kashmiri people that includes both Hindus and Muslims.It is also a fact that it was the Muslim of Kashmir, who protected the lives and properties of non-Muslims during the raid of disguised-pakistanis as Kabailis.The Kabailis only killed the Hindus and the Sikhs and not a single Muslim was targeted by them.
      On the other hand, during the terrorist uprising of the late 89, it was the Kashmiri Muslim militant who killed a Kashmiri Hindu and forced the entire community to leave the Kashmir.It has been the kashmiri Muslim community that has desecrated and broken down the *Murtis* and temples belonging to the Hindu community of Kashmir.
      It is unfortunate that the Kashmir Muslim has shunned the first name I.e kashmiri and has lately identified himself only as a Mulsim.And as a Muslim, desecrating the holy places of the Hindus and then justifying the act is sadistic.The acts of inflicting pain on others and then justifying it on the name of religion is inhuman .

      Just that a Kashmiri Hindu did not support the so-called-Azadi movement; does not make him less-Human.But for that one has to see from the eyes of Humanity.
      Kashmiri pandit never participated in any form of violence on KM’s.At the time of Ranjeet singh, It was Birbal Dhar, who requested the Maharaja not to demolish the religious places of the Muslims.

      It was the Kashmiri pandit who at some places even used to teach the holy quaran to the Muslim students.
      But that is the thing of the past.Kashmiris(Hindus and Muslims) have long lost their battle to India and Pakistan.The war in fact is between India and Pakistan.You are on the side of Pakistan, and I from India…
      The so called struggle will not survive a week , if Pakistan will not support it .In fact all the militants are the paid agents of Pakistan.And they are fighting on behalf of Pakistan.
      Where is the so called Azadi?

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