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hinduism and other religions

Posted in religion, religions, sprituality by Sandeep on December 28, 2007

Religion and Hindus
There are four main religions of world namely Christianity,Islam,Hinduism and Budhism.The basic function of all the religions is to promote love,harmony,Self control,
And brotherhood among different sections of people.
In Hinduism there is a concept of Dualism (devaith) and non-dualism (advaith).Both are different ways of approaching god. Many people can not understand the beliefs and concepts of Hinduism. In Christianity and Islam, they have an idea of Satan. In bible it is written about An Angel whose name was Lucifer. He was one of the most beloved angel of god until one day he thought too much of himself and he became the Satan. Any person who thinks too much of himself become as bad as Satan.
In Islam also there is this concept of Satan. All bad things and deeds are believed to be work of Satan. In both Christianity and Islam, It is believed that constant remembrance of god or Allah keeps Satan away.
In Hinduism however there is no concept of Satan. Instead we have Maya or shiv maya or yog maya .It is believed that maya keeps us away from Paramatma.But contrary to the beliefs of Christians and Muslims we respect and even worship maya.Maya is seen as force which gives birth and death. It is seen as a force which keeps us attached to each other and to worldly objects. It is believed constant remembrance of lord and by Lord’s grace only one can overcome maya.
Constant remembrance of god or Allah keeps Satan away and by Constant remembrance of supreme lord one can overcome Maya. So there is something common between religions. Only names change.
In Hinduism there are some 33 crore devi’s and devta’s.Non Hindus get confused by this concept, but there is logic and that logic is god himself..because god is everywhere and in everything— in good and in bad. Everything is god for a devout hindu.Tree,animals,snakes….almost everything which has life. Because the life force in all the livings beings is one—call him god,Allah,Paramatma—-And Hindus worship that life force which is in everything.
In Devaith philosophy, more emphasis is laid on bhakti or devotion.It also says that one can not really love something which is not visible to eyes.or something that you cannot feel by your five senses. For example you don’t have any feeling for someone whom you have not seen. It is like asking someone” how much love and feeling you have for your great-great-2 grand father who died some 100 years back when you were not even born.”
A true devotee of bhakti system is not even satisfied with heaven and they say that in heaven also one is attached to the five senses and these five senses are the five horses of Maya. They want to transcend even heaven. They want to be in eternal love with their beloved lord.
In advaith there is absolute one and oneness and Kashmir shaivism is a part of advaith shaivism.Meditation is a form of advaith worship. Kashmir shaivism says we are all part of Shiva. we are Shiva but we have been subjected to Maya shakti and overcoming Maya shakti is key to spiritual liberation. The goal of life is to realize one’s true self. Kashmir shaivism does not consider anything to be good or bad but instead as only being part of the ongoing creative activity of that pure infinite consciousness.”Na papam na punyam na dukham na sukham shivoham,shivoham,shivoham,shivoham” means that there is no good and no bad, There is no sorrow and no pleasure.Ther is only Shiva and he is in me. he is me.
It is believed that sensual pleasures are the root cause of any sin. There is also concept of wheel of life and death where one is born and one dies and this cycle will go on till one realizes god and god can only be realized when we reign our senses….when one transcends maya…..the force which rides on our five senses. Refining or reigning of senses gives rise to pure thoughts and pure thoughts give rise to Bhakti(devotion towards lord) or love and by this divine love one can realize one’s true nature.
There are laws for everything. Good deeds will yield good results and bad deeds will yield bad results. With good deeds one can realize god in a very short span of time (one lifetime). With bad deeds one gets drifted away from god or true nature and may take many more lifes to become good and eventually realize god.
Well be it Islam,Christianity or Hinduism…..The basic purpose remains same…..Realization of self and realization of god.

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