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Posted in hindus, india, islamic jihad, kashmir, pakistan, politics by Sandeep on December 21, 2007

Eighteen years have passed since Kashmiri pundits migrated to different parts of India and leaving Kashmir. Last year one of my friends went to hari parbat.While coming back he saw small children playing. He spoke to them in Kashmiri asking them their names but instead of answering their names they looked back to my friend with a surprise. They ran away and said to each other”yem hai koshur boolan” meaning they are speaking Kashmiri. Well eighteen years is a long time and the new generation (Muslims) who were born in Kashmir and kashmiris who were born outside Kashmir (Hindus) have no idea about each other. Religions have created a very deep rift among the Hindus and Muslims of Kashmir. When Muslims started jihad against India 18 years back, they were sure that they will get azadi(freedom) very soon and they also believed Pakistan will help them. On the other part kashmiris pundits were also very sure that in hour of crisis India will help them. Well today kashmiris-both Hindus and Muslims know India and Pakistan are not really interested in them. But they are interested in Kashmir-Both want Kashmir and nobody is bothered about kashmiri people. India and Pakistan have started talking about Kashmir under pressure from U.S.A. Interesting part is kashmiri Hindu and kashmiri Muslims leaders are not involved. I don’t know how are they going to resolve this problem without taking into confidence common kashmiri people-whether Hindus or Muslims!
India says It is secular! But the question is whether India is really secular?
I have earlier written in my blogs about the double standards of Indian Democracy. It is believed that Muslims constitute about 14% of the total population of India which means there are around 14-15 crore Muslims in India. Like kashmiri pundits Indian Muslims are also victims of democratic set up of India. Majority of Muslims feel alienated from India because of the drawback of democratic set up of India. Like Kashmiri Hindus It matters very little whether they vote or not not. And since they don’t form majority vote bank of any party, they get neglected. It is a high time when constitution and Judiciary system of India get updated. True democracy is where each and every citizen of India should have equal say in representing Member of parliament, Ministers, Prime minister and President.
From 60 years there has been very little amendment in constitution and judiciary system of India. Caste based politics is very harmful for the harmony among different castes and even states. Reservation based on caste is even more harmful. There should be reservation for economically weaker section but the criteria should not be caste based rather it should start from poorest of poor. But the present democratic system cannot allow this because of vote bank politics.
Poorest of poor in India don’t come under any vote bank. This section of society is illiterate and they struggle for the very basic needs like food and shelter. Every now and then I read in Newspapers India is shining! Rich are getting richer and poor are getting from bad to worse. but who cares! Middle class is also silently suffering. The boom in real estate is only for builders and estate promoters. Some 5-6 years back housing was in reach of middle class. One could think of buying land in Metros and cities and construct a house. But today it is impossible. India is not shining it is disintegrating. Division between rich and poor is getting wider and wider.
The basic needs of food and shelter have become more difficult and the present govt and India is Shining. India is shining only for politicians and economically higher class.
The primary teachings of all the religions are more or less same. Every Religion teaches love, harmony, peace, Kindness, non-voilence discipline and self control. But in present India and world religion is mixed with politics and the basic meaning has been deformed. Religion has not even spared even animals. A dog in Christian gets a Christian name, In a Muslim household gets a Muslim name and in Hindus he become Hindu and he is even applied tilk on forehead. nature is same for all and nature has same laws for everyone. Bodily functions of all humans irrespective of their religion, caste and race are same. The feelings are also same .Mother-child love is same for every religion, caste and race. Blood is red for every human being. Everything is same essentially. Nature does not favor or disfavor anyone. But everything changes for all when religion comes into picture.
Every religion says about heaven and hell, Swarg and nark, Jannat and jahanum ….basically different terminology for same thing i.eAfter death worlds! Muslim will go to jannat after death, Hindu will go to swarg and Christian will go to heaven. What will happen if a Christian accidentally goes to jannat after death? He will definitely feel a misfit. Similarly when a Muslim dies and accidentally he reaches heaven he will also feel misfit primarily because he does not know English!
Nature does not discriminate but religions do. If we speak to a priest, A moulvi or a Pundit one will definitely come to conclusion that there is a war between Allah, god and Bhagwan.Every one wants more and more devotees. But the question is what for? Different names such as Allah, god and bhagwan are same but names are different, but the basic element is same.

Writing above lines has only one motto-We are all same irrespective of our nationalities, religions, caste and race. Same laws apply to kashmiris also but again religion has divided them. Kashmir belongs to kashmiris whether Hindus or Muslims .But who will come forward to bridge the gap between the two communities as there is no communication between these two. We have same ancestors if we go back to may be eight hundred years. But see the present scenario! We hardly know each other. We look towards each other with suspicion. We don’t trust each other! Who is responsible for all this? Is it Religion or politics? Is it India or Pakistan or is it you and me——-common kashmiris?

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  1. Marlymg said, on March 22, 2008 at 4:53 pm

    thats for sure, man

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