muslim unity-a myth

Muslims throughout the world have flagged a war with all the non-Muslim countries of world. Osama bin laden is trying to do which no-one has done before. He is trying to unite Muslims .The big question is whether he can unite Muslims and become a caliph himself!
The fact is Muslims can never get united. There are at least 30 Muslim majority countries across globe. In certain instances Muslims have killed Muslims in millions. One such classical case is Bangladesh. It is believed Yahya khan killed 2 million Bangla Muslims during Bangladesh independence struggle. The Awami League was founded by Bengali leaders in the East. The aim of the League was to promote Bengali interests and secure autonomy for the East. A student political leader, Mujib rose in East Pakistani politics and within the ranks of the Awami League as a charismatic and forceful orator. An advocate of socialism Mujib became popular for his leadership against the ethnic and institutional discrimination of Bengalis. He demanded increased provincial autonomy, and became a fierce opponent of the military rule of Ayub Khan. At the heightening of sectional tensions, Mujib outlined a 6-point autonomy plan, which was seen as separatism in West Pakistan. He was tried in 1968 for allegedly conspiring with the Indian government but was not found guilty. Despite leading his party to a major victory in the 1970 elections, Mujib was not invited to form the government.
On 16 ,1951 October Liaquat Ali Khan was assassinated by fanatics opposed to his refusal to wage war against India. He was replaced as prime minister by Khwaja Nazimuddin, a Bengali and the then governor general. In 1954 general elections the Muslim League was defeated in the East by the United Front, a coalition campaigning for autonomy for the East. However, the United Front was prevented from taking office by Ghulam Mohammad, who imposed governor’s rule on the East under Major General Iskander Mirza. Ghulam Mohammad also dismissed the Pakistan Constituent Assembly and appoints his own “cabinet of talents”, including a number of senior officers from the 1956 Pakistan’s first constitution is constituted on 2 March, nine years after independence. The constitution proclaims Pakistan an Islamic republic and renames the Constituent Assembly the Legislative Assembly. The office of governor general is renamed president. The constitution was made in such a way that each wing of Pakistan had the same number of representatives in the parliament, meaning that the East, with its larger population, was 1958 Bengali members of the civil service were preferred for posts in the East; Dhaka was designated the legislative capital of Pakistan, and Islamabad the administrative capital; and public investment in the East Pakistan 1963 Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (Mujib) assumed the leadership of the Awami League, which was then East Pakistan’s dominant political party. Mujib emerges as leader of the Bengali autonomy 1966 In March Yahya Khan was appointed as commander-in-chief of the Pakistan Army and promoted from major-general to lieutenant-general. He was instrumental in reorganising and modernising the Pakistan Army. He worked to improve communications, decentralise decision making, increase the strength of the infantry and create an independent command structure in the East.same year Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Ayub Khan’s government, resigns and formed the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), becoming a vocal opposition figure. On 31 1961 March Yahya Khan assumed 1970 yahyah kahn unveils a new interim constitution. Pakistan’s first nationwide direct elections are held on 7 December. The Awami League campaigned for almost total autonomy for the East. When it won 160 of the 162 seats allotted to the East it became the majority party in the 313 seat National Assembly.Mujib claimed the prime ministership and asserts that his six-point program will be used as the basis of a new constitution. However, the election result was not honoured, with West Pakistani politicians, led by Bhutto and supported by senior army officers, pressuring Yahya Khan to cancel the inaugural sitting of the National Assembly, making the establishment of civilian government impossible. In 1971 On 21 February Yahya Khan dissolved his civilian cabinet. The army took full control of the government.
After talks broke down with President Yahya Khan and West Pakistani politician Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Mujib was arrested and a guerrilla war erupted between government forces and Bengali nationalists aided by India. An all out war between the Pakistan Army and Bangladesh-India Joint Forces led to the establishment of Bangladesh, and after his release Mujib assumed office as a provisional president, and later prime minister. Even as a constitution was adopted, proclaiming socialism and a secular democracy, Mujib struggled to address the challenges of intense poverty and unemployment. Amidst rising political turmoil, he banned other political parties and declared himself president in 1975. Mujib was assassinated along with his family by a group of army officers.

Bangladesh’s case is not a rare case.This opression of muslims by muslims can be seen in pakistan(NWFP),Afganistan,Turkey,Iraq,Morocco and many other Islamic Countries.


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